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  • Fuel Consumption

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    May 27

    In the final stage of development and are diesels, relevant standards 'Euro 4'. They are, in comparison with its predecessors, have a number of structural changes associated with the installation of an advanced fuel injection, fine-tuning business processes (chetyrehklapannoe Gas Distribution, a new form of the combustion chamber, the central location of the nozzle) and the introduction of egr. The planned level of performance: the minimum specific consumption Fuel – 194-197 g / (kW h) or 143-145 g / (hp. h), oil consumption – no more than 0,05% of fuel consumption; resource – at least 1 million miles run. Work has started on a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with turbocharging and intercooling capacity from 147 to 177 kW, or 200 to 240 liters. with. designed for installation in cars and buses Kamaz. They are created on the base model KAMAZ-740.30-260.

    The expected level of the Unification parts kamaz – 76%. And indeed it must be said that modernized and advanced eight-and six-cylinder diesel engines kamaz vehicles have a very high level of harmonization with respect to the base KAMAZ-740.30-260. So, the engine level 'Euro-2', it reaches 97% at engine level 'Euro-3' – 87%. Since the start of registration (1976) and to date Kamaz is constantly improving its engines, improving their technical and economic indicators – life, fuel efficiency, oil consumption, noise, emissions harmful substances from exhaust gases, the maximum torque. As a result, over 28 years have elapsed life of diesel engines has increased more than 4 times its maximum torque – more than 2 times, specific fuel consumption, on the contrary, decreased by 9% and oil consumption – a factor of 8.

  • May 15

    Taking up work on the interior of the office is required to hold its zoning, that is, to put down a team of prof. belonging and relating to the areas of office space. Taste of leadership in the last result puts style and affects the company in an interior office. Do not forget that the office of the company – is its calling card. Furniture for your office addition should be preferred on the basis of these requirements. Office furniture is extremely varied in quality and price. There are two features: on one single hand, a person seeking to protect its workers from the surrounding area, on the other – the success of the firm can not be without a continuous effective communication among staff.

    Small mobile office partitions, roundish, covering the human form tops office furniture give the impression of security and do not interfere with business communications.General rule – do not have workplace back to the space-born – is associated with an intuitive desire to protect themselves, first and foremost protect the back. One of the only fresh trends of scaling the European office of fashion – round shape of all objects of furniture. Renunciation of sharp corners and rectangular shapes, not only allows you to create optimum conditions for employees but also to maintain a team spirit of cooperation. Round and oval elements of the interior in the conference room give an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and specially shaped chairs contribute flight of fantasy and making savory and creative solutions.

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  • May 5

    Success in the business world depends largely on the ability to persuade others to present products, ideas and themselves. Subtle daily presentations fill business life. If the presentation one – on – one we somehow manage to deal, the group communications often cause problems. The human mind begins to work at the moment of birth and does not terminate until, until you started talking to the public. Fortunately, the theory of presentation developed well enough – a variety of presentation equipment improves the process of group communication, helping to level the absence of lecturing skills. Transmission problems and the perception of information if you ask how to get to any place you call street names and house numbers, or describe the building, turns and traffic lights? You better remember faces or names? Which do you prefer: listen to the radio or watch television, If you have a choice? How often, making it difficult to explain something, we instinctively turn to the visual image! Remember how many times repeated a situation where people explaining to you the way, began to paint scheme entrance.

    How many times have you yourself doodle the same scheme, listening to explanations on the phone about how to get to your destination? Start presentation put primitive man painted on the wall of the cave drawing, explaining his story tribesmen. Since then, the visual images help people to communicate, explain, understand, perceive and remember information. In the human brain, 30% occupy the neurons responsible for vision, 8% of the neurons provide tactile perception, and only 3% are responsible for hearing. Keep in mind more than once heard the phrase: "Better to see once than hear a hundred times'? Scientists have found her rationale. Meanwhile, presentations usually do not decide the alternative task (or see, or hear), and looking for ways to most effectively impact both on the organs of hearing, and the organs of sight. Simultaneous exposure to the two most important organ of perception can reach a much greater effect.

    According to the Center for Applied Research Vortonovskoy School (Wharton School) University of Minnesota man remembers what he heard 20% and 30% of what he saw, and more than 50% of what he sees and hears the same time. Facilitate the process of perception information with memorable images – the foundation of any modern presentation of whatever form of presentations (sales, demonstration, presentation, lecture, etc.) we would have spoken. Remembering all this, we can proceed to the election presentation equipment. Do not be fooled that everyone has a way of presentation, along with the advantages of their disadvantages. Choose what best suits your character, style and manner of presentation of information.

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  • Internet Features

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    May 4

    What is the Internet? It is a mountain of opportunities in planevashego income. The prospect here is huge. Every day in there are all new users. At first they used the Internet as entertainment (for communication, gaming and etc.) And just when are comfortable changing their view. The global network is revenue. Who is this extra income and who was able to rise to the top of the mountain and the Internet has become the main way to earn money. To that would have to learn how to make money need 3 things: 1.

    pc with a cozy atmosphere for you. Agree it would be difficult to work with the noise or sitting in an uncomfortable kresle.Vse thoughts about his job, not about the money. They will later and it should not concern you. 2. Internet. Without breaking the connection and all sorts of lockups.

    Agree-angry. 3. Desire. It must be great and do not leave you for a minute. In any work that it does not work well here. But do not despair and settle for achieved. The network is very much information. Look, learn and use it. In a short time, when you reach the heights and say to yourself: I have a job and I'm her boss! Good luck in this difficult and interesting business!

