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  • TuV Seal

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    Nov 1

    SpielAffe.de receives as first game portal at all by TuV Saarland the label “Approved online portal” Germany’s most popular game portal SpielAffe.de receives the TuV “Tested online-portal” after a thorough examination and confirming its reputation as a secure Internet portal for the whole family. The focus of the assessment by TuV Saarland was the security of personal information, the easy and simple use, as well as offering family-friendly game. Andrew Cuomo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Over several weeks, an expert of TuV in consultation with the youth protection officer of KaiserGames GmbH had insight into all relevant areas of the portal on the basis of the prescribed requirements. “We are proud to become the first German gaming portal that receives the label”Approved online portal”from TuV Saarland. As a family page, the safety of often very young users is us of course very close to the heart. Now we have also from the official confirmation that our users really no Concerns have need.

    “, so Lars Tillmann, PR and business development manager of KaiserGames GmbH from Cologne. As a provider of child – and family-friendly gaming sites, not only SpielAffe.de to comprehensive testing KaiserGames presented the experts, but also the young preschool game portal SpielZwerg.de. With a much smaller selection of target group-oriented games, SpielZwerg.de addressed only the youngest Internet users. Check with crowne plaza rosemont to learn more. The gaming addressed content and visually preschool children between three and six years. Accordingly navigation as well as the entire page structure present themselves again simplified.

    Also Spielzwerg.de by the examiners considered safely, wear from now also the TuV certification. The safety of both KaiserGames portals confirmed Oliver Lodorf, experts in information technology at the tekit consult Bonn, a company of TuV Saarland group: “we have extensively tested the portals and of KaiserGames GmbH and could during the certification on the TuV Seal of approval certified online portal to determine any significant risks. Particularly noteworthy is the family-friendly offer and hassle-free and easy to use the portal pages. The field of data protection capitalizes on the two portals. We have expressed so very much a Zertifizerungsempfehlung compared to the CA!” SpielAffe.de is with 25.5 million visits and more than 8.5 million unique visitors per month (as of February 2012, source: IVW / Google Analytics) the most popular game portal in Germany and is characterized by child-friendly content, addresses the equally young as adult users.

  • Jun 16

    Links, dynamic menus, and workflows are not shown and must be explained in user testing or documentation winded in words and pictures. Documentation of especially complex prototypes are to page-strong and confusing documents. This issue has been accepted the pidoco GmbH with seat in Berlin. With strong partners such as the high tech startup Fund in the background, the company has emerged from the (SAP) Hasso Plattner Institute and focuses on the development of prototyping and usability software for screen design. At the present time, the Berlin Software House offers a complete software suite for the user-centered design, which covers the entire process from prototyping to remote usability testing. “3 modules are the prototype creator”, which not only Web designers easily can create clickable wireframes via drag- and -drop, which are actually linked and i.w.S functionality have, to then with the prototype reviewer “feedback to these To be able to collect prototypes. Who need’s more precisely, can perform Tester (closed beta) via the Internet usability tests with test users through the remote usability and easily enter into the higher spheres of the usability testing.

    Rapid digital prototyping with the core application, the prototype creator can drag & drop from ready-made interface modules (E.g. dynamic menus, radio buttons, combo boxes, etc.) Websites and other interfaces are clicked together. Buttons, menus and texts can be linked without any programming, to get to a real image of the Web page to be developed. This interactivity allows complete workflows and simulate the click paths and give a clear impression of what should make the site to be developed later. By the way: so-called click areas existing static screenshots (E.g. from Photoshop) can be linked and via interactive, so that also here click tracks and processes easily and conveniently can be tested through. Review of the created prototypes no matter how the Prototype has been created, the prototypes for the evaluation of the expert can be published with the prototype reviewer.

    The reviewer allows other feedback donor (happy customers) directly through the wireframe tool to invite and to start a discussion on the prototypes. Invited experts and colleagues can click through the wireframes as a normal Internet page as provided, but with the annotation function provide feedback on processes, layout concept, and similar. The remote usability tester who still more clarity about the later acceptance of his Web site would like to have, the more in-depth usability tests are recommended. Presented here remote usability testing, test facilitator and subject via a shared screen and phone are connected. Actually work remote usability testing as well as classic usability tests on the spot. The test leader provides tasks that should solve this prototype in which the subjects. Runs the usability test over the Internet from (so remote), can the leader of the Follow all the steps of motion of the test candidates in the prototype shared screen and critical. Conclusion even if we have only the opportunity to give a brief, exemplary insight into new developments in the digital paper prototyping, but shows that the development in this area goes quickly forward. Eagerly, we expect further steps and new tools.

