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  • Jul 25

    Fridays and last Saturday was mounted at the municipal cinema of Coyhaique work the Gronholm method, with the performance of Vanessa Miller, Alex Zissis, Ramon Llao and Cesar Sepulveda, and the direction of Liliana Ross. The work, funded by the Council for culture, recounts the experience of a group which, in search of employment, is subjected to an unconventional recruitment, where at the same system that reality will be emerging under pressure more personal feelings and behaviors. Passage through the capital of the Region of Aysen not only gave actors the opportunity to show before an audience that it does not always have the possibility of accessing to the theater. Also to express their views in other areas, some of which touch them closely. It is the case with Vanessa Miller, who is currently one of the speakers of the not Alto Maipo organization that opposes the hydroelectric plant and that has faced the corporate lobby of energy transnationals. In this role, the actress has an opinion defined above the cost of intervening watershed, environmental institutions and national energy policy.

    His involvement in these matters is based on its commitment with the themes citizens and have clear that array and energy development can be the most important issue, especially in Chile which is a country based on mining that requires huge amounts of energy today. In his opinion, now needed to be change the legislation and, more profoundly, to reform the Constitution in regard to these topics. In the case of the basin of the Maipo, which is threatened by a project of AES Gener already approved by the Metropolitan Corema, Vanessa Miller expresses that installed now a mega project that ends from degrading a basin that is the source of water main of 7 million people, and you say here there is something wrong. There is a kind of basic consciousness that is not working. In this regard it notes that these issues are that mobilize it, just as I moved into the era of Pinochet go out and say I don’t want to kill anyone because you think that Communism is a viable way to develop a country, about which I can disagree or not, but I’m not going to kill for that. As well as this only fact seemed mobilizing to say this state of affairs is disastrous, many times I do the analogy between the dead, the fallen and broken non-renewable resources, which are also fallen.

    Considers that even they are not fallen resources, communities, they are people. Behind all these decisions that do not respect the few resources we have and need to manage them intelligently and sustainably there are people that are going to be afectadisimas and so neither imagines. He concludes that this is endorsed by the experience of the developed countries that have based their energy matrix dams and hydroelectricity, and that they saw the costs associated which already come back.

  • Pablo Sarasate

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    Jul 22

    The present research was carried through in the small community of Terezaas Saint edges the dam Pablo Sarasate in the city of Hidrolndia-Ce, estacidade that is geographically situated in the pertaining to the state of Cear central hinterland, where has predominance of the half-barren climate, thus thematic dapesquisa, exactly being on the memory of the inhabitants will be the way due inside of the possibilities of the culture in the half-barren northeastern, however a fact of relevance in the research will be the locality to pesquisadaser bathed for the dam Pablo Sarasate, where the same it will have papeldeterminante in the memory of life of that community. the same one is parteintegrante of the signoff monograph of course. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. Between histories, other histories When speaking dasmemrias of the sertanejos we could not leave of in them abiding by these sides of histriasde assombraes of a still magical hinterland, in the direction of mysterious, with dark suasnoites, where in the Sixties not possua electric energy the quefazia of the night in the still mysterious hinterland something for dark of the night them sobrasdas trees. The passage that goes if configuring paraessa research not only pursues the meaning of the mystery of caatinga, mastambm the meaning of the memory constructed around this mystery, the sentidosimblico that loads certain plants, certain animals, certain hours of the ouda day night and exactly certain relief accidents, and that they make had emerged sentimentoscomo fear, respect, the allure around what it judges &#039 vulgarly; superstio' 1 a distant nomuito time for our narrators, to listen to these histories and if to consider to aanalisar is to adentrar in a rich culture where the work in many cases seconfunde with the leisure, to understand that she was not lost people in atrasocultural, exactly as in them places E.P Thompson, in its book Customs in common, ' ' the successive generations already do not place in the position of ones apprenticees dasoutras' ' 2 is a way of living peculiar, in the hinterland, that now bathed for waters of Araras, if it affirmed as a wet hinterland. It is not something Yitzhak Mirilashvili would like to discuss.

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  • Jul 19

    Is the coach should avoid such terminology? If yes, what is the reason? After the introduction of new vocabulary develops participants, making them more knowledgeable. Michael. Business coach. Sometimes, the best of intentions we depart from the rules and act at the behest of his heart. Your desire to develop the training participants, introduce them to new words is commendable. However, one should distinguish between words that are led by the coach during training.