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  • Equilibrium Market

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    May 3

    This same "fight" determines the flow of funds from the less profitable types of businesses in more profitable, making srednevidovye profit in average. Borba subjective systems "buyer – seller" form an objective correspondence between supply and demand at the level of commodity prices, prices of production equal srednevidovym these goods. That is equivalent to the exchange of forms is not to measure by exchanging goods, and to measure each participant through the exchange of their situation with that of its competitors. Lack of equality provisions of the competing entities exchange activity generates a corresponding exchange participants, aimed at restoring equality provisions on the formation of the equilibrium of the market. Cost is not formed goods inside, and inside the market. Value is a species goods prices (the prices of the goods of this type), in contrast to the concept of "price", which is the price of the goods, the individual. Moreover, in absolute equilibrium of the market, where demand balanced proposal on the price level equal to srednevidovym price of production goods, is formed by the objective value of the cost of goods, equal srednevidovoy cost of production of these goods. In the monopolized the market demand is balanced proposal on the price level, having a monopoly (subjective), the displacement of objective prices.

    This market is called relative equilibrium. In real life bulk market is in relative equilibrium, forming a subjective prices, which may differ significantly from the objective price. Monopolist, having the opportunity, and using this opportunity slip point market equilibrium in its favor.

  • May 3

    Advertising agency uses many techniques and methods of product promotion. One of them was a billboard – the design of the size of 3×6, is set along the roads. Is an effective means of outdoor advertising, bringing information to any person. Along with the shield is applied stretching over the road. Such advertising is especially good for the opening of the institution or to report a raffle or a discount. Demand lightboxes (Construction of the image, illuminated from within) and neon signs. Agency can place advertisements on radio or television, an advert in the media. They selected the one advertising medium that is more corresponds to your buyer.

    May be engaged in manufacture of audio and video clips. Agency uses a combination of measures – BTL: Sales Promotion, Public Relation. Promotions are conducted to help familiarize with the products potential buyer. Here the important role of the person – the promoter who is trying to interest people in the product. Effective the advertising campaign supported by such events as the lottery, raffle, wine tasting, the distribution of goods to the sample, distribution of flyers, advertisements in the subway, on a street near the place of sale, gifts and sales discounts.

    Any respectable company has a website that represents its products, services, history and contact information. Interested in advertising on public transport. With it, a person has come in contact for some time, until you reach the desired stop. Such advertising should be catchy, is located in a conspicuous place, be concise and memorable. For successful operation of the company as important as its image, history and motivations. The solution to these problems involved in pr, organizing public relations. Of professionalism chosen depends on the success of the advertising agency business, his face in the market.

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  • Machine Efficiency

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    May 3

    Which makes sense to buy machines spending more than $ 1 million at the same time, saving 20 thousand while losing up to 90% efficiency of purchased machines? However, at present day this absurd situation is commonplace in Russia. Perhaps this article will find its readers and will help to understand this issue. Now understand, who is best suited for work on cnc machine tools and how to choose staff? On the one hand, older machine operators with good practical skills of manual metal, on the other young people who are fluent in a personal computer, but do not have metalworking skills who wish to a profession and work in areas with cnc? Most likely, the new site with imported cnc machines should choose something in between, for example, workers who have already experience of working on old domestic machines as well as young people who want a career, , but not with sufficient practical experience. Three-day intensive course, conducted an experienced instructor on the job is enough for beginning of independent work as an operator of modern imported cnc machine tools. On the other hand, to work as technologists, programmers, nc I would recommend to oblige undergoing hand metal in order to obtain practical experience. Working in western companies, I often faced with the fact that when applying for a job as a programmer nc I had to practically prove that I own manual metal processing. As a test, offered to produce a simple piece on a manual machine! If successful, the test allowed me to work already at the cnc, where I also had to demonstrate skills practical metalworking. And only after that I started immediately to his duties as a programmer. This practice is not used yet in Russia, but it can be assumed that these times are just around the corner. So, to sum up this brief article. The success of the introduction of the latest imported machine tools depend on many factors, such as: 1 Qualifications of staff (computer + machine) 2 Modern cutting tools 2 Software cadcam software Only a joint application of all these elements entails truly a technological breakthrough in the metal, the prosperity of businesses and employees.

  • Success Plans

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    May 1

    I want prodemanstrirovat plan to change their lives and how to apply this plan into practice. 1-st month! I call it 'MONTH fault "Unfortunately not everyone can withstand the test, which falls in their share during this period time, ah, if only they knew that it's okay probably would have been all their lives differently The first month is really the most difficult, but the reason is simple and straightforward, a person simply has not yet formed his own position, his relation to business-tuned understanding of the benefits and, naturally, making the first steps, meeting with people who can not really explain what it offers for the business. People do not understand it, and some even laugh, but laugh at them, As a rule, not on what it offers, and over how he does it and that's fine But these meetings it is extremely important and necessary, otherwise he will get experience as a form and strengthen its position? This is also the difficulty of the first phase and it, I would say, first of all emotional. It is important to understand that the first phase will inevitably move in the second But again these but as they tired No need to explain – how a person feels after such meetings What are the thoughts of his visit? As the song of 'Factory' – 'And what I gave Promise to love ', only it looks like – 'And for me this business? " familiar thoughts And what's the answer? right in most cases – conveniently.