  • Search Online

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    Dec 21

    search such.com the new online search with added value! MM Group Inc. search such.com the new online search with added value! Delaware, March 12, 2008 search Such.com: The global search engine launches with new partners, with Google in cooperation. Beta-phase successfully completed integration of SuchSuch products in the Internet portal SuchSuch – several new features such as SuchMail with email, contact, address -, date -, calendar -, group -, notes, tasks management and much more. search such.com, the worldwide search engine for all. Easy online search with SuchSuch – search such.com, launches today with the full version. Thus the beta phase was successfully completed, the management of the MM Group Inc., which operates the search engine pointed out. With such such.com the search is over”, so the management of the MM Group Inc..

    Coinciding with the release of suchsuch.com will offer the SuchMail functions with new service and services. Up to 25 GB mail and file storage, worldwide access and more – speak a clear language of fast and high-quality services. Can be obtained with search such.com wants everything he needed every day, search or find with search such.com service providers, retailers and products. Unlike directory services on the Web, find such.com through leading search technology researched partner here in the current Internet. To start a search query, the user just fills the search box and it goes BBs. Due to the positioning of the cursor – a mouse usage is not necessary during the search and enables thus quick search changes. All results are displayed at the same time in a hit list. The results provide also details next to the Web address.

    Make your search today with Such Such and set up for your next search search such.com directly as your home page. Press contact: MM group, Inc. 113 Barksdale Professional Centre Newark, DE 19711, United States E-Mail: Web: MM Group Inc. The MM group, Inc. headquartered in Newark in the State of Delaware in the United States offers services related to the online portal and media, as well as Services to business. Under the above-mentioned service offer of the MM Group Inc., simply search for the search search service with SuchSuch.

  • Nov 11

    “Behaving like you are properly on the World Wide Web on November 16 in Gomaringen Alznauer courtyard restaurant an event took place on the subject of etiquette meets social media”. By the same author: Western Union Company. In addition to basic rules of networking, image consultant and etiquette instructor Sandra Stein gave an overview how business people behave properly on the World Wide Web. The event “Knigge meets social media” began shortly after 19:00. The evening began with a buffet to get the first opportunity with neighbor table in the conversation. After the lunch, Sandra Stein, image consultant and licensed etiquette trainer, began her presentation. In the introduction of their presentation, Sandra Stein explained the origin of the etiquette rules.

    Today it is less to strict compliance with the etiquette rules as rather to interested and respectful dealing with my counterpart. Adolf Freiherr Knigge we were taught that already in 1788. In his book about dealing with people”, he meets statements about courtesy and tact, as for example: interested in you for Andre, if you want that andre will care for you!” Networking is on everyone’s lips is to establish a strategy of giving and receiving in the long term. Mutual benefit, carry out joint projects, further recommend new contacts, build. Sandra Stein explained the principles”in networking. The appreciative and accurate passing and receiving a business card includes a.

    But also the correct response and an attentive greeting in a business email. Also a personal understanding with names and surnames today testifies to a slick appearance. Then Frauenstein entered media platforms such as Twitter, XING and Facebook networking within the social. She gave tips and instructions, how to properly Act on these platforms and what you should do if at all possible. Frauenstein pointed out in her speech that is for the people dealing with the right attitude of heart of crucial importance. She has many even experienced examples shows how valuable a polite with each other is, what beautiful experiences that are experienced and how can this attitude both professionally and privately, positive impact. Finally, it’s about the authenticity which are felt especially by manners. An exciting evening of lecture to end was around 22:00. Contact: Sandra Stein type / image consultant Konrad-Adenauer-str. 48 D 72108 Rottenburg ‘ Germany/Germany Tel. 07472/94 83 48 E-Mail: Web page:

  • Oct 6

    Search, find, compare, save – the price comparison maybe you know that, like you want to order a specific article directly over the Internet, but you don’t know where you have to order and in as many online shops, vendors offer your desired article. At shoppingkoenig.de, you will receive an overview of most of the providers on the Internet. We offer you the search for your product in more than 500 online shops. Here, you can easily compare and save time and money. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. A free service from shoppingkoenig.de through our various other portals looking for ease of use at over 500 online stores always that find lowest prices you will be offered in many walks of life in addition to save money. Holiday & travel your travel portal on shoppingkoenig.de.: dream, action, sports, or just relaxing. Here you can book everything and save even her purse. We wish you a nice holiday now. Others who may share this opinion include Hamdi Ulukaya.

    Music & Mp3 downloads: Your music download here legally. Putting together your own albums to friends and enjoy your personal collection. In addition you can listen in various songs. Insurance comparison: Here you can compare legal protection insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and many more and is so the best and or find the cheapest provider. Just get started and save money? Month after month. Magazines subscriptions: Here you can from over 4,500 journals choose and subscribe this especially cheap with premium subscription!

