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  • Sep 4

    Due to the fact that now many people prefer to give in their own water source is present, more popular miniature rigs. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. Drilling rigs such Plan to buy because they are light and pretty in order to install does not require a large area. The height setting 2200sm., Width – 0.85 meters in length and 1000sm .. It weighs only 100 kg setup. With the installation is possible to drill wells, and it does not spoil the fruit trees and buildings nearby. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Western Union . For those involved in the process of drilling wells for personal, small drilling rigs – a useful acquisition. Due to the fact that the design of drilling installation there are several obvious advantages.

    Well drilling are strong and last a long time, the structure of such systems is simple, that its assembly and disassembly of the device can be made fairly quickly. Repair and replace broken parts designs can be produced very quickly. Then, when the operating instructions are observed, it is possible to achieve fairly high speed drilling. The big advantage, you can call the presence of a motor fed from mains voltage 220V or 380 volts. Drilling unit is equipped with sufficient capacity electric winch. It is important to know that in order to bore only two people with experience in such a plan.

    If you use drills, we propose, one can note that such facilities are unique in that the connection design made with good steel, it greatly increases the service life of drill installation. It is important to remember that particular connection locks much more likely to break down the very first. All segments of the installation of such a plan, always made factory equipment for defense industry enterprises. Speaking of the restrictions that have setup can be noted that this device is not possible to drill deeper than 70 meters, and it is not suitable to work in places where there is hardwoods. When you need to drill to a depth of more than 30 meters a must to add additional equipment. It may be noted that in order to improve drilling device, it is necessary to use a compact clay, and more correctly choose an option. Even if you want to increase the time of the drilling installation, it would provide the correct course of service. This process should include cleaning the joints, repairs wear segments, grinding tools for drilling. If you calculate the costs for Servicing and buy drilling device and means that you can buy with it, we can say that the investment pays off.

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  • Asian Processing

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    Aug 18

    Extrusion – is a complex physical-chemical process that occurs under the influence of mechanical forces on condition of moisture and high temperature exposure. In the process of extrusion of soybean urease activity level is reduced to 0.1-0.2 units of pH, which can inactivate the anti-nutritious properties of this product to a safe level. The main technological properties full-fat extruded soybeans depend on processing temperature, residence time of the product in the cell media and preparation of soybean seeds. As a result of extrusion of 1 kg of soybean obtained additional exchange energy equivalent to 100 grams of vegetable oil, and highly available protein. This is a consequence of degradation of starch into simpler sugars, and short-term exposure to heat to the product, as well as cell gap membranes.

    Full-fat extruded soybeans is an ideal raw material for production of concentrates, as introduced in concentrate most importantly – low-cost energy and high-grade protein. Practically, adding soy vitamins minerals, amino acids and enzymes, can be highly protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate (a homogeneous mixture of high-protein fodder, mineral and dietary substances). If the farm has its own low-cost raw materials and the ability to mix the ingredients, the use of such concentrates can get in kormotsehov inexpensive, but high-quality feed and reach high levels of productivity. It is also possible thermal treatment of soybeans to produce soy tostirovannoy, thus there is a coagulation protein, resulting in enzymes lose their biochemical activity, disrupted the structure of cell walls and easier access to the contents of cells, which in turn facilitates digestion. If the soybeans will not pre-heat treatment, the nutritional value of soy would not be interest. Protein in soybean tostirovannoy full-fat – a complete, contains all the essential amino acids in optimal quantities.

    Soybean tostirovannaya full-fat is also a valuable component for all farm animals, especially young animals and poultry. These methods are much simpler than extraction or pressing, and can be effective in small volumes of processing. But Soy has a limited use, mainly the real value of soy products is ensured by its industrial processing. Another direction of processing of soybeans – is to get soy milk with a possible subsequent processing. The technological process of production of soy milk contains the following steps: Receiving whole grain soy beans. Cleaning and decortication – a film with the grain is removed mechanically, from soy to relieve binding effect and to avoid any contamination of the product. Grinding with water (extraction) – allows a natural way to dissolve all nutrients of soy. Filtering – allows you to remove all fibers. Heat treatment (sterilization) at very high temperatures in a very short period of time – you can save all the nutrients, to remove anti-trypsin and provide high nutritional value of the product. Getting the protein suspension – soy milk. Produce soy milk is extremely simple. In Asian countries, there are many ways to craft his production. However, much more difficult to produce in a continuous loop with regular milk flavor, and bakterialogicheskimi dietary properties. Dairy products from soybeans produced in a wide range. Various types of packaging, fruit and berry fillers, fat percentage in yogurt, etc. Further possible modifications of products, development of new formulations, etc.

