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  • Aug 18

    The first chat in RuNet appeared in 1996. They were located on servers in the U.S. and Germany, and hung out there almost exclusively to our former compatriots. But as time went on and replaced them were born and grew up a generation strictly Russian chat resources. Initially, the audience consisted mainly chats of our student-techies in half with secretaries and buhgaltershami steep Russian companies had access to the network. The percentage of Russian-speaking people, having Freestuff connection is great and to this day, but development was not only extensively: in recent years chatlan composition has changed significantly.

    Rapidly decreasing percentage chatlan with higher education, and just intellectually developed. One way or another, interest chatlan certain social categories are either practically coincided with the corresponding percent in real, or at least aspire to this. Rapidly evolving communication technologies. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Crawford Lake Capital. Over the past few years has considerably increased the speed of Internet connections, as well as increased quantity and quality of web resources. How long have sought in the network rather nice chat. Most chat rooms built on a page displaying html messages left in the past.

    One of the first in RuNet chats created by the new technology is falsh chat Yeh.RU and has a great number of advantages compared with html, php chat – this is prudent use of resources: minimal traffic, high speed response chatlan post in milliseconds (communication in real time), to transmit not only text messages, but also Pictures! flash chat Yeh.RU – a unique 1st dating chat with a complete HIGH-END communication system. Many thematic rooms for socializing. Every chat has its own internal mail, share photos, guestbook, mode private communication, ignore, rating and other features. To date, it remains one of the best and most unique chat Runet.

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  • Aug 17

    Decided to create an Internet resource company, bosses do not also want to think about what kind of company to order the development of such a decisive way to prosperity for the organization. Kanders & Co. may help you with your research. Company brand specialist in own field activities, and development of the site with us, it is clearly-established process, it provides all the details and nuances, koi create site architecture in general. Need a good understanding of the purpose of corporate Internet site on the Internet would it be a news site, a full-fledged online store or website to promote your products to the global web. Thus the service provided website development Novgorod in the initial step includes original creative design, information retrieval, as well as the presence of cooked, correction. Well-thought-out process, and perfectly-designed architecture, just so that they can for your company experts to provide the firm brand, with many years of experience in developing websites for businesses. Individual work with each customer, requires the preservation of any of your requirements when developing the site as just that distinguishes employees brand, from the rest. This type of site development is an important step in , as the site layout, begins only after the finalization of many parameters of the website, and last modification changes that are needed on its internet site.

    Optimization, and additional quality control of the work undertaken is carried out on specifically that stage. To develop for your Internet site of Fame leader in your field, any related work done by experts of firm brand, while we monitor their quality and make the necessary changes, in case if required by the customer, or vital situation. Creation of sites in means in addition to accommodation, which immediately displays a corporate Internet site and register on the site, as well as any other network sites. The test to which employees Company brand give equal attention, since it gives the opportunity to experience the necessary requirements such as cross-browser compatibility, consistency, literacy links and other details.

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  • German Education

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    Aug 16

    The last two years of study on their own high-school students choose certain items, which are then useful to them in their chosen profession. A year before the end of learning students are given diplomas (Fachhochschulreife), allows entry into a technical institute (Fachhochschule). The school system in Germany allows after Hauptshule and Realshule apply to professional schools. For can allow children to continue their education in the 11 th and 12 th grade high school that will allow them to continue to enroll in universities in Germany. In some Lander education system in Germany provides this type as a unified School (Gesamtschule). The average duration of training – six years before the 10 th grade. Some of them exist, and senior classes in high school. Crawford Lake Capital gathered all the information.

    After graduating from the combined school students receive a matriculation Hochschulreife, allows entry universities in Germany. Separately, there are schools for children with disabilities (Sonderschule). Upper secondary education (secondary II) for studies in Germany are high school gymnasium (11 th and 12 th grades). 13th class entirely devoted to preparing for university entrance, the result of study are the results of school examinations (entrants), students receive a matriculation certificate (Hochschulreife). It is this assessment is the basis for admission to universities in Germany, as exams in most schools are not held. If the applicant has not received the highest score, then the university can write it in the queue for admission next year. Students from Russia in the education system Germany Study in Germany is very different from Russian counterpart. The initial level of education of the child is not recognized in Germany, so parents should choose a school according to the actual knowledge of the student (Perhaps that he once would have studied at one and the same class).