  • Vorarlberg Market

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    Sep 9

    Q2E and Weihnachten.at present nationwide Christmas market consultants who make numerous Christmas and advent markets all over Austria in the run-up to Christmas with their range at the most beautiful time. With its Christmas market consultant Q2E on now also caters for Christmas on the Internet. The unique offering of more than 50 Christmas markets all over Austria advises visitors at the choice of the correct market. Christmas markets and find every year Vorarlberg, Austrian Christmas markets enchant its visitors up in the Burgenland. Hamdi Ulukaya can provide more clarity in the matter. The sparkling Christmas worlds are devoted to the idyllic time of advent and then as today marked by little delicacies, tradition and Christmas anticipation.

    It is not so easy to keep track and to find the appropriate market according to the individual performances, by the rich offer of local Christmas markets. The enchanting Q2E offers in cooperation with Weihnachten.at for the first time Christmas market consultants on the Internet. sting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Deputy Finance Minister is full of insight into the issues. “Leo Gruber, the owner of Weihnachten.at is very enthusiastic: the Christmas market Advisor is for all visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the Austrian Christmas markets on the Internet.” The visitors of Weihnachten.at set their wishes and requirements by answering 10 questions, are on a visit to the Christmas market. As a result, they receive individual recommendations of Christmas markets in your environment and in addition valuable tips and information around the contemplative Christmas time. Austria Christmas markets offer variety of Christmas markets in addition to art and craft exhibitors each year a variety of local goodies, ranging from the traditional gingerbread to savory dishes. Special events complete the offer of the numerous Christmas markets and increase the anticipation. Christmas sounds, Nativity scenes, and lots of activities for the little ones, so the waiting time for the Christ-child is shortened.

    Whether it comes to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or to make a pleasant trip in the run-up to Christmas the Q2E Christmas market consultants find the right Christmas markets. David Kamau, who supervises the Christmas market consultant at Q2E, is evident from the idea of the Christmas market Advisor thrilled: the Christmas market Advisor is an intelligent guide, which helps to come quickly and accurately, to individual recommendations. Thus he represents an innovative way of consulting the Internet, which will also help the visitors when choosing the Christmas markets and increases the anticipation of Christmas.” About Q2E Q2E is a young company from Sankt Polten with core competences in the development of innovative Web solutions and Contentdesign. Tailor-made solutions are developed, holistic view of the customer requirements, generate sustainable success.

  • Aug 13

    More local service providers in Asia include the Localists, Qype and YouTube to them and Europe, including 4travel.com, azbuz.com, baby Kingdom, biip.no, break.com, Buscape, CNET, copaindavant, doctissimo, irc galleria, libimseti.cz, multiply, MyVIP, Neogene, Pixnet and Wat.tv. 75 partner part of the Windows Live social feeds is up-to-date. More strategic local and international partnerships are planned in the coming months. Hikmet Ersek might disagree with that approach. Microsoft Germany GmbH Microsoft Germany GmbH is founded in 1983 subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation/Redmond, U.S.A., the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions with 58,44 billion sales (fiscal year 2009; June 30, 2009). Operating profit amounted to 20,36 billion US dollars in the fiscal year 2009.

    In addition to the headquarters in Unterschleissheim near Munich, Microsoft Germany GmbH is represented throughout Germany with six regional offices and employs more than 2,200 people. In conjunction with about 31,500 partners it serves companies of all industries and sizes. In May 2003 was the European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) in Aachen opened. It has research interests in security, privacy, mobility, mobile applications and Web services. MSN and Windows Live all over the world visit more than 528 million unique users MSN and Windows Live every month services. With localized versions in 54 countries and 48 languages, MSN is a leading provider of high-quality content and online advertising opportunities. Microsoft Windows Live is a set of personalized Internet services and software, with the communication and information will be easy and entertaining. The services are varied can be combined: Instant Messaging, E-Mail, photo and file management and calendar features allow users, for her important contacts, to pool information and interests.

