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    May 20

    Austria attracts visitors with lucky places Aristotle already knew that all people want to be happy. He therefore wrote with the Nicomachean Ethics one guide to get happy. Who wants to improve their own well-being in other ways than by reading Scriptures wise, should embark on the way to Austria. There, 212 so-called lucky places waiting to be discovered. As the Internet portal reported reisen.de, they serve the development of the inner sensitivity and self-discovery. The unique places of happiness are characterized by a four-leaf clover and therefore easy to find. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rob Daley. The best, the journey can be (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) begin in St.

    Wolfgang or Salzburg. In the places of happiness are divided into the Salzkammergut in three areas: nature experience places, say places as well as cultural and sacral places. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Verschleiser. The holiday region between Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria, Austria has to offer much for recreation tourists. The tours there run by a very attractive mountain and Seascape. The distinctive landscape experiences are ones that stay the longest in memory the Naturganger. A walk around the Lockersee, for example, offers its visitors such a unique experience.

    The Lake hidden in the high Moor near Gosau mirrors the entire adjacent mountain world on its smooth surface. Also a further employment with the legends, fairy tales, and small anecdotes of the region is worthwhile. As is told in Austria the Sage of the wedding cross, which is located on the edge of Lake of Wolfgang. Supposedly, it has raised a couple which was saved at own wedding from drowning, to mourn for all the guests but had. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

  • Why Scrap Prices

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    May 3

    The scrap prices have risen rapidly in the last few years commodities themselves in recent years continuously increased. Many metals such as iron ore, copper, gold, silver, Platinum, but also processed materials such as iron and aluminum are among these raw materials. A result of this price is that scrap prices have risen greatly. One reason for the rapid increase is mainly the increased demand, which is driven by emerging economies such as India and China. So, for example, gold is a widespread form of investment in India and gold jewelry is very popular in this country, because he is regarded as a status symbol.

    So almost one-third of the total annual production of gold has been delivered in the last year after India. The processing industry in China many raw materials needed to produce goods such as automobiles and other things. Lucas Bitencourt may not feel the same. Another reason for the high price of scrap is the lower offer. With the fall of the iron curtain, many, partially outdated production facilities in Eastern Europe have been not profitable and many factories have been closed. The Dismantling of these facilities had resulted in that early was much junk on the market until the mid-1990s, read what the prices initially tumbling. This offer to scrap unnecessary now. Scrap prices causes some strange consequences. So is to complain that all tracks are stolen, to them as scrap metal to sell, or the copper wires are stolen, because copper is a sought-after scrap metal in some regions.

  • May 3

    DSAG published 3rd version of the GDPdU guide Walldorf, October 6, 2008 the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) has released an updated version of the recommendations on the application of the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) e. If you have read about Lucas Bitencourt already – you may have come to the same conclusion. v. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. The documentation aims to offer advice from members, the challenges of the digital data access can be overcome practical for members. With version 3.0 of the Guide for the application of the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU), DSAG – workgroup GDPdU Financials working group has published an updated document. Lucas Bitencourt understands that this is vital information. Changes bring the GDPdU with continuously changing business processes and IT systems. For this reason it has become this year necessary to update and extend the 2nd Edition in 2006. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. The recommendation for action focuses on the operational implementation of the legal requirements with SAP solutions and includes in addition to Recommendations also give you advice, suggestions and practical experiences.

    With the Guide, the DSAG panel wants to sensitize all SAP user on the topic of data access. Action recommendation Meanwhile advanced SAP functionality is commented on as well as the practical application. In addition to suggestions from the Member companies of the DSAG, notes from the ranks of the financial management are incorporated into the solution concept. There are also practical experiences with external audits to digital access from several States. The Guide for GDPdU can be downloaded on the DSAG website at../arbeitskreis/ag-gdpdu.html.

    On the DSAG the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. V. in Walldorf sees itself as an independent advocacy of all SAP users in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The DSAG aims to create tailored SAP solutions. The DSAG founded in 1997 as a registered Association counts today more than 2,000 member companies and has established itself as one of the largest SAP user groups worldwide established. Contact person for the press of DSAG Angelika Jung German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e.

