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    Nov 17

    As we display aprincipio, ready formulas do not exist, but parao is possible to create strategies if pertinenteuma practical dynamics, in which the modalities, the supports and the proper ones interlocutoresse alternate. We have that the evaluation of – positively when we perceive aconstruo of the knowledge of the citizen. Although the requirement on the part pertaining to school dainstituio in presenting a note periodically exists, we stand out that osujeito it does not have to be evaluated at an only moment, through a nicoinstrumento, therefore the knowledge if of the one of gradual form. According to PCN+ (2002, P. 84) odesenvolvimento of the abilities interactive, grammatical and literal must serconsiderado in the avaliativo process. We detach, ahead, the following formats: … gauging of the abilities of the pupils to produce a text verbal, in apresentaoindividual or group, in accordance with a sort preset and with nvelde formality demanded for> if for the intention to relate, to break daqui, avaliativos osprocedimentos of the education of literature in Average Ensino.

    Podemosenfocar that the way as literature shows – it is the text and, therefore, it fits if its arespeito opinion of one determined boarded subject. However, the literal production tambm one saw so that the pupil can work its argumentativa capacity, as well as practising the organization of its ideas, being this organization, considerably, more demanding of what the verbally organized text. However, the text does not deplete acompreenso of literature, is only the way as literature if it propagates e, therefore, conceiving the literary text in its plurissignificativa nature, pertinente to work in this apprehension the capacity of a coerentepor interpretation part of the pupils, as well as the ability to survey according to a suggestion, metaforizado umfato or another resource that the text to make use. It is viable to consider that the educator will noir to force an ability, the capacity of gauging amongst other abilities, will be able to only make a coherent judgment or an evaluation really eficientenuma analysis of the gradual development of these abilities.

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  • Walt Disney

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    Nov 12

    Concentrarte every day in this list will obtain that your corporal and mental resources focus to obtain a creative tension between where today you are and that ideal state that you visualized in design of your ideal day ponindote in underlying form in action towards the results that you want to live. 6. Each as much it reinforces your design, agrgale more visualizations, revsalo. Every minute lives every day of your life honoring, each dream that you have and WORKS UNTIRINGLY until achieving those objectives that give sense to your life. You do not surrender, follows ahead. The key is to make center in what you want to live and to put into action. At the present time I can say that alive my days with much happiness and day to day I enjoy the manifestation of my designs of life in which I worked some years ago. Itself working, itself honoring my existence, trying to be happy to each step.

    I am in favor contented of this special sense that I have given my life him. Thus, everything is better, for my and the people who surround to me. You would not like to try it? What delays to begin? You do not leave spends the time, you do not lose the opportunity that only resides in your interior to design your life being creator of your own destiny. DESIRE THAT YOU BEGIN WONDERFUL A 2009 WITH YOUR BY DAY READY IDEAL DESIGN TO BEGIN TO DRIVE ” You can dream if it, you can concretar” Walt Disney With love, Ana Cecilia Publica my articles: You can publish them where you want if you include following Ana Cecilia Side attends people and professionals in the change process who need to undertake and to achieve their objectives from an inner transformation. If you want to create new possibilities in your life, to enjoy it successfully and happiness to the maximum, visits now to receive more articles and resources FREE.

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  • Nov 6

    If one of the parts denounces the agreement before the lack in agreement to renew it will count on a maximum term of " 20 meses" in order to negotiate it. At the same time the one stays that the representatives of the workers can exert the right to strike whereas he negotiates. Greater protagonism of the company agreement. Thus, in agreement with the rough draft, the regulation of the conditions established in a company agreement will have priority on the sectorial one in the matter of " wage bases, in wage complements, extraordinary hours, specific repayment of the work to turn, schedule and distribution of the time of trabajo". Also the same as far as &quot will happen; planning annual of the vacations, professional classification, modalities of hiring and measures that favor the conciliation between the labor life and familiar". The joint commissions are reinforced. This organ, formed by the representatives of the workers and the industralist, acquires major protagonism at the time of interpreting conflicts on the agreement in rrido to the internal flexibility.

    To its resolutions &quot occurs them the same; effectiveness jurdica" that to the agreement. Thus, in case of discord in the consultations on modification of the conditions of work, any of will be able to put under it to the parts the joint commission of the agreement, that will have a maximum term of seven days to pronounce itself. If the conflict were not solved either, then it would resort to the procedures of resolution of conflicts that settle down in the multi-industry agreements of the state and autonomic scope. To the case of the wages one pays attention that " inaplicacin" on the part of the industralist of the agreed thing (the denominated clause of offs-hook) it will entail the one that it determines with exactitude what is what the worker will receive. Creation of the Council of Labor Relations and Collective Negotiation. The document proposes the creation of this advice as consultative agency and advising, assigned to the Ministry of Work, tripartite and joint character. Mutual and absenteeism. In the document rrencia does not become some to which the unions and the employer’s association agreed on mutual and absenteeism before the 2 of June gave by defeats the negotiations to agree to they it reform. Source of the news: The Government affirms to be open to flexibility formulas that are " fruit of acuerdo"