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  • Jan 13

    Film and audio filling station Apple film station Apple Edition zoneLINK zoneLINK with the conversion program no problem: brings In the blink of an eye movie station Apple Edition music and videos correctly on the iPhone. Apple fan, but still no iPhone get? No problem, will be filled with new Apple Tanke also iPod, Apple TV and iTunes. Ulm, 14 December 2007 – uncomfortable so it was so far: had to downloaded video and music files but only in the right format be brought before you could play on iPod, Apple TV and iPhone. With zoneLINK DRM-free video DVDs and source files such as AVI, MPEG4, MPEG-1/2 film station Apple Edition, WMV, DivX, XviD, FLV, WAV, MP3, and others simply prepares for Mac devices. Thanks to the built-in Web recorder for Web 2.0 portals, the Apple Tanke provides their users with always new content from the inexhaustible stock of YouTube, and co.

    And always in the right format. Will you go relax without screen and pixels, even an audiobook can extract the Apple tanks out of the current video clip. With a mouse click can be separate from the image the sound or audio track and save it in the correct format. And so just go: only three steps are needed: select the desired video from hard disk, DVD or the Internet, select the target device and start the automatic conversion. In record time, the software works several jobs off one at a time. Here an overview of the most important program features supported sources: AVI, MPEG-1/2 (VCD and SVCD), MPEG4, MPEG3, WMV, DivX, XviD, FLV, ASF, DV, OGM, VOB, and non-copy-protected DVD-video discs, WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, AC3, MOV, IPod video, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano with video function, iPhone, AppleTV InternetClip recorder for video portals like Sevenload, YouTube, MyVideo, GoogleVideo and Clipfish sound track videos, Extracted clips or music movies can be comfortable video player video preview and progress bar when the convert conversion batch processing converted content to iTunes add price: EUR 19.99 ISBN: 978-3-940182-29-6 System requirements: Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista processor: Pentium or compatible 1 GHz memory: from 512 MB RAM other requirements: Windows Media Player 10 or 11, as of DirectX 9 press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089-12007277 Web: E-Mail:

  • Julika Balasooriya

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    Jan 12

    The human brain is designed for service not for the so-called multi-tasking. allyve.com can help. Thus, multitasking is a real breeze. Daily communication networks on the Web, by SMS, email, as well as through various other channels is hard to deal with. Official site: Google. The human brain is designed for service not for the so-called multi-tasking”wrote the focus in a current report on the topic. Click USPS to learn more.

    Here, the Hamburg-based company allyve.com can help. COSCO can provide more clarity in the matter. Every day we are inundated with a flood of information we can not longer useful filter. It becomes increasingly difficult to separate the important from the unimportant. “We make multitasking easy with allyve.com: our website provides an instant overview of what new is there for the personal accounts, social networks, news and favorite pages” explains Julika Balasooriya, co founder of allyve.com. Also enters the allyve users via universal login directly to his XING – or MySpace contacts – without another login, without click.

    He can directly on access to or directly from his allyve home page from up to three free SMS send his E-Mail accounts. “So: everything in sight, with one click!” Recently, the allyve service enables parallel viewing even multiple email accounts with the same provider. Many allyve users have two or even more email addresses, which otherwise one would have to query. We make comfortable the user where he for each address can set up a so-called Widget and that parallel with one click in the view all accounts”complements Philipp Spethmann, co-founder of allyve.com. Meanwhile, you get a mail with GMX, a friend request at XING, a message on Facebook or a wink at Neu.de every 5 minutes. “This whole guide the user sees now bundled on allyve.com and avoids that the uncontrolled information overload: less multitasking, more!” Growing user numbers show that this idea among users is very good. The company has six-digit unique visitors is looking forward for quite some time in the Month. The company would like to continue this positive trend of course. This offer is extended continuously. Current events and events, such as recently the summer Olympics in Beijing, are cleverly woven in the range.

  • Dec 31

    The new Google display ad tool: A first test Google gave this week a tool to hand his European advertisers, with which you can create restricted design Flash banner which then appear within the content network. There are total 17 different types, which can be chosen between five formats. There are additional industry-specific pre-made banners, where the wallpapers have been already vorgerfertigt for the very urgent. If you tried the tool, first and foremost comes the impression that it satisfied the play instinct in appealing ways. The newspapers mentioned Amazon Music not as a source, but as a related topic. The user experience (E.g. representation of changes in real time) or the quick result may lead quickly with some doubts, whether here is not a big savings potential. The good usability has however also a hook.