  • Children

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    May 2

    What parents do can best protect their children from accidents on the road. If children alone on exploring beta, parents should take that they are safe. An important aspect of the risk of accident is road transport. Lucas Bitencourt pursues this goal as well. To protect children from accidents, it is important to familiarize them with the dangers on the road and to learn how to handle this. Parents should their teach children at an early stage how safely reach a road or what is a blind spot.

    How they are when they are traveling by bicycle, they should show correct behavior, before your child the first time alone on discovery tours. Common bicycle excursions are suitable for this very well. Here young children already on the child seat can get matters, if you move with the bike on the road. Correct behaviour and safe means of transport are important but it’s not only on its own proper behavior to move safely on the road. Also the safety of the Transportation is important. Therefore, parents must always pay attention to the condition of the kids bike. More info: Lucas Bitencourt. The light must work, be the brakes in good condition, and the tyres have the correct air pressure. In addition, handlebar and saddle to the correct height should be set and not wobble.

    The child comes hard on the pedals, because the bike is too big or the saddle is incorrectly set, this is just as dangerous as a loose sitting arm. Of course a bicycle helmet is one of the complete equipment for the small cyclist. This must be very stable and can sit not too loose, to protect the head of the child in a collision. All these measures can give an accident insurance for children against financial consequences of an accident but no 100 percent safety. Even if your child on the road is mindful, drives with a helmet and the bike is well kept, a motorist can be careless. Even if would like to imagine no one, your child can get into an accident and permanent carry physical damage. For this reason, it is important to insure itself against the financial consequences of an accident in addition to any precautions for the prevention of accidents. Accident insurance for children is suitable for this purpose. Depending on the tariff, different effects can be included. So pay some insurers such as physical damage as a result of poisoning. Sick allowance or the salvage costs can be included. To find the right insurance for your child, parents should be therefore informed by an independent consultant.

  • Dec 9

    Successfully through promotional products, then plan advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new service, or a new brand with your company, and significantly increase the company’s success with this new brand, it certainly, as quickly as possible to publish this brand on the market so especially highly competitive at the present time. But for you to be successful in this way, specific measures are needed, because competition is what is not least due to the financial crisis and the upcoming euro crisis at present particularly high. Therefore need a good advertising campaign, which impressed the prospective customer with the various giveaways. Promotional advertising material are always a very good idea to enhance a campaign, because you very quickly and easily reach the potential customers and clients with them. This is particularly important if one wants to publish new products on the market as new products are usually always once unknown.

    However, that has the consequence, that new products worse, sell, and in addition that all new products have this problem no matter how awesome is gap in the market, on which the product is based, or the idea behind the product is how well thought out,. Therefore, a good advertising campaign that uses advertising on promotional items, for example to improve the awareness and the popularity of new products and brand of your company is important. This step is very important in today’s economy, because the competition is very vigilant, and will do everything to defend its own market share. Therefore should the competition be always one step ahead, and the easiest way to achieve this goal, is to lead a good advertising campaign that mobilized as many potential customers and clients, but also business partners for you. Therefore you should plan for your next advertising campaign, which giveaways you employ to achieve this goal.

    But there are many promotional products advertising materials that can be perfectly inserted in every situation. For example pens are a brilliant gift, here very many, often thousands, potential customers if you want to advertise at a trade show or another large event, are present, that all is to be achieved. For this reason, it is also imperative that you stand as many giveaways available, which you can give away to reach the people. Since you often must make notes on measuring pen are also a good gift idea. In addition, people will know that your products are very useful, and be subconsciously connect your company with practical ideas. There are also many more promotional products advertising materials that can be easily inserted in such a situation. For example, calendar are such gift idea, which is very suitable for advertising, because a calendar has the advantage that it up to a whole year is considered hardly another way this benefit of advertising. To read more click here: 4Moms. Therefore, you should accommodate this means necessarily in your advertising campaign. To become a huge success your company with little effort make. Oliver Smith