    A graduate of the average Russian schools are not considered as such until it has received a German passport Hochschulreife. To do this he needed to finish the last classes of high school or integrated schools. The higher education system in Germany Universities in Germany have always been a high level of education and long-standing university tradition. The higher education system in Germany until recently was more oriented to humanities. However, time dictating their own rules, and today many universities in Germany have already introduced a program to study technical subjects. Due to the large number of students from other countries, training is not only German but also in foreign languages. Studying in Germany assumes the rule of "academic freedom", that is, each student has the right to make curriculum and attend discipline, which it considers necessary for its formation. Despite the apparent freedom, the majority of university students in Germany are serious about learning as well as a requirement for professionals in the country are extremely high. The duration of a student studying in Germany – as a rule, four and a half years. Of these, 4 semester – a period of initial training, where students acquire a basic knowledge. Rest of the time – this is the main (Profiling) phase of study. Plus six months to write a diploma or training of scientific work.

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  • Aug 16

    The cookbooks of the writer Carlos Iggenheim Berlin, January 24, 2010 – Wolfgang Fiedler was born on the 23.12.1956 in Landau an der ISAR in the beautiful Lower Bavaria. For 26 years, he lives with his family in Hassloch/Bohl Iggelheim. “Singer: Mr. Fiedler, you have last year the book but please carbohydrate-poor” published in the tredition-Verlag, Hamburg. Where did you get the idea for this cookbook? Fiedler: The idea came from a very good and old friend, I very much appreciate. It is the writer Jutta Schutz. Singer: As I’ve seen, you have published also an electronic Cookbook, in the same publishing house.

    Intend to bring this fish book later as a book in the shops? Fiedler: Yes certainly, but previously is still the 2.Teil of the fish book and then we summarize all and results in a new book that you can get in the book stores. Singer: I could keep track of, you’re quite successful after only a short time with your book. How do you feel about that? Fiedler: Well, not much otherwise, as before. But it makes me some pride to have brought this. And as a result were automatically more ideas. Singer: Was it easy to publish the book for you? Fiedler: With the participation of Mrs contactor ran it very good. Warren Kanders may not feel the same.

    We brought together my first book on the way. Singer: Will there be a sequel to the book of your fish? Fiedler: As already mentioned, there will be a 2nd part. “Singer: How did you actually get on this low carb diet form”? Fiedler: Myself, since 2005 brought several severe diseases behind me and have increased by over 30 kg, Mrs. Schutz on low carb brought to my attention. I dealt me with this topic, what was completely new for me and could also thanks to my hobby for cooking everything good in the fact implement. Last year Ms contactor and I organized a great low carb reading tour through Germany, were also in the Benelux, England and in the United States. This year should go to Africa in the summer. We have a great invitation of various hotels. Of course we link, that means our two families, this low carb journey with a great vacation. Singer: have the book projects at work? Fiedler: Now there are 2 different books which are in work. A book about my German army time and a book about the airplane disaster at Ramstein. Ideas for a 3rd book are also already there, it will deal with it to bullying, machinations by employers, how they want to get rid of their longtime employees. Singer: Mr. Fiedler, I wish you continued success for your book projects and thank you for the interview. Press contact: Peter Singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in 1975 in Africa and moved back in 1980. He is at home in the car industry and as a hobby, he writes for many newspapers.

