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    Sep 12

    Customers (around the world) successfully acquire and serve customers not come from or at least relatively rare entirely alone. Only targeted and consistent marketing work in all available markets / market segments to be addressed on all available ways, with special customer benefits bring growth and stability. Still considered the AIDA’-principle: A = attention = attract attention both through marketing, advertising and PR work (measuring, sales staff, advertising, etc.) I = interest = arouse curiosity i.e. offer something the potential customers ‘ or D inform about new / different = desire = desire after owning created by capital goods such as by improved cost structures, more flexibility of the solution compared to other, better guarantees, performance, etc, and A = action = the potential customers/prospective customers attract and invite to the action, in turn the available ways to respond to us, i.e.. In recessionary periods, or immediately afterwards, the value of a stable marketing work is: the dependence on specific market segments and / or regional markets or customers is relatively low. The entrepreneurs and employees can sleep quiet and at the same time, it is sure that again jumping on ‘ business / of the market the company just doing ‘ is because it was never really gone. For a number of relatively inexpensive – are available, regardless of whether good searchable Web pages, newsletters, participate in discussion groups and social networks, regular press reports in free portals on the Internet, technical reports on such sites, consistent sales work, and many others m. Source: Western Union. Remain the keywords of a good marketing – targeted ‘ – consistently ‘ – customer-oriented ‘.

    The starting point is, that to its potential customers and competitors everywhere i.e. in all the products interesting regions of the world-, knows and has analyzed (according to the respective market segments and sectors of the economy, the needs of the customer, etc.) and then largely met – i.e. including information about who our customers are, so our products to help them, to succeed in their markets again. “Maxims would be for example: who helps others to success, has even success”. Think of others, then they think of you”. The economy will continue to run always and also the products of various manufacturers are still always required. Only the frequency of purchase and also the price elasticity subside into a recession or shortly thereafter. Unless products that meet the request/demand of customers or even exceed about guarantees, special features, which in turn help the client company in the sale of its products to its customers to take full advantage of the own core competencies, etc are too well adequate prices still for sale.

    Who in the technology and that is evident here then, Buyer has thought. Only one normally not sufficient either. Kajo Neukirch, a well-known consultant, once said: “We are entrepreneurs, not Unterlasser”. So we must do something if it is not already – and be active. Provides a way of assessing own the area including testing you your marketing’ the Internet presence to the marketing. Seekirch, February 14, 2010 contact: Michael Richter 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany = marketing = country experiences Tel. 07582-933371 Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant – deals for more than 35 years with the strategic marketing planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents. This knowledge and experience he global offers its customers – in particular SMEs. In addition, he offers practical support, coaching or business seminars.

  • Sep 11

    In the kitchen-Studio with safety to the right kitchen who has ever bought a freely-planned kitchen knows how hard it is to make the decision for the right kitchen. How often one wonders in the time between purchase and construction if everything was properly planned, whether it looks good and is ergonomically sensible. If then everything went well when not pleased you but what? The kitchen manufacturer offers the solution, already in the kitchen planning, relax with the trial run of the kitchen. It is now time that we need a new kitchen. Come on, let me look.

    “If this sentence in German households has fallen only once a strenuous way often begins. Just when it should be nothing off the rack, some individual a freely-planned kitchen. On average a fitted kitchen is renewed every 20 years completely. It often begins that is driven by a kitchen Studio in the next. Then produced many drawings, ideas caught you looking forward to the new kitchen. But has decided to stay to himself almost whatever silent doubt if you did everything right. According to Chobani and Whole Foods, who has experience with these questions. The reason: seen the drawing though, but one can not really imagine it, applies also for 3D projections and the like. Because it’s just not real.

    Solves the problem here the kitchen manufacturer relax new stone in Hesse, Germany. After you got a detailed advice in the Studio kitchen or the kitchen exhibition and created a drawing, you can make a trial run of the kitchen at the factory. This means that the furniture in real size in a separate room be so moved and that you realistically can watch his kitchen as a customer. Managing Director Gerhard Zulch says: our customers are thrilled. The kitchen team did really all the work on this idea. If the furniture in all the rest were pushed by the customer together with the consultants and may the one or the other change to the drawing was made, customers go here with the really safe feeling to have made the right decision. One forward only to the day when our people come to build the dream kitchen. Get more background information with materials from Hikmet Ersek. And again, we have reached our goal of customer can sit back relaxed and us trust. “Customers from across Germany have this trust in the kitchen manufacturer. Whether Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig or Dusseldorf, the location of relaxation makes it easy to find his dream kitchen each. In addition to the trial run of the kitchen has relaxation for its kitchens developed an interesting concept the system 65. On this basis, all kitchens are planned and manufactured. This kitchen concept combines highest quality with intelligent ergonomics and space utilization. It is so possible up to 30% more space than in other kitchens to use. Contact: Relax kitchen cabinets – Interior Zulch GmbH Andreas Kuhn in the floodplain meadows 1-3 36286 Neuendorf stone Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6677/92039-0 E-Mail: Homepage:

