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    Jul 10

    Much more than just search engine optimization is free advice and 50 euros starting grant for Google AdWords campaign online marketing. Main objective of online marketing is to take advantage of the vast reach of the Internet to attract new or existing customer groups specifically and also interactively. Allows companies to increase the awareness of your company and your brand and to other types of conversions increase significantly so, for example, the number of orders, downloads, registrations, etc., which ultimately positive affect on their sales and profits. To pursue these objectives, it applies first of all to align the own website also really effective on the needs of the customer. You may want to visit James Woolsey to increase your knowledge. These website optimization for the purpose of customer acquisition and long-term customer loyalty contains essentially 3 core elements: optimization of usability, so usability, functionality and performance of the website improve the Visibiliy, so the visibility of the site in the Internet, E.g. In a question-answer forum Vyacheslav Mirilashvili was the first to reply. for queries or advertising compliance with legal framework. Remember you the typical instruments of online marketing, then these are above all search engine optimization and search engine marketing, including Google AdWords, one of the most effective methods for advertising on the Internet at all. Although these are classic methods, there are constantly new features and improvements that are taken into account in the planning of online marketing campaigns. So, Google works, for example, constantly to improve its search algorithms, which affect the search engine optimization, and new features for his campaign tool. Recently about, Google has introduced a simplified version for small and medium-sized companies, Google AdWords Express, especially for the regional limited use and even – designed using Google places – for companies without their own Web site. More important online marketing tools are social media marketing (E.g. via accounts at XING, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +), the creation of interactive, topic-centric Internet forums, blogs, affiliate marketing, as well as Newsletter and email marketing.

  • Russian Economics

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    Jun 5

    " Ignoring not helps, has accumulated dozens of envelopes, and the rates increase have already reached 1'500'000 rubles, wants to give a special prize of a popular film actress. The abundance of capital letters and exclamation marks in the eyes dazzled. Can you imagine how much planning you can make money with … Own house, car, travel, new furniture, repairs to the apartment and lots of gifts to your relatives and friends. The only small condition of obtaining a prize is to temper the goods from the company for 1000 rubles questionable quality and excessive cost. Psychologists note that judging by what techniques used by the firm "Rosbyuti", "At Home" and the like, their specialists are experts in psychology, not bad.

    Stressing Chosen destination, interest in his needs, his kindness and respect to a particular person – all the things he lacks in real life, they are downright play on human emotions. AND when all this is accompanied by a threat: "If you refuse, then get another million," almost reached the desired effect. We say "almost" because some still have not given in persuasion. Perhaps the lure side too far, too intrusive, they touted their "care" of ordinary citizens. And the fact that the firm is engaged in another "breed" for money, no doubt. Unfortunately, they are the first, they do not last.

    Long seen since the days of perestroika, when the economy appears some confusion on all kinds of light creep like to fish in troubled waters. Taught by bitter experience of previous Russians do not rush bolted to the post office to send their money to Uncle unfamiliar, promising to the golden mountain. They are patiently waiting to continue. And "Uncle" continued to attack. After reading the messages of this kind, serious people, of course, only smile. So what, excuse me, fool wants to share with us their millions, if for much less money, we would be killed and the names will not be asked. And it would be quite fun and even funny if it were not so sad. Because elderly hardening of the Soviet people still believe in the various official documents signed and sealed. And only after some time, and without waiting for the promised money, understand that they were deceived. It is worth noting that, legally, to work such firms is almost impossible to undermine, rather inconspicuously on the inside of an envelope printed conditions of the marketing campaign: all the notifications with the signatures – it only sets of documents information and advertising and you are there among the very many so-called "winners". Millions go by. Our civil investigation

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  • Nov 1

    Risk-management specialist held snow and weather promotions for Christmas Munich, September 16, 2008 quiet trickles of snow or not also. As the weather in Germany is so unstable, the sales at the end of the year are so unpredictable for many companies, Department stores and retailers. So many in the last quarter to advertising measures really stimulate the Christmas attack. The risk management specialist EMIRATE offers insured based on so-called Christmas-snow or weather promotions and all his clientele for this purpose. So, even at high-profile actions, the risk on the customer side remains calculable. The EMIRATE AG supports its customers in the design and implementation of sales promotion measures and contributes to their ideas. The Munich-based company also carries over the hedging of financial risk borne, as well as the distribution of the selected price in the case of winning, and this here for a in relation to the insured sum low, calculated as a percentage fee. (Snow) flakes ring let the Christmas Fund as also the snow and weather promotions are a part of the portfolio of the EMIRATE AG and a popular marketing tool of the customers to the year-end spurt.