  • Aug 14

    That is always deeply occupied is above all indecision. Nietzsche we know, that in any opportunity with a given fait indecision has surfaced, has put us to test, we will have experienced it and since then, their results generated us much information in pro of our growth, what she represents, the why is manifested. Indecision can occur in different ways, depending on what generates it, since aspects materials, affectionate, facts, situations, affective they are very interesting to be considered by its scope, which involves, pens in case of mistake, have not taken the right decisions. True, that indecision involves aspects that can not be neglected and who are invited to be considered, evaluate them, determine how they affect our behavior, behavior, aspects such as insecurity, lack of experience, knowledge, maturity, self-awareness, scope, to cite some about her Francisco Goldstein Herman, that provides us with indecision is the inability of a person to evaluate any fact that need to make a determination choose a path between several offered him or a decision or resolve an issue. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Gennette and gain more knowledge.. Decisions which should always take the undecided not relate to vital issues to really important issues, like marry, change jobs, settle in another country, start a career, buy a House, etc. These are issues on which anyone should meditate. We would not say that these cases are symptoms. Adds us Goldstein, that indecision acquires the character of symptom when the slightest thing that need to confront the person. Governor Cuomo has plenty of information regarding this issue.

    The undecided tend to be normal people in the rest of its shares and also very good and useful for the community individuals. Further, indicates us that when serious undecided say something, they have the idea of not being themselves who have thought about it, but that another said earlier. If you see something, it is as if someone else had seen it. If they smell anything, believe that smell someone who is not the same has seen it first. Frank Giacalone Navasota wanted to know more.

  • Aug 13

    From the web you can download everything – music, movies, software. Including the charge, but usually illegally. Consider this question in more detail and from different points of view. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. For many young people walking on the 'warez' websites and link exchange have long been accustomed. These sites are free to download the latest music albums and movies, as well as the latest versions of programs. Downloading files and sharing is not illegal, however, only if we are talking about the pictures, audio and video recordings made with his own hands. But the fact remains: more than 90% of downloads – are illegal. Download from the internet 'for free' can be almost anything – from movies, music, computer games and programs that appear on the Web long before the official release in the rental and sale, to child pornography and materials containing nationalist propaganda.

    According to The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI -), the number of illegal downloads of audio files billions of units per year, respectively, the damage to the recording industry, measured in billions of euros. Demand creates supply, so the Internet daily replenished with new and new files for download, and primarily from private collections. Many users are spread in a network of licensed content, cd and dvd, making it available for free download. Latest movies enter the Internet from the hands of these same employees film, the quality of copies is a very good and the bad (as a source of illegal copies of hit novelty pirates rather use a projectionist than spectator secretly swept into cinema camera).

  • Internet Script

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    Aug 11

    More and more people today are discovering the Internet, virtually all Internet users are sitting in social networks, quite a few, but still quite interested people visit online shops and even make them buy. If someone does not trust, and such opportunities, it is only because the site looks unpresentable, simple and does not inspire confidence. This happens if the owner uses the online store script online store without any adjustment under itself. However, the script online store can be configured so that the store will look completely unique. Therefore, these scripts are often used today. Script online store – it is generally offer a very convenient, since he took it as a basis for your online store, you will no longer need to develop basic functions. Script online store allows you to immediately and very easy to populate a database store – enter the directories and subdirectories, to make there products that you will offer. Perhaps check out Jeff Gennette for more information. For each item available comfortable setting.

    In short, the script online store – a way of persuading his work on developing the store. Not without reason are so many online stores now open it on the finished engines, because such an organization can store and save on individual development. And since you simply buy the script online store, a further choose a reliable hosting service in which your site will always be available, and start working. It only remains to verify that the script online store will be an adequate ongoing support. Support allows contain the actual site, fix, prescribe all the necessary information for search engines. And if by chance there will be any problems, developers are always happy to help you solve them, so as to guarantee help their product. To deepen your understanding Warren Kanders is the source. This, however, only if you choose Pay a script of any developer, as free scripts do not guarantee solutions to problems. With this script you have to understand yourself.