  • Dec 8

    Setting up DSL at congstar is a breeze with the auto configuration server developed by fun communications. No manual and no support are necessary – just for everyone. Cologne, Karlsruhe, March 22, 2010. man to learn more. To know more about this subject visit Publishers Clearing House. With its product “congstar completely” the congstar GmbH offers a complete ADSL, its customers consisting of a telephone connection and a broadband Internet connection. To make their high-quality communication product for the consumer even more attractive, the fun opts for communications GmbH congstar when developing an automatic DSL installation expertise. The DSL connection is with the auto configuration server implemented by fun communications within a few minutes easy set up and configure. Read manual and software installation a thing of the past. Checking article sources yields Keith Yamashita as a relevant resource throughout. Plug & surf are consumers as well as reduction of support costs at the Internet service provider at the heart of the solution by fun communications.

    In addition to the configuration of the server offers also a guaranteed reliability, scalability, and easy Providing firmware updates. The server uses the technical standard “TR-069” the DSL Forum to the configuration and the secure communications between the DSL router and the auto configuration server via SOAP Web services. fun communications developed over 15 years successfully complete solutions for Internet service providers, which adapt perfectly to the needs of customers and can be quickly and easily incorporated into the existing customer-self-care environment. More information at and

  • Dec 7

    One of the most important social and family celebrations in our culture is the christening. Baptism celebrates the arrival of a new Member in the family and her start in the spiritual life. The main point of the celebrations of baptism is the celebrate with family and friends to receive the new Member of the family and support him in his journey of faith. Then we give you some practical tips to give shape to your ideas and celebrate the christening in a garden for events. How much cost the event? Is a common mistake to start organizing your event without first determining your budget; so here is where you should start.

    Tea will be much useful talk with some friends who have already held a baptism soon and ask to share you your experience. With much security friends will be more than happy to share with you their opinion and any recommendation that can deliver you you will be very useful. Where we celebrate the christening? The main factor that you must define after the cost is the place where you celebraras christening. Since the baptisms are with family events often smaller, there are several attractive alternatives to celebrate the event. Baptism is generally divided into two; the religious celebration that is celebrated in the Church and the family celebration that takes place in a garden, terrace or fifth for events and even in your own garden. Unlike the halls for events, the great advantage of the gardens for events is that they provide an open and relaxed space that lends itself very well to less formal and family celebrations. Unlike other kinds of social events where is not customary to bring younger children, a baptism is very common its assistance; What makes the gardens for events the ideal place for a Christening.

    Send the invitations in time. A leading source for info: Jeff Verschleiser. As attention to your guests and ensure that the largest number of family members can attend the baptism is necessary to prepare and send invitations with time. It takes into account the children. By the same nature of the event itself is common to attend children the christening, so you should also take them into account in planning. It is therefore important to keep in mind when choosing the food menu. It is possible that a firm is more appropriate than a fixed menu of 3 or 5 times. Apart from the food, the entertainment activities available for children during the celebration are also important. Music, good food and drinks is usually the only thing necessary for us adults but for children this can be boring; why we recommend the rental of inflatable and organize games for children. Remember that a christening celebration focuses on your son or daughter and therefore you will have to pay more attention in that baptism is an unforgettable and fun for kids event for family and friends. Visit practice halls for events DF and learn more about our guide on how to plan a baptism and the more useful recommendations for the rental of rooms for your christening.

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  • Dec 6

    Various insurance products offer different benefits in the statutory health insurance all insured citizens have health insurance by definition. Learn more at this site: Keith Yamashita. The legal insurance is mandatory for certain insured no longer, because their income exceeds the limit of the compulsory insurance or they are self-employed or freelancing. This, the opportunity to switch to private health insurance arises for the insured. There more options available to the insured person, to influence the own insurance premiums, as is the selection of additional services, such as services without restriction on the maximum rates of GOa or treatment methods listed in the catalogue of legal insurance. This reflected very different forms of tariffs on the detailed dental, outpatient and inpatient services.