    A typical scenario might make as follows: snowing on December 24, 2008 between 12:00 and 13:00 at least two inches in the cities of Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, get all customers who have purchased, refund your money 100% in a certain period of the promotion in the business of XY. The measurements take place in known places such as the Marienplatz square, Brandenburg Gate, Town Hall square at the Alster Lake or in the respective cities prior to the client’s business. At three specified locations a frozen container is situated for this purpose, each a black velvet cushion located, to watch the snow flakes. To 12:00 open containers for an hour. On-site supervisors, are determined by the EMIRATE, are each and check the sequence.

  • Apr 5

    Firewall manufacturer Adyton convinced Leipzig marketing Club through its innovative communication of the launch system. Leipzig, 07.11.2013. In the context of the 2013 marketing award, the award ceremony of the honorary and special prize in the Congress Center Leipzig took place on November 5. “Adyton system received for his excellent marketing performance savings special award new media” 2013. The marketing team convinced the jury of the marketing Club Leipzig through his innovative use of the media as well as a high level in the marketing of design performance, authenticity in the implementation, degree of innovation, successes of the concept, as well as regional reference. Adyton applied system with its communication strategy for the launch of its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR.

    These will be applied for 2011 in the company and constantly evolving. Based on the business plan and the target audience Kristin Pressler’s marketing team has opted for a cross-media mix of PR, online and offline marketing and events. In the Online marketing of social media is a high priority. This approach assessed the jury as particularly innovative and awarded him with a special price. We are very pleased about the ceremony. Especially also because previously established and well-known companies were awarded the marketing.

    The price gives us impetus and motivation for our upcoming marketing activities. Currently, we are working on a fine adjustment of the communication concept and adapt it to the changed market situation. Also we enlarge our team now and are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager,”said Kristin Pressler, head of corporate communications at Adyton system. The savings banks special new media”was awarded for the first time in the history of the marketing award. The award a total of 25 applications from the region were returned for Leipzig and central Germany, from which a jury of experts, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Kirchgeorg from the school of Economics has identified Leipzig, the winner. About Adyton system Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. about the marketing price of marketing-Club Leipzig e.V. The marketing Club Leipzig e.V. annually recognizes companies, organisations or persons for an outstanding marketing strategy. This marketing performance can refer as a holistic corporate strategy, as on a specific product, product group, or brand management strategy.

  • Cheap Flights

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    Nov 10

    Cheap flights to Madrid: Learn about Vueling. currently, tourism agencies offer vacation packages and stays more advantageous and more economic. Unfortunately, sometimes the airlines not accompany with similar offers. And tourists faced the grotesque situation of having to spend so much, or even more money, by transfer to a certain point that the stay in it, including pension. From there to the most visionary and bold companies outnumber the business potential it could not spend much time, and today the low cost airlines are multiplied, making it possible to get cheap flights Madrid, Paris and other European destinations, something unthinkable not long ago.

    One of most popular low prices air carriers is Vueling, backed by the prestigious Iberia and base of operations at the airport of Barcelona. Considered the first airline of the new generation, and chaired by former Minister Joseph Pique, Vueling has managed to expand quickly and now has bases in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville, and is preparing to inaugurate the first on foreign soil in Toulouse. Vueling began operating officially on 1 July 2004 with a fleet of 2 Airbus A320 aircraft, and just 18 months later already recorded gains. The secret of its success? The airline has implemented a flight mode that reduces costs, to offer more competitive prices. And at the same time, it reassures passengers, since it is inevitable to ask whether an airline of low prices not saves, for example, in the maintenance of its flight units. Vueling remains their low prices, basically, through 3 particularities.