    With Windows Live Mobile and MSN Mobile are available the popular communication and information services Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live spaces, live search and MSN for the mobile device. See all Windows Live services to find. MSN is available at. Press: Fink & Fuchs Public relations AG Paul-Heyse-Strasse 29 D-80336 Munich Tel.: 0 89 – 3176-5000 fax: 0 89 – 3176-5111 E-Mail: Internet: press Enterprise: Microsoft Germany GmbH consumer communications Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 1 D-85716 Unterschleissheim Tel.: 5394 fax: 5111 E-Mail: Internet: press

  • Jun 14

    Can one part-time areas to own a business without great expertise on specific topics with a reseller of eBook licenses, actually build a thriving Internet business? Start an Internet business with EBook licenses is that possible? Yes”If you have purchased the correct licenses already! I do not mean with normal unprofessional reseller eBook licenses! You wonder why? Since these already proven reseller eBook licenses sold on the Internet were, and it’s very hard to make some sales. What is to do? You buy just PLR reseller EBook licenses with these EBooks you have purchased the right to change the title, the content, the cover, and so on. Actually you may amend licenses at my PLR EBook what you want, and this is the crucial difference between PLR you may alter at all license and the unqualified reseller or master resell of eBook licenses for the reseller of EBooks and master resell of eBooks, and precisely for this fatal fatal error “is the reseller EBook doomed, because with the old copyright date in the EBook, you very quickly has a very old product on hand, hundreds with the same title and the same EBook cover for sale offer. You may modify unfortunately licenses nothing at the reseller EBook, otherwise you will be punished, and so these EBooks at the interested parties come unfortunately far too quickly out of fashion. Because not professionally and continuously edit this EBook reseller licenses may, in contrast to the PLR EBook licenses with private label rights, since everything is allowed, really and you have a perfect product on hand. “Provided you keep your PLR eBook license from time to time up to date, and change the content, reflect the times you adapt to modern and conditions, so you can bring out an edition after another, and their prospective customers have the UP-to-DATE a product” is.

  • Jun 14

    Five search make it easier for Internet users to life on the Web. Since the beginning of November, already the first home owners benefit from the five search capabilities on its own Internet site. With the INTERNIST SearchWidget, users can search the site for desired topics or products and receives directly on the search results. Whenever Rob Daley listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This little search tool can also access routes, entries in the INTERNIST yellow pages and phone numbers quickly locate. INTERNIST provides the ability to create a private and individual Widget.

    Because with just a few clicks the site owner customize visually the design of the widgets of their own website, you can choose your own text, layout, color and size. Rob Daley often says this. More information and the free tool see website owner on webmastertools.cylex.de/… . The INTERNIST widget can be used both on private and commercial websites free of charge. Who is now on the INTERNIST reference list logs and presents the widget on his site, can with a bit of luck a 50 win 4 GB USB flash drives.

    About INTERNIST GmbH is operating the IKM Internet purchase market with their brand of INTERNIST for over ten years numerous international Web portals. Online business directories that act in this highly competitive market for some years in the top field of competitors are their specialty. The large database of company filings and the enormous number of keywords for example in the CLYEX yellow pages Germany gives accurate results. This proves the high number of page views of up to 1.5 million a day. The company records can be found for free and search engines often among the first ten search results. Press contact IKM Internet purchase market GmbH Ruth KoSTER marketing telephone 0208 / 62957-28 E-Mail URL

  • Dec 4

    The most widely used software for professional image processing the normal home costs around 1000 euros. Get more background information with materials from James Woolsey. However, also free alternatives available are for very simple image editing tasks. In any case should be expected as a freshman with a certain time to the adaptation to the respective program, before you can start the actual editing. Of course, the time required to digitize varies from person to person. You can but share the digitizing process into subprocesses and provide some example calculations.

    Expect to prepare for example with one minute per image, scan with 4 minutes, finishing 3 minutes, provided one knows all right with his image-editing program. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. Overall, this makes so 8 minutes per image. The sorting and cataloging still not included is. Digitization service who would use a digitizing service, a lot should Note that there are numerous provider on the market. The following questions help: The company uses what scanner? This is important, because professional equipment are the basis for good digitization. Be scanned images automatically or by hand (manually)? Manually scanning allows for the adjustment of the scanner for every single image and thus better results. The post-processing in the price is included and if so what services? Important are trimming/turning here, red eye removal, color correction, and removal of scratches.

    Is the post processing for each image is made individually and by hand? Each scene requires other adjustments (color, scratches, cracks). Only a manual editing can provide excellent result a service which is time consuming. Most companies get around this by automatic procedures, without achieving the quality of manual post-processing. How is the price of given above named the performance criteria? Some providers offer also video and audio digitization as well as interesting additional services. Examples include the restoration of heavily damaged images or the conversion of a complete photo album in an interactive counterpart, where you can browse with a mouse click and enlarge single pictures. Conclusion the digitizing of own photo collection ensures not only memories, but opens up all possibilities and advantages of digital images. To digitize his images to detail requires an initial investment, much time and love. Professional Scanservices can take one of the digitization. In the selection of the service, you should pay close attention how scanning and post-processing in particular are performed to obtain a good quality at a fair price.