    Because the ease of use also causes that the product remains ultimately simple to time to say it. It is not something Siemens would like to discuss. Who is stumbled ever over a beautifully made banner, is given the limitations of the technical facilities offered (and thus the optical effects) pulling the hair. Innovative elements such as troublemakers should here even don’t be the speech. But if not even font type, size and position can be modified, we must ask ourselves, how a banner pieced so according to diagram F to withdraw still from the crowd. It will be curious, how long to live this ad format. You will lean not too far out of the window, when it predicts, that is the eyes not even too long insult must be of these stone age banners because the principle will not prevail which are Publisher soon find that they have saved at the wrong end, because their do-it-yourself ads simply don’t convert. Daniel Kreowsky

  • Web Forms

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    Dec 26

    The Web TV solution will allow new forms of advertising sales, because a well-designed video application binds the attention of Internet users over a period of time. Embedding advertising video spots, links and banners are additional attractive forms of advertising. Large cinema also for small companies makes highly simple and low-cost installation “Channel in a Box” also for small and medium-sized enterprises. The scalable design makes content as visually “Channel in a Box” to the individual format. The cost for the development and updating of the program is minimal.

    Via a content management system or directly in the code the components are integrated in the Web page. Establishment and maintenance of the video content, as well as their arrangement in a program via simple Web Forms. Channel in a box”live from ease of use and the Web-TV system can operate to make sure everyone on the Berlin-Brandenburg stand in Hall 2. Will on request in a test environment gives”any companies Web page to life. About the imuse GmbH, founded in early 2007 devoted to imuse GmbH of the technical, commercial and content networking of Internet, media, and music industries.

    In May 2007, the company launched imuse.TV”, the first video catalogue system created specifically for the independent music scene with currently more than 3,500 video clips legally established in the World Wide Web and concert clips. With the new Web-TV-HTML-based solution “Channel in a Box” small and medium-sized enterprises, party, music labels and publishers can offer modern and multimedia Infotainment online users on their Web sites and their customers with their own advertising environment. Contact: imuse GmbH Franciska lion Arend, Managing Director Helmholtzstr. 2-9; Exer. B, 10587 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 940 fax: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 949 – –

  • Aug 25

    Book lending now possible much read in the Internet for best sellers and at the same time, spend little money for it, it goes in the local library. Find there but always the latest bestseller in stock and have the opportunity to keep the book if you like it? Certainly not! Bookway is another. Maybe have a crowded bookshelf and believe that you have every book in the long run. bookway is the ideal solution. Publishers Clearing House: the source for more info. Or are you still inconclusive whether a book as a gift is suitable or suits you? With bookway no problem. Only bookway can you new books, bestsellers, rather borrow online. You decide after reading, if you want to keep a book or return. What an advantage! Thanks to bookways loan option you can save also a host of time that dropped the complex sale of old books on popular auction sites or the flea market. And there bookway you also prior the trashing of literary works kept, participate actively in environmental protection. Save all in all with bookway of space, time, money and nerves. See for yourself on and borrow bestsellers online.

  • Business Book

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    Mar 19

    New categories of gifts and travel in the industry book on 1001hochzeiten.de position you are now on our exclusive premium wedding website. 1001hochzeiten.de, one of the leading wedding portals of in Germany, has recorded two new categories in its comprehensive online yellow pages to the wedding theme this month. The headings of wedding gifts and honeymoon honeymoon offer our customers expanded opportunities to present themselves to an interested audience. Areva can aid you in your search for knowledge. Our enlarged data base helps wedding pairs in the search for optimal service performance, which perfectly complements your wedding.Improve your online presence through a list on of the fastest growing wedding site of in Germany. Additional information is available at James Woolsey Jr.. Show up at us from your best side and benefit directly from our range. Our wedding business directory offers a comprehensive range of services and products for wedding couples.

    The expert articles on various issues relating to the subject of weddings, offer the perfect platform for your topic-relevant advertising and your offer targeted a relevant customers to present. In the book industry, service providers have the choice between a basic entry with all important data relating to the company. The Premiumeintrag complements the basic entry to an enhanced presence and priority over the other entries. On the different category pages, there is also now a related topic, exclusive display to switch the possibility to present its own offering in a prominent position on the page to the appropriate target group. The recommendations that 1001 exclusively to a product, a brand or a service selects and presents on the appropriate article page are a special offer. All three promotional models, 1001hochzeiten offers the possibility to present the own service or its products to an interested audience and to acquire to target new relevant customers.