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  • Apr 13

    Metal forming processes are widely used in many industries: aviation, railroad car, shipbuilding, machinery, etc. For example, a car at 75-80% consists of parts received methods OMD.K processes include the processes of OMD hot and cold forging, rolling, precipitation, forging, bending, piercing, drawing and many others. The individual methods of MCH include the processes of manufacturing cold-formed sections obtained in profile bending mills. Despite the very broad application of MCH processes themselves are not fully understood, hampering the development of optimal technologies, to optimize the technological the process of making parts and reduce the cost to manufacture them. This is primarily due to the complexity of processes occurring during plastic deformation of metal in metal forming. Exploration plastic flow of the subject of many textbooks, which are displayed the calculated values for different processes OMD. However, the theoretical formulas can be derived only for relatively complex processes and large assumptions, such as a bending process, extraction, precipitation, and for the procurement of simple shapes: cylinder, round, flat square sheet. Areva Group spoke with conviction. In the application of more sophisticated forms of procurement and use of improved methods Forming these formulas no longer work, or give a significant error and can not be applied in the development of sustainable technologies.

    Used in the theory OMD various approximate methods are difficult to use and require careful consideration when using them. The way out of this problem is to use programs based on finite element method. The most rational approach – is the application program LS-DYNA. Program designed to calculate bystrotekuchih, dynamic problems in physics and processes, with significant non-linearity, and very well suited to the MCH, as for plastic deformation in the process of OMD has a high nonlinearity and bystoprotekaemo. LS-DYNA program can simulate almost all the processes OMD, ranging from a simple hem or rainfall harvesting and finishing with a deformation of multilayer alloys or deformation of the explosion.

    Thus, in contrast to theoretical research, where there are significant limitations on the size and shape blanks are not restriction. This is due to the fact that the construction of the finite-element model of a split piece of any complexity into elementary cells (the pyramids, rectangles, triangles, etc.). And thus, significantly expanding the scope of this program. Modeling OMD processes in the program LS-DYNA allows us to calculate all the necessary parameters: VAT at any point in detail and a deformable tool in any given time, and energy parameters of the process, the values of effort and moments of normal and tangential forces, the contact value of the process and many other things that need to create an optimal process for in-depth analysis and understanding of the processes occurring in the workpiece during plastic deformation of the metal. The main difficulties in modeling the program LS-DYNA is the presence of various amounts of the various menus and options that require input, which requires a high degree of training and in-depth understanding of the processes and the need for high-performance solutions.

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  • Laundry Facilities

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    Mar 25

    Such specific equipment, industrial washing machines, dryers devices, powerful tumble dryers, ironing tables, steam generators and rotating cabin, can be found in today's dry cleaners and laundries, which exist today in almost every city. Why not just organizations, but private clients often choose the services of specialized firms? The whole secret of the fact that ordinary household machines can not always properly care for textiles. Some materials require careful handling, and great things in need of special attention. His can only provide a specialized laundry equipment, able to cope with large and stubborn stains. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kohl’s Corporation. Among the patrons of this type of service – students, retirees and visitors who rent accommodation in another town. Often they have no reason to buy expensive washing machine, because it, among other things, requires periodic repair work, and in the laundry room to be paid only for the ordered procedure (washing, drying, ironing).

    Special industrial machinery are demand in food establishments, restaurants, in food production and, of course, in hotels, where management decides to arrange their own laundry facilities. Very often these organizations acquire more profitable own equipment and all necessary accessories for the laundry than to resort to third-party firms. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. After all, laundries include the cost of services the cost of rent, staff salaries, transportation clothes – minus the cost price of the washing can be reduced by 2 times. In addition, it will be possible to control the quality and quantity of detergent used, which is also important. Tableware (Tablecloths, napkins, towels), uniforms (coats, suits, aprons), as in the case of the hotel – still expensive linens and personal clothing items travelers need to be handled with care and caution also do it regularly. Just a gentle and productive professional equipment can handle this responsibility. In addition, the presence in the hotels own laundry or dry cleaning, in which use modern washing and drying equipment, indicating a high level of service that has a positive effect on the reputation of institutions.

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  • Measurements

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    Nov 8

    The best approximate the image surface topography and will be a measured profile. Graphic image of the measured profile is profilograms. Base length is the length of the surface area, to be chosen for the measurement of roughness. It depends on the expected class of purity. With the reduction step and height of the irregularities base length decreases. According to GOST 2789 "Surface roughness" there are 14 classes of surface cleanliness. Cleanliness classes from the 6th to the 14th can be divided further into categories a, b, c,.

    The criterion for inclusion surface to a particular class of cleanliness is the value of the height of roughness or average deviation of the profile. A related site: Governor Cuomo mentions similar findings. Position of the middle line is determined by the fact that it must divide the measured profile at profilograms so that within the gauge length sum of the areas enclosed between the line profile and the middle line, above the middle line is the sum of the same area below the line. Average arithmetic deviation of profile by the average value of distances measured profile points to its center line. To refer to all classes of surface cleanliness is installed single sign next states Class number and, if necessary – and discharge. Surface roughness is measured in a direction that gives the greatest value.

