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  • Jun 26

    It's no secret that the standard set of tire changer tire changer includes workshop, balancing machine and of course the compressor. Caring about the culture and quality of the workshop will add to this list automatic washing wheels. This useful plant washes virtually any dirt from the wheels for a few minutes in a closed loop of special granules which, after washing the wheels are re-used. You can do a jet of water from a hose, use a high-pressure washing or not washing the wheel – as they say, each for himself decides. Do not forget that the culture of production and service for the modern visitor means a lot, thus determines the choice of where to go with their problems. Clean the wheel – it is an ideal condition for accurate qualitative and balancing that extend tire life.

    Tire changer business seasonal phenomenon, but it is worth remembering that during the year motorists treat problems such as loss of tightness of the wheel, the most common injury-puncture. For such a repair is necessary to acquire special bath with the water of this size to go the wheels of the very large radius. Not prevent it and to check the wheels after tire store, the truth-art equipment and professionally run the wizard on the practice preclude the possibility of marriage. But still if the area allows, it is better to install a bath. If a workshop is planned to produce vulcanization of wheels, do not forget about the need to install ventilation equipment. Many large tire mounting shops can afford to buy plants for nitrogen tire inflation.

    They are designed to pump a tire with nitrogen, which is obtained by separating it from the air. Nitrogen reduces tire wear due to absence of pressure loss, reduced fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance due to constant pressure in the tire, etc. It remains only to competently offer client to the service. To date, such a service is gaining momentum as

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  • Humpbacked Horse

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    Jun 20

    er, litter – the idea of insanity, are quoted, I called the "Blue Dream Idiot. " I even wanted to entitle this article …. That's the same shit! Hell – because Sia "trick", like a jack-the-box suddenly pops up in communication on promoting real estate us – the customer in this same client. We must put quotation marks – "client", because, of course, the client is, of course, be and can not, and will not … for us – so just will not. This is a potential victim of "middlemen and pass." It looks like this. In one a beautiful moment when clear evidence and the harsh realities of commercial real estate sales techniques are beginning to reach a "Wani-to-oven-type client-owner", he wakes up a little, and something in his scratching, gives on-mountain dream come true that very phrase that word for word the same in all of these guys and it sounds: "And let me sell you my object, I'll pay you later?" I was once discouraged, I do not understand this degree of primitivism (This that cultural indicate politely) and stupidity (and it is – to concretely and honestly) quite often occur in the so-called "real estate business." Now I'm in a similar situation, after a yawn, cute saying, "I see …" and safely remove the number from the directory of the phone immediately. A substantive discussion here is possible except on the subject of weather … but better – Gold Fish or Humpbacked Horse … Or – no! Politics, women, sports, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome – the most it will be.

  • Jun 16

    It is no secret that every owner wants the country house as seldom as possible to approach the source of heat in your home. It is comfortable, safe. To implement such a comfort to that type of fuel used yielded automation that is able to operate for long periods without human intervention. Everyone knows that this is possible with electricity, liquid and gaseous fuels. Now let's look at these fuels in more detail. With electricity – The easiest way. Electricity best be automated.

    Electrical heating systems are capable of regulating the temperature of the heated surface to within a tenth of a degree Celsius. None hydraulic system, and as a consequence of the problems of leaks and overheating of the liquid coolant. Broadest range of implementation of the method of heating: from traditional convectors on the walls, up to warm floors and infrared emitters ceilings, creating the effect of the artificial sun. And while no pipes and chimneys. Disadvantages: This type of fuel is the most expensive of these traditional species, limited power, granted to the house. Gas – the most attractive form of fuel, the golden mean between the cheapness and ease of use. Gas involves a hydraulic system of heating, gas boiler and flue system with natural or mechanical stretch combustion products.