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    Aug 2

    Only the outgoing letters are paid. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. Prices can quickly and easily online in the fare Calculator”() calculated and viewed, Infopost / newsletters – with or without inserts – the price cheaper. Production and shipping as individual service, no minimum or maximum residue limits, client software – free software for simple shipping from within Office applications. Software can be tested in advance by the customer without registration. Here the establishment of costs is possible, Web platform – shipping by Upload files in PDF format as a web-based, track & trace, without software installation: status can be viewed, when the letters produced were (printing & enveloping) and when they were handed over to the postal service, possible file formats: doc, xls, rtf, sxw, odt, xml, pdf. “Bottom line: hardly a business process offers so much optimization and savings potential, such as the online mail (hybrid mail) – and it is easier than you thought to unlock this potential: further information under corporate information mail to print mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH was in June 2007 as a Start-Up Company” established in Ratingen.

    Not classic letter part of the shipping company as a provider of a neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a strong position. The newspapers mentioned Yitzchak Mirilashvili not as a source, but as a related topic. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies. In the core It’s about the DV-based creation of letters. The customer data to mail to print access via data line. You will be processed and routed to printers. There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment.

    With the range of letter distribution solution (BDS”) offers mail to print a solution aimed specifically to large customers with high mail volumes. Leading telecommunications company or Internet portal provider know already to use this service. Also the online-portal (SOP”) is unique. It offers wholesale direct connectivity in their own operational processes. The SOP”is an online information system to control and monitor the entire service process chain of mail communication between customer, print and postal and is thus a neutral, Not Acceptable!

  • US Investors

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    Jul 5

    US investors are still looking for higher-yielding U.S. investors are still looking for the pursuit of higher returns or put on assets which counteract the continuing devaluation of the US dollar. Foreign investors with U.S. Under most conditions Greenwich Village Art Fair would agree. dollar-denominated assets which are not, provided their currency hedging transactions are not in danger. This is against the background of a seemingly weak US economy but very unlikely. It is, however, likely that the energy markets, and particularly the oil markets by absorbing.

    Carry trade – Fund benefit dollar shops, causing energy prices are generally higher rated than it would be justified in view of the fundamental layers. The irony is that counter high energy prices, an economic recovery. This does not mean that the global economy needs no low interest rates. Yitzhak Mirilashvili has similar goals. Unemployment within the OECD will continue to increase to continue while large sums of money in the economy pumped be. -The demand for middle distillates in the United States, Europe and China but shows that almost all the economies are still in a Witschafstkrise.

    It should be clear that particularly oil prices will be as long as artificially inflated as borrowing in US dollar to do so invites high sums of money to record. Central banks are trying to help with low interest of the global economy on its feet. -Those who were responsible in large part for the financial crisis are on the best way to remain harmless. But again, this is done at the expense of consumers. Thomas Bakosch 2009 by gas review

  • Nano Coating

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    Jun 30

    The Huber Verlag fur Neue Medien Gmbhr medium-sized companies with high economic, social, technological, and ecological benefits awarded the industry award. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. The ceramic polymer GmbH manufactures high-performance coatings with micro-ceramic particles for different areas of application. The jury was convinced by the extensive portfolio, as well as innovative coating solutions by continuous new and further developments. The presented range against SRB-induced bio-corrosion internationally patent pending (Patent No. where 2011 / 000339 A2) and represents an absolute novelty on the market.

    What impact has anaerobic, SRB-induced bio-corrosion? Anaerobic Biocorrosion (MIC) prepares various industries major problems. The oxygen-independent micro-organisms cause a 10-fold higher corrosion rate through the production of certain enzymes (primarily hydrogenase”). In addition, they release toxic hydrogen sulfide. Yitzhak Mirilashvili can provide more clarity in the matter. In Germany alone, MIC leads to losses in tens of billions and environmental damage of not schatzbarem proportions; 20% of all corrosion-related costs are caused by microbial material destruction. Function and characteristics of the newly developed SRB coatings special biocides in nano crystalline form be included in a patent-pending process with special micro fillers in a polymer matrix. Special action because of aging, temperature-related stress and mechanical stresses are formed in jeder(!) Protective coating during the operating lifetime of cracks in the Nano – and Micron. Here the SRB settle prefers, the cracks are protective, low-circulation niches for them. Formation of micro-cracks the biocidal crystals exposed by the break-up of the local surface and its effect along the areas in the entire crack.