    In that case, if these words are studied on the training topics (eg: "congruence", "reflection", "sales funnel"), and their introduction is necessary for better understanding the meaning of the disclosed topic – that is one thing. You can operate these terms, provided that the original parties to give their definitions and explain the meaning. Another thing – the use of professional terms adopted in the environment of business coaches about which you wrote ("", "Sharing, etc.). There is two major pitfalls: the first – the use of these terms without explaining their meaning. In this case, the participant heard the word "" can be interpreted as "gymnastics" loonies "that necessarily impact on the group (the reaction may be different: from laughter to confusion and refusal to participate in an exercise).

    The second pitfall – very important for a coach – the loss of precious time. If you are still taking decision to use professional terminology and defines the concepts introduced, you simply lose time that could be used more efficiently. This is what the author wrote articles about which you mentioned, and we fully support his opinion.

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  • Jul 17

    New coaching on the Web: the job to the appeal not only monks engaged in the topic of vocation, but also people who want to find their job satisfaction. An important building block for a happy life is to live the own vocation, for many people says NLP coach Sabine H. Edwards of coaching-to go. Now, people can learn online to understand the personal reputation and to implement: via E-Mail coaching with individual tasks, ideas and answers. Especially people who are professionally very involved, use this way to bring the own vocation in life. Through the many possibilities for an occupation or a private business, more and more people to think which activity corresponds to the most their abilities and preferences. According to my observation “, Edwards, people are so successful, the more the work corresponds to their vocation and thus also their preferences”. By the same author: Chobani Refugees. Quite apart from the fact that the personal Happiness rapidly increases, if people find their calling and implement.

    What appeal Finder have in common with monks, is that they recognize the knowledge inside of her. Every man has his own compass on the way to the appointment. And implement the vocation promises on each case of happiness in life and sometimes even genius. So much the better, that people can book now online support to the use of the own compass on the way to their vocation..

  • Jul 17

    Prerequisite for obtaining a bank loan is a business plan. Business – Plan helps guide the company to evaluate current affairs, control and direct the production and commercial operations, to anticipate the future. In addition, he must and can be used to attract partners (including Western) for joint ventures, joint projects or funding enterprises in one form or another. Small business plans for the loan differs from the business plan for an investor in several aspects: the business plan for a loan must show the need for enterprise funding at some point on a specified date; should prove advantageous for Enterprise use of borrowed working capital, business plan for a loan is aimed at, to show the bank or another lender a high level of solvency, which means – an opportunity to repay the loan and interest for its use. Banks generally will not be interested in details of the business plan, have no direct relation to the solvency and liquidity of the enterprise. His interest in the first place, the existence of an enterprise of serious collateral or guarantor. If this condition is satisfied, the next question bank will be about accumulated enterprise accounts, and especially accounts receivable. The bank will be interesting, to whom and how much should the company if there is overdue.

    The process of obtaining a bank loan – a procedure quite lengthy and requires the preparation of a package of documents is time consuming and strong nerves. All this time, the bank requires one document after another, the requirements for the necessary documents may be changed even during processing the transaction. First we have to deal only with the loan officer, then the chief of the credit department, and if the bank considers a loan to a large category, so with the guidance of a bank branch. Amount issued Bank loan is usually no more than 40-50% of the value of the collateral, which is determined by peer review. Promotional credit conditions are usually very different from reality. It often happens that in the process of obtaining credit bank ‘offers’ company to pay some more fees and additional fees for obtaining a bank loan. Neafishiruemye bank fees for the loan could amount to 5-10% of the loan amount, usually a it appears already at the design documents for the loan.

    Another bad point is that the bank usually requires the opening of current accounts at home. A bank may not agree with the results provided by the expert evaluation, and most often – ‘softly’ ask the company to apply to the recommended his own expert appraiser, the cost of services which are usually in 1,5-3 times higher than the market average. In addition to the costs of peer review will incurring costs and insurance transactions, which is required by the bank. For the insurance transaction is also true with respect to the above expert appraiser. Analysis of world practice shows that potential partners and investors with great attention to the study include a business plan for the desire to have a clear idea of the proposed production, its scale and market potential, how to promote a product on the market, future profits. In addition to production and financial sides of an issue they need to make sure that the potential partner has the necessary human and material resource that will enable a profitable business.