    Firstly, all flights are only tourist class. Secondly, billing of luggage is not included in the cost of the flight and must be paid separately, at a rate of 10 euros per package. And, mainly, no meals are included in the cost of the passage. Passengers may choose to bring your own snack or purchase dishes and beverages menu a la carte offering the aircraft. The success of the mode proposed by Vueling has been really impressive, and has allowed it, among other things, without having to increase the price of their services, to offer a proposal differentiated as the Go program! That includes priority boarding, exclusive counter and seat selection. A simple but revolutionary, idea that makes it possible to get cheap flights Barcelona, Madrid or Paris is no longer an unrealizable dream. Source: Press release sent by travel.

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  • LLC Models

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    Oct 11

    Mobile stands develop, and development is the 2nd in the directions – the improvement of design in terms of clarifying the size, the use of new materials that offer new features. All new models are usually belong to the premium for the class, except for low-cost models X-banners. The second trend – the cheapening of the existing models of mobile stands, the search for cheaper than the competition models. First of all, it refers to such popular models as mobile stands Roll UP. The price difference in these stands is very big. The cheapest Chinese-made roller stands are made of plastic and are from 1100 p.

    Teardrop roll stands up too Chinese production will cost from 4,500 p already., roll up with a replaceable cartridge is p 2900. Considerably more expensive stands Roll Up European manufacturers – Sweden and Switzerland. The simplest stands Roll Up from 100 Euro, and recent models of roller stands can cost around 300 euros. But back to the subject of the article – affordable models stands. Note that the economic crisis has affected the pricing behavior of customers advertising structures, and those who previously bought only the best brand and began to be interested in the opportunity to save on exhibition equipment. This is reasonable behavior.

    Why suspend the planned advertising campaign, because You can save on their budget. It was during the crisis to reduce the advertising activity – a more expensive. The fewer buyers, the higher the competition. The fight for customers leads to having to pay more attention to advertising. In this situation it is natural to pay attention to low-cost, efficient models of mobile stands. True 'people's' cost-effective, mobile stands are stands of X-and L-banner ad. These stands are 800 – 1500 p. Low the price of these stands are not tied to their convenience and quality, as determined by the fact that they are made of carbon fiber, and therefore, X-banners, L-banners are durable and light weight, but light weight exacerbates the inherent banner stands windage. Large and very popular group of mobile stands – it stands Roll up. The popularity of roller stands has led to the fact that their production is increasing annually, and competition, naturally leads to some reduction in their prices. In late 2008, for example, you could buy the standard stands Roll Up a width of 80 cm by 1750 the price p. However, all stands Roll Up purchased abroad, so changing the value of the dollar affects the their price is not the best, and this year we expect a significant rise in the cost of all imports of mobile stands. That's why now is a closer look at the Russian banner stands. The easiest and most reliable Russian Mobile stand – stand Stella. The stand 90 cm and 218 cm in height now even cheaper. In 2008 it cost 1550 p. And now available in LTD Riword at an unbeatable price p 1400. Stella Stand – the perfect solution for crisis marketing. It is possible to buy a good stand on such a great price. We must make it! Tel. (495) 08 646 00 – Rusinovatsiya, LLC

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  • Print Advertising

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    Oct 9

    Instead of lovingly created by you keep printed materials lie somewhere and somehow pick up their brochures, flyers, catalogs, brochures at the eye level of potential customers, make them available for visual contact with the audience shows, arrange them so that they were convenient to take. It was designed for this purpose special promotional stands – Brochure Holder. Using the Brochure Holder you put your print promotional products so that it is easier to fall into the hands of many people. When you are looking for cost-effective solution to distribute their promotional materials, without a doubt the most suitable choice would Brochure Holder. Highlight a competitors, using the original, specially designed Brochure Holder. From libraries to foster, from showrooms to exhibition stands Brochure Holder is used to help you decide marketing objectives, and do not hold with many exhibitors mesta.Mnogie complement Brochure Holder standing nearby mobile stands or structures that unite Brochure Holder with graphic panels, the carrier attracts attention to the image. Outdoor Brochure Holder will help organize the space in an office receptionist, sales or exhibition pomeschenii.Bukletnitsy very unpretentious and can be installed in any location where they can attract customers' attention.

