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    Sep 11

    In the hottest time of year to recommend those wines that perfectly quench thirst and have a nice 'fresh'. These qualities distinguished white table dry wine. In winter, prefer 'warm' good warming red table grape wines and strong. Especially the widespread use of Wine of these brands in the winter due to the fact that in winter more hearty menu and 'thick' of meat, pork, lamb, which is very suitable as a red table, and sturdy grape wines. Storing wine If you have any a strong desire to eat something tasty, it is quite easy, you can make it tasty for himself, the beloved … There is nothing wrong with any painful signs that you are alone. (Not to be confused with Western Union Chief!). The same goes for wine. Open a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass, then close the lid, leave it until next time.

    It is not necessary to finish drinking all the wine tonight, thinking that it is already tomorrow to 'will not survive. " House wines are best stored in a cool place, and it is necessary that they were in a horizontal position – in a bottle, which stands, cork dries quickly, begins to leak air – and the wine, especially the table, it becomes worse, losing a bouquet, gets odor of rot. Well, if the house is kept a few bottles of vintage wines of old: they always give so elegantly. In older wines, as a rule, a precipitate formed, which may fall to the bottom of the bottle or to form the walls of a unique plaque, so-called 'shirt'. If sediment or 'jacket' is sufficiently tight, the bottle is put on the table carefully. If the sediment is easily roil, the wine is better pre-transfusion to another bottle and, of course, inform the guests, called the crop year and brand of collectible wines. The choice of glasses is also important to reveal a bouquet of wine.

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