    Control of surface roughness by devices (optical and stylus), and comparing the measured surface with the sample surface. Control of surface roughness on the shop floor by probes or instruments by comparing the surface roughness of the samples (with the naked eye or with by comparison microscopes). Initial samples of surface roughness are metal tiles with a flat working surface on which are plotted the same strokes, arranged in a certain order. For working samples of surface roughness are sets of metal bars with a flat or a cylindrical surface, treated in various ways under certain conditions. On Measurements blocks assigned to the corresponding class of purity. With the technical measurement of the roughness of their surfaces compared with the roughness of the sample surface, made of the material that detail, with the same type of machining and having purity class corresponding to the specified in the drawing for detail.

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  • The Work

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    Sep 7

    Often, manufacturers of impregnating fire retardant compositions are added to these various pigments for easy monitor the uniformity of application. In addition, on-site to assess the quality of fire protection impregnation compounds can be used by rapid assessment methods. The quality of fire-retardant treatment of wood, Secure impregnating compositions at the sites evaluated for flammability chips. Governor Cuomo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For security reasons, not allowed to do such testing on site sampling: attic, building site, etc. Additional information is available at Crawford Lake Capital Management. The quality of fire-retardant treatment of textile materials protected by impregnating compositions at the sites evaluated by express method, whose essence is to assess the fire protection (on the basis of ignition) samples of materials from exposure to the burner flame. When testing for the documentation checks for the necessary documentation to carry out fire-retardant treatment and fire protection coating (Impregnating composition).

    The fact of the fire protection work is confirmed by an act of acceptance, which should contain information on the job site, a fire protection facilities, their condition, caused by fire protection and priming compositions, their brands, consumption, technology, preparation and application, the organization, performer, and the signatures of persons who produced the work, and supervisors. On the fire protection coating (impregnation composition) in addition to fire safety certificate and documents about the quality (passport, certificate, etc.) should be technical documentation, which lists the operating conditions and technical facilities ognezaschischennyh requirements for fire protection coating or impregnating composition (coating thickness, color, appearance, density, life, etc.). When carrying out work receiving fire protection committee must verify that the characteristics applied fire-retardant material design requirements of fire protection, the license to the organization that produced fire-retardant treatment, as well as other documentation of the quality of fire protection work.

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  • Jul 7

    The secret of the electrode boilers is simple, as all ingenious – under the influence of electric water molecules (or other coolant) are split into positive and negative ions, which emit heat. AC Transmission current can not be called electrolysis, since there is only the ionization of the liquid, the oscillation frequency of ions from industrial and 50 Hz heating fluid (electrolysis and the electrode material transfer takes place only at a constant current). Electrode boilers economical TENovyh at least 20 – 30%. Energy efficiency of electrode boilers tested practice installation and operation for over 12 years. In the first heat boiler heating elements heating elements, heating elements and then their surface of the liquid give off heat. In recent months, Governor Cuomo has been very successful. In an electrode boiler itself plays the role of the heater fluid. When a current is passed, the liquid heats the entire volume, located in the boiler. Using the electrode heating fluid can be reduced volume of the boiler several times over TENovyh the same power.

    Capacity of the electrode boiler depends on the temperature of the liquid flowing into it, and can be selected by an automatic, depending on changes in weather conditions. At well-designed system, the boiler will start with low power (less than 50% of rated capacity), and by heating slowly gaining power rating. Modern automation allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in a room with an accuracy of 0,2 C. Thus energy conservation in the electrode boiler is achieved through: 1. less inertia heating (several times) 2.

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  • Heavy Grades

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    Oct 4

    The composition of heavy fuels are mechanical impurities, salt, water, etc. In the operation of the engine on heavy fuel oil it contains heavy particles can cause increased wear of fuel system components, and CPG. Considerable amount of water in the fuel can lead to some breaks in the combustion process and even to stop a diesel engine. Therefore, the use of heavy fuel oil in diesel plants is allowed under special devices for heating and cleaning, as well as special (alkaline) lubricating oils. Before using heavy fuel properly prepared, that is of paramount importance to ensure reliable, uninterrupted and cost of diesel. For normal operation the fuel in reserve, settling and service tanks, before filters, separators and nozzles heated to a temperature that provides the desired viscosity.

    Temperature limit for fuel in the tanks, reported to the atmosphere, should be not less than 15 below the flash point in closed crucible. Viscosity, which provides ease of pumping of fuel, should be 57-120 VU; heating temperature of heavy fuel for a given viscosity is given in Table. 1. In the settling tank and supplies the fuel temperature rises to 50-65 C. Before entering the fuel separator additionally heated to reduce its viscosity (up to 2-6 VU). Ship electrical separator should have special protection from the fuel vapor. The viscosity of separated fuel coming to the nozzles of diesel should be not more than 3,5-4 VU (maximum, permissible). At higher viscosity excessively increases pressure in the atomization that can result in damage to parts of diesel.

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