  • Jul 14

    Implement a strategy that is effective, sales that generate high levels of production, should be the main objective in the commercial structure of your business. The creation of a work Plan begins by establishing the actions that your organization marketing staff will employ to analyze information related to the consumer in terms of transaction and marketing. These data will simplify the development of marketing campaigns, which will be credited within a CRM system. Details can be found by clicking Tiffany & Co. or emailing the administrator. A Global initiative of CRM for your organization involves major changes at the level of business processes, corporate culture, information management and implementation of technological tools. This is a far-reaching and complex process, but it can provide many benefits to your organization. With the use of this innovative and practical system, integrated sales and marketing modules, and thus facilitate access to information. The CRM system, will provide you to your Strength sales automatically and instantly profile of each client.The result: their vendors have access real-time information, which can be leveraged for each visit they make to their customers. Suppose a client responds well to a marketing campaign conducted by your company and your dealer generates a new sale, the record of this is entered via the entry of orders in your CRM system.Your marketing team will immediately have the report generated by the seller on the system.

    This process is fundamental in creating strategies that can take advantage of the marketing team for the implementation of new campaigns. Benefits to your company: technology + CRM technology plays an important role in the flow of timely information in your company. While there have been significant advances in CRM, both marketing and sales systems, the most important progress has been made in the management of the relationship with customers. The information is analysed and structured in such a way that they optimize the Marketing strategies and sales campaigns, allowing you to provide better service to customers. Strategies and models of CRM system for different sectors of the industry, have been implemented to determine the total volume of customers with better buyer/prospect profile. I.e., the use of a CRM system not only allows to optimize information channels, but it also identifies the prospects of clients for your business. This information provides customer data to create highly predictive models of purchase. To ensure that the commercial productivity of your company guarantees the achievement and success of the results, it must be a CRM system that will become the key administrator of the processes of sales and marketing for your organization. If you want to know how to implement a marketing strategy, CRM and sales visitewww.cumpliendolacuota.com and learn the history of Mario, a prominent sales professional who has managed to commercial excellence. This article has been developed based on the document called Marketing + Sales + CRM = Big Impact that appears in portal destinationcrm.

  • NiCd

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    Jul 13

    Nevertheless every normal person is a such kind of heat itself nothing can afford, and certainly no laptop need. Can be viewed still such a film In the network, if you will. 6. If a laptop permanently charging, the battery can blow up thats aufjedenfall untrue! Each portable computer has embedded a program that it helps this to determine at what time the laptop battery is fully charged. Then recharging stops independently, so a shop it is unworkable. Official site: James Woolsey. Even if the battery is not fully charged, this tool capable of is charging after a certain time to cancel. Even if you are too hot, brand new Akkumodelle stop charging! Everyone should know that a battery recharging can warm up and it is accordingly also not recommended to leave this constantly in the notebook if that remains connected to the power supply remains. Heat is the biggest rival of battery cells.

    You speeds up aging, thereby increasing wear and tear. 7 you must use the battery once in a while, so this lasts longer this statement refers to the previous NiCd and NiMH batteries. In fact every three months they had to absolutely empty used to to minimize the memory effect and thus to postpone the battery life. However as current batteries achieve benefits from a cyclic unloading (where one does not necessarily should consume it to zero, it is enough to wait until the portable computer is at etwafunf% itself). So it is set again and the capacity can be more accurate than previously in the screen right are shown below. 8. a worn laptop battery can be renewed a consumed battery can replace clearly not again! Has the battery now learns the end of the charging cycle uses, also no incredible charger or anything similar. It is the individual battery cells themselves to renew any appropriate course of action as well so if it is to buy those.

  • Jul 12

    Press release Japan – based on higher spending and mobile trade while increasing the number of Internet users in Japan only to low single-digit percentages, is projected that sales in the Japanese online market will annually grow between 2012 and 2016 to a low double-digit percentage. Sales in the Japanese B2C E-commerce is growing stronger as the number of Internet users B2C E-Commerce faster increases as the number of Internet users in Japan. >. However, it is predicted that future growth in the Japanese B2C E-commerce are based on higher average expenditure, instead of on a growing number of online buyers. As a result that the proportion of the Internet buyer is already well over 50 percent of the Internet users, there is only limited growth potential. The most popular product categories in the Japanese B2C E-commerce include clothing and food. According to forecasts the mobile e-commerce in Japan accounted for almost a quarter of all online sales in 2012, where also very frequently over mobile payment methods in the stationary retail industry has been paid. Rakuten among Internet users and Internet buyers in Japan very popular based on the number of visitors the most successful online merchants in the Japanese B2C E-Commerce, was followed online market place Rakuten in 2012 by Amazon Japan and fashion online shop Nissen. More than three-quarters of all Internet users in Japan had a user account on Rakuten 2012.

