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    Dec 23

    It is arrived the last moments We know that everything here in this world and passenger and that we are here waiting the coming of ours Mr. Jesus. I believe that with as many more anxious horrible things that they are happening we are each time for the return Mr. But I also know that it has many souls waiting for in, my beloved arrived the moment to search to cease itself arrived the moment to nail, so that the souls come to be free salutes transformed for honor and Gloria of the name Mr. In these last days it has raised you a generation of adoradores that are not imported with the difficulties? They are always praising the Mr.

    The waters have purificado you and santificado lives to adore it. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hikmet Ersek on most websites. My beloved arises itself puts you in the position, if you know to praise exalte you deliver to the perfect louvor It to you. Exalte it with its life, its habits, its behavior ahead of the society. It does not matter of that it forms, but it praises the Mr. Wise person who through a word its a soul can surrender and to be frees for honor and Gloria of the name Mr. She nails, Nails why the souls they are clamando for the sound of the word Mr.

    Its friend of the school nails, in its home nails, its neighbors, in its work. Mr. in the flame as Mouth of it in this land opens your Mouth my beloved, Augurs, Praises, Nails, Exalte the Mr. Therefore he is fond the last Moments.

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  • The Luxury

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    Dec 1

    The self-knowledge is the tool that will allow it to manage the world of the idealized images. Idealized images are images constructed for the person, by means of which it guides its behaviors, its attitudes and select its goals. In the normal person, the images are not very distant of the reality and are flexible. In the neurotic, they are irrealistas and inflexible. in the psychotic one, we can say that it was become into its idealized images.

    With the resources offered for the self-knowledge, we more go, to the few, distinguishing, with clarity each accented time, what we are in the reality. With the memories produced and filed during the self-knowledge process, it is possible to control imagination, thus preventing to live a counterfeited life. Alert! Memorized attitudes and behaviors already prevail on the news. So that something new is indexado in our mind, in our memory of long stated period, is necessary to use it each time more until it if consolidates and if he becomes part of we ourselves, of our attitudes and behaviors. CONCLUSION: It stops knowing in them interior, is not essential to retrocede in the time. We only need to take conscience of our attitudes and current behaviors and that type of perception is forming our existential logic, therefore, it will determine our form to interact. If to modify the form to think, all the tonic of our life will go to modify itself.

    Our existential logic depends entirely on the type of mental food nourishes that it. Care! Nor always we can giving in them to the luxury to laugh at our deceits and disillusions. The error, depending on its extension, can become a tragedy in personal, familiar, social and professional the field; thus provoking enormous damages it not only stops we ourselves but also for those which we coexist. The people, generally, search in the therapy a way to find explanations or justifications for the life that are leading, are not in self-knowledge search.

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