    Brochure Holder made of various materials, including sheet metal, wire, particle board, MDF, plastic. You can make Brochure Holder to order, so that they become part of the image of your company. Metal Brochure Holder durable and attractive, while allowing them to place advertising material in any format: A4, A3, A5, A6 (evrobuklet). Choosing from perfolista Brochure Holder, you will not have long to change it, even if change the format of your advertising materials, as they can be placed at the same time the pockets of all sizes. Using the Brochure Holder with slanted shelves to store printed neatly, without curving edges, and thus nothing closes the cover of the booklet, it can be seen in full. Brochure Holder great way to improve the image of your exhibition visitors firmy.Bolshinstvo collect various pamphlets and brochures with information, so that view them on his return to his office. Thus, they can be safely processed information, and exhibitors should use the opportunity to arrange Brochure Holder with their promotional material where only can be around her booth, making it affordable to advertise to a larger number of potential customers.

    Companies wishing to offer their customers magazines, newspapers and other printed materials should seek to Use Brochure Holder, as to them these promotional materials look neat and . with transparent acrylic pockets leave your beautiful showcase fully visible. Brochure Holder with wood or particle board create a sense of reliability and good traditions. Mobile Folding Brochure Holder essential for exhibitions and road shows. They are designed to make it easy to collect and make out, many of them come with a bag or suitcase for transportation. The shelves are convenient for potential customers access to your information. Brochure Holder also give a modern look to your booth. There are many ways Brochure Holder, with different placement of the principle of pockets of varying height, swivel, wall, desktop, flip all the information systems they are designed for specific tasks to deploy printed matter, and no doubt you will find what best suits you. Information provided by the largest supplier of advertising equipment Riword GC. Tel. (495) 646 08 00Internet-shop:

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  • Packaging Design

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    Oct 9

    Packaging design – an important factor for success in the market. Did you know that 2 / 3 purchases in stores are made spontaneously? Furthermore, even if a buyer comes for a certain commodity, it directly at the counter there is a possibility influence his decision in favor of a brand. And here starts the interesting thing, namely, begins the hunt for a buyer. Product quality, of course, has its value, but also look to be selling. And then the main instrument stands Packaging! The traditional view of the package is primarily associated with its original function – to be the shell, a container for any product. Cleverly decorated packaging is not just a minor application for the product is a powerful marketing tool because in some cases, the 'clothing' – or in other product design means more than itself, meet all the same on clothes.

    And here is the odezhka can help prevent you or the opposite view, choose the right product with the variety of 'living' on the counter. Not need to invest huge money into development and production of packaging to successfully sell it – the whole the question is, for any product being plotted all of this show, whether for example, packaging for alcoholic beverages. The important thing is still something to someone wakes up, designed product. So, come to this notion as a 'task force'. AND This raises the question: Does it make sense to invest money in packaging design, when the price is a major factor. Dear appearance may scare off buyers on the contrary, which is not enough money to buy.

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  • Sep 19

    Perhaps everyone is writing on the subject of advertising. Areva usually is spot on. How to properly advertise on any 'sensitive points' in the brain of the target audience to act, what tools to use with (Lobotomy, of course, excluded). But, much to the dismay of those who sell manufactured goods in the segment of 'business to business', practical advice on a given topic to find articles like this is unlikely. So specific region b2b, that those ads 'attempts', which is quite often used to promote consumer goods, by simply transferring them in this sphere will not bring expected results. As a specialist in Industrial Advertising (more than five years in a managerial position at a major advertiser Russian factory), I can rightfully say that with the right mix of marketing tools, you can achieve the desired effect. That same for the tools I have in mind? First of all I want to note that in the promotion of industrial products play a major role direct sales. Yes, yes … It is a personal sales, communication between man and man, and in as support and reinforcement are the traditional instruments: ATL advertising, public relations, exhibitions, internet, sampling, etc., attributable to the BTL-advertising.

    Therefore, competent organization of sales, the availability of highly skilled professionals prodazhnikov, marketing, and understanding of literacy leaders of such units – the primary task for the head of the company. Because none of millions of advertising budgets will not save you from failure, if there is no one perfect SELL. If the short list is that it makes sense to spend your money (advertising dollars), I would have identified the following priority areas: – Internet (Own "live", a unique content rich site with a user-friendly interface; literate online advertising) – the exhibition (as a large central branch, and regional) – high-quality printing (catalogs, brochures, leaflets, books and albums) – sampling (distribution of samples as possible) – the program of sales promotions (affiliate marketing for the network) – workshops, consultations and presentations. For more advice, visit my site, and entering via the feedback form questions. Anna Linden

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