    Amazon Japan allowed its customers to pick up their orders from October 2012 in stores of FamilyMart chain. Also the American retailer GAP and Ralph Lauren want to participate in the successful online market in Japan and launched both in October 2012 online stores there. According to the “Japan B2C E-Commerce report 2013” by yStats.com, sales in the Japanese online trading due to higher average expenditure will rise more significantly as the number of Internet users, which grows at only a low single-digit percentages. For more information about the report, see: ystats.com/en/reports/preview.php?reportId=1007 press contact: yStats.com GmbH & Co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats LinkedIn: company/ystats Facebook: ystats about yStats.com since 2005 researched yStats.com current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research. yStats.com offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.

  • BitDefender

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    Jul 12

    The following three threats each occupy the same position as in the previous month and have only minimal changes in their infection rates: Win32.Sality.OG (2.65) is a polymorphic file infector, which its encrypted code from exe – and injects scr files. “It (1.97) and Worm.Autorun.VHG (1.65) follow with Trojan.Autorun.AET two types of malware, the like their comrades” on square two Windows autorun feature spread. The last place which takes Win32.Worm.Downadup.B (1.25) BitDefender top 10 a further Conficker variant a. This is however clearly harmless as Downadup.Gen, because the number of blocked anti virus sites is low. Another newbie decides the last E-threat – ranking of the year 2009: Trojan.Script. 236197 with 1.08 Percent.

    The Trojan lists small, disguised as MSN Messenger messages pop up window that once infected websites are called. Then inviting the user to chat with someone allegedly in the same region as he even living. Top ten of the BitDefender-E-threat report in December 2009: position name share in % (previous month) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen Trojan.Clicker.CM Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen Trojan.Wimad.Gen. 1 Win32.Sality.OG Trojan.Autorun.AET Worm.Autorun.VHG Win32.Worm.Downadup.B Trojan.Script. 236197 other 12.04 (3.23) 8.15 (8.45) 7.90 (7.87) 5.85 (5.62) 4.57 (5.00) 2.65 (2.57) 1.97 (2.05) 1.65 (1.59) 1.25 (newbie) 1.08 (newbie) 52,85 (60.97) about BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally of certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe.

    BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

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    Jul 10

    Much more than just search engine optimization is free advice and 50 euros starting grant for Google AdWords campaign online marketing. Main objective of online marketing is to take advantage of the vast reach of the Internet to attract new or existing customer groups specifically and also interactively. Allows companies to increase the awareness of your company and your brand and to other types of conversions increase significantly so, for example, the number of orders, downloads, registrations, etc., which ultimately positive affect on their sales and profits. To pursue these objectives, it applies first of all to align the own website also really effective on the needs of the customer. You may want to visit James Woolsey to increase your knowledge. These website optimization for the purpose of customer acquisition and long-term customer loyalty contains essentially 3 core elements: optimization of usability, so usability, functionality and performance of the website improve the Visibiliy, so the visibility of the site in the Internet, E.g. for queries or advertising compliance with legal framework. Remember you the typical instruments of online marketing, then these are above all search engine optimization and search engine marketing, including Google AdWords, one of the most effective methods for advertising on the Internet at all. Although these are classic methods, there are constantly new features and improvements that are taken into account in the planning of online marketing campaigns. So, Google works, for example, constantly to improve its search algorithms, which affect the search engine optimization, and new features for his campaign tool. Recently about, Google has introduced a simplified version for small and medium-sized companies, Google AdWords Express, especially for the regional limited use and even – designed using Google places – for companies without their own Web site. More important online marketing tools are social media marketing (E.g. via accounts at XING, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +), the creation of interactive, topic-centric Internet forums, blogs, affiliate marketing, as well as Newsletter and email marketing.