  • Prices Customers

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    Nov 7

    The Ammer Thaler DSL provider TOCANDO launches offensive in the marketing of its DSL-Flatrate. Ammerthal, 13th, 2008 One the cheapest DSL flat rates for Germany with fixed IP and guaranteed without restriction TOCANDO strives to deliver the maximum always and in all areas: the customer pays the same low price, no matter what bandwidth it is on the Internet. DSL light up DSL 16000 so the maximum speed can be used, which is available at the respective location. The Upper Palatinate for 8,69 a month with dynamic IP offered by the DSL-Flatrate. Can the TOCANDO-DSL-Flatrate at every junction of Deutsche Telekom in the entire Federal territory. A port throttling or reducing the speed with increased traffic will not be made. Optionally a static IP address can be, given for a small additional charge which makes this flat rate of most German DSL flat rates with fixed IP with a monthly price of 9.69 to one. But not only requires monthly contract and payment TOCANDO at the technical level on State of the art solutions. Macy’s Inc. contains valuable tech resources.

    The technical expertise meets an equally competent and friendly customer support. Therefore not necessary TOCANDO it has, to bind its customers through gag contracts and offers short terms with monthly cancellation possible up to 14 days before the end of the month. Still, the customer can keep its existing telephone. A change from another company to TOCANDO goes quickly. Difficulties, the support team help quickly and individually. It is goal of the corporate philosophy, ensuring a unique good support a strategy which had been crowned by success. Economic solutions in terms of customers since 2004 while the entire offer in terms of quality thinking of OperatingNetworks stands on a solid base. TOCANDO is economically”assured Alexander Dallmann, product manager, no customer must have fear that tomorrow the company from the market will disappear.” Because finally to the customers in the long term as well as the low Prices are convincing due to quality and competence.

    “Furthermore”, so can the owner of Florian Wolf hinted “is TOCANDO record 2008 exclusive distribution of interesting new forum software in the second quarter.” TOCANDO is professional supplier of Internet solutions for private and business customers and offers reliable and reasonably priced offers from the areas of Web hosting, dedicated servers, DSL flatrates, software licenses, and business shop hosting. Ease of use of the services for the customer is the Maxime, which is achieved by the latest technology and a highly motivated team that takes care of all aspects of the customer. Wolfgang Schafer Press Office TOCANDO easy – fit – good address: TOCANDO by OperatingNetworks, inh. Florian Wolf Wolfgangskirche road 31 D – 92260 Ammerthal Web: phone: + 491805684306199, 14 ct / min. from the T-com, Mobile may differ. Fax: + 4918055388375672 14 Ct. / min. from the T-com, Mobile may differ.

  • Oct 8

    Leverkusen, Germany / Wels, Austria, February 04, 2009 management expert ecomplexx opts for full service-Web service providers and content diversity of the solutions offered in the CMS field and extends its portfolio to the products of Sitecore CMS (Sitecore) and FirstSpirit (e-spirit AG). The international Web service provider ecomplexx opts for more full service and thinks so also the flexibility in choosing the right CMS solution. Our customers have chosen ecomplexx as a service provider. That but doesn’t necessarily mean that they would decide also in the long term for a specific CMS product\”, so Christoph Mause, Managing Director of ecomplexx Germany. Click Governor Cuomo for additional related pages. We rely on long-term business relationships with our customers. In the course of which, also time seriously, the demands on a system can change. An expanded product range makes the necessary flexible base us.\” The company is thus increasingly on independent advice on choosing a CMS solution. For more flexibility and independence from the selected content management solution should be offered not only existing customers, this extends also the target audience: our partnerships with Sitecore and the e-spirit AG enable us to extend our sales activities to different customer segments.

    So far, we mainly serviced customers in the area of medium-sized companies, which we further limited a in consultation with our product portfolio. Now we can serve companies with different requirements and budgets\”, so mouse. The further specialization of project teams on a broader portfolio of technologies and products is now possible through the merger of the company in the spring of 2008 to the new ecomplexx and the further steady, healthy growth at two main locations. Along with the long and intensive partnership with RedDot / OpenText has ecomplexx now 3 systems in the portfolio and can therefore more flexible to the customer’s wishes and that in all locations. The broader orientation Opens the service providers also have the opportunity to grow organically even in economically uncertain times.