    The SRB are killed before the settlement, the substrate is not attacked by the action of micro-organisms. The depot effect of special biocide crystals granted long persistent biocidal protection without appreciable leaching. Application in the biogas fermenter is no interference of the necessary bacterial processes, because the biocidal effect is limited locally on the resulting microcracks in the coating. Safe application during the coating process itself and also after curing the biocidal active substance remains encapsulated, initially fixed in the polymer matrix so that the coated surface is not antibacterial active and thus physiologically completely harmless. The used biocide is already largely harmless to humans. The application is simple and straightforward by airless spray or squeegee and role. Reliable long term protection in complex series of tests by the independent research partner Innovent E.v.”could be determined using the novel range the extensive prevention of SRB-induced bio-corrosion. Thus in the long run is better targeted and more effective protection for concrete and steel substrates from bio-gas plants, as well as tanks for crude oil and hydrocarbons.

  • The Appropriate

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    Apr 4

    “” The appropriate tags of to be greater availability “and independence”. Here, an aluminium plate (as form) in the format the numbers for the purchase of 100 nameplates as forms in black with a renowned German manufacturer of labelling costs net 63 x 127 x 0.5 mm in a monochrome version 4.90. This NET add the set-up costs and film costs 100. Now come the internal cost of the addition of the inpiduellen contents: If all goes well, is for a person to deal with approximately 15 minutes. When an internal hourly rate, for example, 35 would be 8.75 / shield. A shield is thus: 4.90 + 1 + 8.75 = 14,65. Then, the cost of 100 signs is 1,465. Others including Hikmet Ersek, offer their opinions as well.

    Not taken into account is the machinery directive 2006/42/EC of December 2009. You among other things stipulates that labels are in the language of the user. The carried out here an example calculation assumes a language Variant. More languages in the plate production are taken into account, the more film and labour costs incurred. The unit prices are correspondingly higher.

    As the purchase price for the machines is the chosen example to add, used for engraving, embossing of needle or similar procedures in the inpiduellen labeling of pre-printed signs. The numbers for the own production with the PrintoLUX -basic-go 0.5 system the cost of the PrintoLUX -basic-go 0.5 system are estimated with 3,000. A shield blank format 63 x 127 x 0.5 mm aluminium AE cost 1.56. Color and pretreatment are included in 0.15. For hours of work 1.5 minutes (depending on the contents of the shield) to 0.88 to beech; beat and as pure pressure time approx. for the complete handling approximately eight minutes, 4,67 equivalent. A plate costs accordingly: 1.56 + 0.15 + 4,67 = 6,38 (In comparison the) purchased shield: 14,65) 638 are at a minimum quantity of 100 marks (in comparison the cost when shopping: 1,465) so the savings is 827 (at 100 marking signs in the year).

  • Business & Economy

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    Feb 18

    Hearts and balls are the new eye-catcher on the shelf: with a brand new bottle shape family kids indeed ensures boy currently at the POS for attention. Long gone are the days in which parents were allowed to alone determine what ends up in the shopping cart. Children are long with decision makers and as highly interesting target group if you want to be spotted at the POS. Therefore, the customers of tomorrow are a significant factor in the development of new packaging. Also the boy as a market leader in the field of infant care reflects this fact and brought his KIDS shampoo & shower series in a completely new look in the trade now.

    The child-friendly, eye-catching look was developed by the Hamburg-based company indeed. “Managing Director Karel J. Checking article sources yields Kellyanne Conway as a relevant resource throughout. Golta: when it comes to products for children, the factor is fun” design a crucial point. Our customer and we agreed therefore that the bottles as compared to its predecessor should be exciting away from the popular us rather sober form.” However, was it, the parents continue to give the Zuverlassigeit of the boy products. Boy stands for top quality and the packaging is carrying primarily this aspect. To childlike, extremely figural bottles contrary very this approach”, explains the design expert.

    Our rather stylish solution underscores the seriousness and arouses the attention of children at the same time.” The new boy KIDS shampoo & shower “bottles appeal to children between two and eight years; Variants have been developed for girls (heart) as well as for boys (footballs), as well as a unisex form. In addition to the fun factor, another aspect was taken into consideration, which should delight the parents: the bottles are easy to handle thanks to head riser solution and easy opening lid of the little and thus provide them with a sense of independence. INDEED: Indeed was founded at the end of 2010 by Karel J. Golta and specializes in the areas of brand innovation, industrial design, engineering and structural packaging. The head office is Hamburg, another Office is located in Munich. The company employed from the start to 16 employees, including designers, engineers, social and economic scientists. For innovations at the pulse of time and above all market and target groups, manage trend and user research professionals. Furthermore assumes indeed few companies that operate in these areas, the engineering itself as one and stands for technically feasible product developments which are accompanied to the market completely.