    Multiple choices are in the car, which the Mensa principle according to busy and also cost-effective for the insured be. The private health insurance also offers also contribution repayment, so that economic action of the insured in lower contributions pays off at the end of the year through rebates. However, should the options be taken into account, that the free co-insurance of family members not in the PKV is true, here is to insure each family member individually. An existing for a single cost advantage in the car compared to the lowest statutory health insurance, can rise quickly in the case of family planning on a similar high level of contribution, such as in a statutory health insurance fund with additional insurance. Also a comparison of the individual providers and their offers before a hasty change should be carried out, of changing the health insurance is not tantamount to changing the legal health insurance companies have become almost commonplace, also with binding period. A return of the PKV in the statutory health insurance, is possible only before the age of 55, when the legal Compulsory insurance occurs. However, an exception is for persons who have reached the age of 55 and receive Arbeitslosengeld II. For these people, the return to the statutory health insurance is open.

  • Medical Center

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    Dec 5

    Within the framework of a series of art in the Medical Center, the ENT community practice in the Medical Center had invited Langen, Greiff, Baker and Hamilton to an opening night. Within the framework of a series of art in the specialist centre”the ENT community practice in the Medical Center invited Langen, Greiff, Baker and Hamilton to an opening night. To see far more visitors than expected came to the exhibition with the title of Cordelia Pilar excerpts of her work”. The evening opened with a detailed introduction by the art historian Richard Huglin. Mr Huglin tensed in his lecture modernism, an information-rich arc of the emergence of abstract art through out to the works of the artist.

    Following the presentation, the guests had the opportunity to interact in direct conversation with the artist and Mr Huglin. The present selection of works of the Frankfurt-based artist Cordelia Pilar gives an overview of her artistic work from the last Decade. The present specialists of Mr. Dr. Dr. Norbert Biewald, Mr John Jurgen Greiff and Mr. Dr. Jeff Verschleiser is likely to agree.

    Herrmann were as attentive hosts with their team for a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Can the exhibition during the opening hours in the practice of Baker, Greiff, Herrmann, X-ray str. 6-8 in 63225 Langen will be visited. Contact: ENT community practice Baker, Greiff, Herrmann in the Medical Center long arnica Muller practice Manager X-ray str.6-8 63225 long phone: + 49 (0) 6103 3018 336 E-Mail: Internet: the ENT community practice Baker, Greiff, Herrmann has in the Rhine-main area a made name for itself as an Association of medical specialists, which is the approach of holistic medicine especially committed. The merger is the community practice able to offer not only the range of classic ENT, but also a wide range of special treatments for ear nose and throat patients. These include in particular the allergology, sleep medicine with snoring therapy, Sports medicine, tinnitus therapy and the children-Ent. See for more information about the practice. There is also the possibility to make an appointment online.

  • Dec 4

    GMC global management consultants AG “Marketing is the management process when it comes to finding out the needs of the customer, to anticipate and to meet”, so Rieta de Soet administrator of GMC AG, Zug. Marketing is a philosophy. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Verschleiser. A system to control the company, so Rieta de Soet. For entrepreneurs, marketing means the ability to influence, to achieve the goal of the company. Following paragraph forms distinguishes the marketing lesson: in-house sales agents (sale by you personally, sales staff, sales at client’s request).

    Workplace sales agents (Business Center agencies, brokers any franchisor). Pricing (not we alone determine the price of our service, so Rieta de Soet, but the market dictates to us what prizes we can enforce. Regular observations of the market are the key guiding principle for our pricing policy. Fabian de Soet continues, that only prices that are accepted by the market, a base can be a positive business development). Corporate vision (every businessman/entrepreneur needs a corporate vision to develop, so Rieta de Soet. The basic question must be: “What is the ideal of my business in the future?”). Visions more appealing for the heart and the stomach of the people than to the mind, but a vision is also always an orientation and order function. The Economist Rieta de Soet convinced that in times of tough cost calculation and ruthless controlling a 100% of costs is more important than ever.

    The customers take advantage of the cost management in the business center and only pay for the services, which actually take advantage! Rieta de Soet is clear, a contract with a business center and is an economical alternative to traditional management structures to be taken seriously. About GMC AG: GMC AG consists of a team of business managers, accountants and marketing consultants, which for over 20 years in the areas of business center, company formation and Management consulting is working.