  • TuV Seal

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    Nov 1

    SpielAffe.de receives as first game portal at all by TuV Saarland the label “Approved online portal” Germany’s most popular game portal SpielAffe.de receives the TuV “Tested online-portal” after a thorough examination and confirming its reputation as a secure Internet portal for the whole family. The focus of the assessment by TuV Saarland was the security of personal information, the easy and simple use, as well as offering family-friendly game. Andrew Cuomo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Over several weeks, an expert of TuV in consultation with the youth protection officer of KaiserGames GmbH had insight into all relevant areas of the portal on the basis of the prescribed requirements. “We are proud to become the first German gaming portal that receives the label”Approved online portal”from TuV Saarland. As a family page, the safety of often very young users is us of course very close to the heart. Now we have also from the official confirmation that our users really no Concerns have need.

    “, so Lars Tillmann, PR and business development manager of KaiserGames GmbH from Cologne. As a provider of child – and family-friendly gaming sites, not only SpielAffe.de to comprehensive testing KaiserGames presented the experts, but also the young preschool game portal SpielZwerg.de. With a much smaller selection of target group-oriented games, SpielZwerg.de addressed only the youngest Internet users. The gaming addressed content and visually preschool children between three and six years. Accordingly navigation as well as the entire page structure present themselves again simplified.

    Also Spielzwerg.de by the examiners considered safely, wear from now also the TuV certification. The safety of both KaiserGames portals confirmed Oliver Lodorf, experts in information technology at the tekit consult Bonn, a company of TuV Saarland group: “we have extensively tested the portals and of KaiserGames GmbH and could during the certification on the TuV Seal of approval certified online portal to determine any significant risks. Particularly noteworthy is the family-friendly offer and hassle-free and easy to use the portal pages. The field of data protection capitalizes on the two portals. We have expressed so very much a Zertifizerungsempfehlung compared to the CA!” SpielAffe.de is with 25.5 million visits and more than 8.5 million unique visitors per month (as of February 2012, source: IVW / Google Analytics) the most popular game portal in Germany and is characterized by child-friendly content, addresses the equally young as adult users.

  • Jun 16

    Links, dynamic menus, and workflows are not shown and must be explained in user testing or documentation winded in words and pictures. Documentation of especially complex prototypes are to page-strong and confusing documents. This issue has been accepted the pidoco GmbH with seat in Berlin. With strong partners such as the high tech startup Fund in the background, the company has emerged from the (SAP) Hasso Plattner Institute and focuses on the development of prototyping and usability software for screen design. At the present time, the Berlin Software House offers a complete software suite for the user-centered design, which covers the entire process from prototyping to remote usability testing. “3 modules are the prototype creator”, which not only Web designers easily can create clickable wireframes via drag- and -drop, which are actually linked and i.w.S functionality have, to then with the prototype reviewer “feedback to these To be able to collect prototypes. Who need’s more precisely, can perform Tester (closed beta) via the Internet usability tests with test users through the remote usability and easily enter into the higher spheres of the usability testing.

    Rapid digital prototyping with the core application, the prototype creator can drag & drop from ready-made interface modules (E.g. dynamic menus, radio buttons, combo boxes, etc.) Websites and other interfaces are clicked together. Buttons, menus and texts can be linked without any programming, to get to a real image of the Web page to be developed. This interactivity allows complete workflows and simulate the click paths and give a clear impression of what should make the site to be developed later. By the way: so-called click areas existing static screenshots (E.g. from Photoshop) can be linked and via interactive, so that also here click tracks and processes easily and conveniently can be tested through. Review of the created prototypes no matter how the Prototype has been created, the prototypes for the evaluation of the expert can be published with the prototype reviewer.

    The reviewer allows other feedback donor (happy customers) directly through the wireframe tool to invite and to start a discussion on the prototypes. Invited experts and colleagues can click through the wireframes as a normal Internet page as provided, but with the annotation function provide feedback on processes, layout concept, and similar. The remote usability tester who still more clarity about the later acceptance of his Web site would like to have, the more in-depth usability tests are recommended. Presented here remote usability testing, test facilitator and subject via a shared screen and phone are connected. Actually work remote usability testing as well as classic usability tests on the spot. The test leader provides tasks that should solve this prototype in which the subjects. Runs the usability test over the Internet from (so remote), can the leader of the Follow all the steps of motion of the test candidates in the prototype shared screen and critical. Conclusion even if we have only the opportunity to give a brief, exemplary insight into new developments in the digital paper prototyping, but shows that the development in this area goes quickly forward. Eagerly, we expect further steps and new tools.