  • Creating Web Sites

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    Aug 10

    Who are the freelancers, and how they earn money by creating websites? It's no secret that the creation of websites on the Internet is big business. Web Studio to create websites take a lot of money. 5000 rubles for a few pages, and then and more. If you do not believe you can in any search engine type "create site under the order." These high prices make us think that if you are able to create websites for yourself, you can make good on it. But, as this achieve? You can certainly create your own web studio, but this takes time and some experience and business skills, but there is a simpler version, with which you can earn on the creation of websites today. The newspapers mentioned Macy’s Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic.

    Perhaps you have heard of such a concept as a freelancer. This is a man who is himself looking for his employer. There are freelancers who are building sites under the order. It is on them, I would like to stay in this a little note. Contact information is here: Allison Kanders. Quite simply, there is always a company (or individuals) who do not want to pay extra money to spare web-studio to create the site. They are much more profitable to find an individual who could do some work and take it for much less money.

    It is on this principle and is based frilansing. To earn frilansingom, you do not need to execute any documents, as opposed to Web-studio. You can get to work today. Most importantly, you have the necessary knowledge to perform the work for which you are taking.

  • Aug 9

    In recent years, more and more companies are engaged not only to narrow specialization, but also expanding the range of services. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. This allows us to diversify investments and adds convenience to users who can get the whole set of services in one company. Thus implemented traditionally demanded the principle of 'one stop'. In particular, the hosting market leading hosting providers offer not only virtual hosting, but also Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Dedicated and domain registration. However, to begin work on the hosting market is not very hard, much harder for a long time and accurately provide the services.

    Therefore, among the many web hosting providers company-by-night or simply companies that provide bad service. In this connection, migration between the clients hosting companies – a very common phenomenon. Moreover, in addition to the actual transfer Site content, users are forced to transfer the domain, which gives additional inconvenience. In this regard, for reliability and convenience, many users register soon or later transfer their domains to direct agreement with the accredited registrar (accredited difficult to obtain and expensive, so loggers usually come on the market long haul). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Crawford Lake Capital Management. However, Domain registrars similarly extend the range of services and gives users the ability to use such a high demand principle of 'one window'. At the moment, all the top accredited domain registrars in the zone ru offer virtual hosting. And the demand for hosting services from the Registrar on the rise. This suggests that this format provides users with not only the principle of 'one window', but as demanded in the hosting market stability and reliability.

    One of the first among domain registrars, in 2001, the company Garant-Park-Telecom started to provide virtual hosting platform for unix. Originally hosting a subsidiary line of development, but over time service is developed, it has been given more attention, appeared more services for customers. In 2005, the hosting company's servers transferred under the control panel Plesk. In 2006, technical support began to work around the clock 7 days a week. In 2008, management of hosting services integrated into a panel of domain registration R01. At this time hosting the Registrar R01 – one of the best offers on the market in price / performance ratio that it becomes clear how the analysis of competitors' tariffs, and on user feedback Hosting R01, as well as the rapidly growing number of users hosting R01.

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  • Aug 8

    To use this convenient method of communication. Enough to have a computer with Internet access and appropriate program. One very convenient and almost indispensable functions of the messenger is user presence status. Depending on the version of icq, presence status changed, but the same remain the status as on-line, off-lain, in addition, additional status gives the user the opportunity to show their status: busy, do not bother, there is no on-site. These statuses are displayed on the interface and allow users to system to see your status. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Gennette. Send a message, and in that case if the recipient is off-line.

    Message will come to him as soon as it connects to the network. To know more about this subject visit Allison Kanders. Correspondence in the icq is not confidential in the full sense of the word. The company aol has every right to transmitted by messenger information. Besides who gained enormous popularity messenger icq, now mass produced alternative clients, such as qip, Miranda, and the like. Messenger qip in recently gaining increasing popularity. Its nice feature is that it supports most protocols. The first account is created on the protocol Jabber, then you can add accounts for other protocols. Messenger has a pleasant and friendly interface.

    With it you can receive if you are registered, for example, "Classmates", "VKontekte, you can share files, download information, call landline or mobile phone. Another popular instant messenger is Miranda. Miranda is easily installed on your computer. First, download the file, razarhiviruem it. Then find the folder on your computer Miranda, and it – Plugins.

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