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  • Aug 31

    Obvious it exists campaigns that to send itself for an objective generates that is not necessarily to obtain sales, or to affiliate clients but for example to cause that the public relates a mark to a new product, or service. This point is a great debate between colleagues: it really exists marketing campaigns you orient to another thing that is not to vernder. to vernder. to sell. The communication must to focus in the message and the adressee, we do not look for to give " everything to todos" , this the unique thing that will obtain is the dispersion.

    As I explained in other related articles, the positioning is the mental place that occupies a mark within the mind of the consumer, and when the work this realised good, the client owns an idea, a concept that associates to its mark: quality, rapidity, youth, security, yield, East etc. concept must differentiate to us from the competition, to put us in a place that they will not reach (easily). Focused in the mark, to obtain that this replaces a noun or verb he is the phenomenal thing. That I mean, simple: that people instead of to say " we take one gaseosa" it says " we take a Cola&quot Cocaine; , " it hurts the head to me, I am going to take a Geniol". With this we are putting a little to which it is Branding, " the power of marca". Obvious to obtain this is a much more complex work that to obtain a good positioning Web. But it is fundamental to face the strategy (and I personally have a special adoration by the subject). It is necessary to look for the place where its company fits and is unique (or first, or different one), where its company makes the difference.

    Returning to Internet, we must find the words (or the combination of them) and manage to be in the first places of the best finders, to develop an interactive graph, dale pushes advertising and to mark the difference. Now they repeat this aloud: Internet is fabulous, economic, world-wide, interactive, sensational but it is another means more of communication, and if she sells spare parts for automotive, their main clients are taxi drivers puts their cards in the radio. Again, I hope that they have liked east article. Often to make them short and synthetic I can leave many things in the inkpot. Please they let know it by mail guadalupe@ canoleon.com.ar Ing. White Guadalupe Leon 314e-consulting.com personal Blog: canoleon.com.ar Mail: guadalupe@ canoleon.com.ar CC Recognition original Author and source of the article

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  • Aug 16

    to write a unique and original piece of content is easier to say the one than to do it. Written content not only represents some facts or in sequence chronological information rather; only it is very opposed. Scripture of content Web consists of presenting/displaying information about a subject by infusion entered creative and facts one. As Web site is visited by people of diverse countries and different origins, it must be simple but interesting. Simplicity is one of the crucial aspects of content written Web that is not due to discard whatever the cost. Here in this article, we will treat some advice common that they must consider when composing a piece of good content. * To concentrate in originality, a content writer can obtain inspiration of diverse sources, but he does not have to copy and to stick other ideas.

    If the content originality is left without marking, can have a disastrous consequence in the next years. Aside from legal complications, the reputation of an organization can dim. This is the reason by what the content originality must obtain the maximum attention. * They form a unique style that can read arties or histories of others to perfect their creativity, but does not have to follow to them blindly. I believe in same you and to his capacity of delivery of a piece of unique content. An error in cheap imitation will take place to generate any lasting impact in the readers and this without a doubt is not desirable. * Informative content Web of elegance and must be informative to the nucleus as the main objective to write a piece of good content is to tactical transmit the message of an organization to its readers of destiny. Concept of marketing must be gotten up in her without affecting the natural flow of the writing.

    Like visitors in line not to spend more than 5 to 10 seconds of a Web site, the content of its Web site must be unique and informative. The first look must have the capacity to take advantage of the attention the readers. It would have thus to be crisp and concise to the nucleus. * Persuasiva and Perfect more of the visitors form a concept first hand on service of a Web site by only analysis of its content. Therefore, the content of the Web site must sufficiently be powerful like convincing to the reading ones on the quality of the service. The content of a Web site is more or less the one in charge of sales and therefore, it must be persuasive. * Instilling CATHEDRAL concept without the key word rich content, you Web never will be able to take position from good classification. Key words must be mixed with the content of a Web site without needing interrupting their flow. Key words must be assimilated and not only it includes. These are some of the suggestions common that it must consider when writing content for a Web site. If it is possible to be administered to follows these suggestions, you will be able to form a unique style of his own one. Aich de Shimul is a motor search optimizer and working for content of writing of India. The company offers to write the content of the Web site, official notice of press, to write, blog post to write to reasonable prices. Original author and source of the article

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  • Silvio Berlusconi

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    Aug 11

    All these emergency movements take place in the hope of the reaction that can have tomorrow the markets in their re-opening after the decision Friday of the agency Standard & Poor' s (S& P) to reduce its qualification of the sovereign debt of the United States, the first world-wide economy. In Europe it is expected in addition to see how he will affect to the premium of risk of the Italian debt – that Friday surpassed for the first time to the Spanish from May of 2010 – the announcement done that same day by prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, of new economic reforms and the acceleration of its plan of austerity, and so he tries to advance a year, to 2013, the balance of the accounts. Merkel and Sarkozy request quickness the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, considered this Sunday that the application " fast and completa" of the measures announced by Spain and Italy to straighten his finances and to improve his competitiveness he is " essential to recover the confidence of mercados" and " to improve competitividad". " In particular, the objective of the Italian authorities to obtain the budgetary balance with a year of advance is of an importance fundamental" , they indicated. Both agent chief executives emphasized that " the fast beginning and completes of the announced measures is essential to recover the confidence of mercados". Sarkozy and Merkel they also pleaded for an application " rpida" in the agreements of the European summit of the past 21 of July on the second it rescues Greek and the extension of the faculties of the European bottom of rescue, and bet because the parliamentary proceedings in their two countries are surpassed before end of September. The agent chief executives have required " that the authorizations parlamentarias" regarding those agreements, on the second it rescues Greek and the extension of the faculties of the European bottom of rescue, is reached " rpidamente" , before the month end next. Also, Paris and Berlin showed to their satisfaction by the decisions announced by Italy and Spain " in order to accelerate the recovery of the public finances and to improve competitividad". Source of the news: The European Central bank discusses on the purchase of sovereign debt of Spain and Italy