    Despite such a complex system, the cheapness of the main gas at the moment in Russia is more than covers the initial costs of such a system. This form of heating is now the most popular. Disadvantages: Gas is not always possible to spend on the site. The use of local natural gas reserves in the area of convenience comparable to the use of liquid fuels. Liquid fuels. As the liquid fuel used, as a rule, diesel fuel, or diesel fuel in the common parlance. This is a good alternative to gas option in the absence of gas at the site. Gasoline is not used because of its explosiveness. Less likely to use kerosene or waste oil. By Functionality the use of liquid fuel is comparable to the gas system, but here are drawbacks to order more. Disadvantages: The presence of large storage tanks of fuel (a giant fuel tank), the smell of the operation, the high cost of fuel (Except the free waste oil), a large amount of impurities of the combustion products. The majority of this type of heating system is often associated with chadyaschimi kamaz in a traffic jam

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  • Jun 16

    Paper to electronic signatures from more than one person in a document on the ECM Forum of VOI at CEBIT 2010 by Dr. Bernd Wild (intarsys consulting) Karlsruhe, February 16, 2010. One, two, many… Multiple signatures in the business process”is the topic of a lecture by Dr. Bernd Wild on this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The Managing Director of intarsys consulting GmbH will present how electronic signatures easily and profitably employ can be in processes, in which several people need to edit documents and sign. Experience has shown that most work processes in practice require the use of multiple signatures. In a compact form, Dr.

    Bernd Wild gives a current overview of the technical and legal conditions. In addition, it highlights also necessary organizational considerations. The lecture shows continue, which there currently available versions of the multiple signature and can be applied in various applications like this. The lecture will be on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 at 10:30 held in the ECM Forum of the Association of organization and information systems VOI (Hall 3, D 19). This morning, electronic signatures in digital workflows in the focus are generally from 9:30 in the ECM Forum.

    Electronic signatures allow comprehensible and even legally in a number of business processes approvals, permits, to sign request edits or documentation, for example, by manufacturing steps in the production of electronic documents. Multiple signatures must then be integrated into the process, if the document must be provided not only by one person, but by two or more persons with a signature. “the sign live supports intarsys consulting with certified signature solutions! family all business processes, where the electronic signature should be used, at the highest security level common criteria”. About intarsys consulting GmbH: intarsys was founded in 1996 in Karlsruhe and has been working has always been intensively the topics intelligent electronic forms and Workflow. One of the goals is to replace paper-based business processes, with fully integrated electronic solutions. intarsys PDF software that eliminates media disruptions and offers customers the possibility to introduce streamlined electronic processes developed for the target format. In the area of electronic signatures intarsys certified software provides single, batch and mass signature methods. To do this, the company cooperates with renowned technology partners and trust centers. intarsys is a member of the Executive Board of the PDF/A competence center and supports the ISO standard 19005-1 for long-term archiving with its products.

  • Russian Economics

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    Jun 5

    " Ignoring not helps, has accumulated dozens of envelopes, and the rates increase have already reached 1'500'000 rubles, wants to give a special prize of a popular film actress. The abundance of capital letters and exclamation marks in the eyes dazzled. Can you imagine how much planning you can make money with … Own house, car, travel, new furniture, repairs to the apartment and lots of gifts to your relatives and friends. The only small condition of obtaining a prize is to temper the goods from the company for 1000 rubles questionable quality and excessive cost. Psychologists note that judging by what techniques used by the firm "Rosbyuti", "At Home" and the like, their specialists are experts in psychology, not bad.

    Stressing Chosen destination, interest in his needs, his kindness and respect to a particular person – all the things he lacks in real life, they are downright play on human emotions. AND when all this is accompanied by a threat: "If you refuse, then get another million," almost reached the desired effect. We say "almost" because some still have not given in persuasion. Perhaps the lure side too far, too intrusive, they touted their "care" of ordinary citizens. And the fact that the firm is engaged in another "breed" for money, no doubt. Unfortunately, they are the first, they do not last.

    Long seen since the days of perestroika, when the economy appears some confusion on all kinds of light creep like to fish in troubled waters. Taught by bitter experience of previous Russians do not rush bolted to the post office to send their money to Uncle unfamiliar, promising to the golden mountain. They are patiently waiting to continue. And "Uncle" continued to attack. After reading the messages of this kind, serious people, of course, only smile. So what, excuse me, fool wants to share with us their millions, if for much less money, we would be killed and the names will not be asked. And it would be quite fun and even funny if it were not so sad. Because elderly hardening of the Soviet people still believe in the various official documents signed and sealed. And only after some time, and without waiting for the promised money, understand that they were deceived. It is worth noting that, legally, to work such firms is almost impossible to undermine, rather inconspicuously on the inside of an envelope printed conditions of the marketing campaign: all the notifications with the signatures – it only sets of documents information and advertising and you are there among the very many so-called "winners". Millions go by. Our civil investigation

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