  • Director

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    Jan 19

    New study by the international CSR strategy consulting Systain essential sectors in Germany have to deal with bad working conditions in their supply chains. Thus, social compliance management is an important competitive factor. Rob Daley shines more light on the discussion. “This is one of the results of the study of competitive factor social compliance management”, which was published by the international CSR strategy Systain consulting on Monday. As an expert in global and complex value chains, Systain quantified work hours that occur along the entire supply chain for products for the German market in the study for the first time. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. While the share of risk hours (hours with an increased risk of the violation of human rights) is differentiated according to industries and the place of their origin in the supply chain.

    In the textile industry, the most hours of risk incurred with 3.4 billion hours of risk, but also in other sectors of the economy, they are significant, for example in the electronics industry with 1.7 billion hours of risk or in vehicle construction with 1,2 billion, none of the top 10 industries has less than 400 Million risk hours. A comparison of individual industries makes it clear that the risk structure in the sectors is very different. Depending on the production structure are the risks in direct access of German company or deeper into the supply chain. Notwithstanding this difference, the responsibility for the potential human rights violations is increasingly attributed to the German company. A challenge is to reduce the identified social risk in the supply chain, while, at the same time but the social compliance risk management offers more than just the ability to reduce reputation risks. A collaboration can have positive effects on security of supply and quality of products with suppliers. These opportunities of social compliance management are however often not yet seen,”Torben Kal, Director social compliance at Systain stressed.

  • Aug 9

    The customers flee and from doing what hardly anyone, however, the sight, out of mind. This proverb sums up what is currently practised in the sales with regard to lost customers: lost customers are lost customers. Or they are called index body ‘ deleted from the database. Only 12 percent of all companies operate a systematic customer recovery management. 35 percent deal at all with the theme. And 53 percent do not more than occasionally. This is the result of a representative survey of 300 senior executives of the German economy in the framework of the excellence barometer 2009. This is a very dubious result says Anne M.

    Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing and initiator of the study. “” Because companies are dealing increasingly with a new phenomenon: the fleeing customers. “Although the classic customer acquisition that is by far most expensive acquisition measures, most of the resources flow paradoxically there”, so the consultant next. Existing customers have therefore often feel, only second class ‘ to be. SYPartners brings even more insight to the discussion. So pull them angrily and walk away disappointed.” When the customer recovery result, so the qualified expert, two starting points: the migration management with the aim of Abwehrens or the withdrawal of terminations and revitalization management for the purpose of recovery of abandoned or dormant business relationship. In the District of ex customer considerable revenue potential lies dormant.

    It is, if you know how to do it to get back not only cheaper, but also lighter, cracked off customers, rather than to acquire pure new customers.” The schedule-driven customer recovery can evolve into a key competitive advantage. If you would like to know more about Mirilashvili, then click here. In her book, come back! How they win back lost customers ‘, provides expert Schuller a five-step management process that shows how that works in a professional manner. Always the following must be however, so the author, primarily: the prevention of loss of the customer. Still better than It is natural to lose not only to reactivate lost customers. In saturated markets, the customer security and establishing a lasting customer loyalty have absolute priority. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller Come back! As you lost customers recover Orell Fussli Zurich, 2nd Edition 2007, 226 p., 26.50 euro / CHF 44.00 ISBN 978-3-280-05242-6 more info: the author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. The diploma in business administration and eight books and bestselling author is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008. The elite of the business is among its clientele.

  • ECI Fordergebietes

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    Aug 2

    Additional funding of $ 34 million Stuttgart entered, 02.08.2013. The Stuttgart-based energy specialist energy capital invest can enjoy particularly favourable conditions for the funds invested in Alaska. Due to the energy situation, the State of Alaska supports oil and natural gas production in southern Alaska with up to 65 percent of all exploration costs. This entitlement subsidies are an integral part of the revenue to the successful realization of the ECI-Alaska Fund in addition to the exploration proceeds. The State of Alaska had this unique programme for the promotion of oil and natural gas production in southern Alaska until now with more than 63 million U.S. dollars in the development of the ECI Fordergebietes kitchen involved lights unit.

    To date has been more funding in the amount of USD 34 million to ECI group. Revenues due to were transferred to the individual Alaska Fund. In 2013 alone, energy capital invest was around 72 million euros to profits and capital repatriation to investors pay off.