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  • Nov 18

    1.-The inscription is required by any of the people, enabled by the law (principle of praying). 2 That the registerable right is configured in a genuine title or authenticated document (principle of advertising). 3 There are no doubts in the determination of the subject and of the business object, nor in the kind of law (principle of determination or specialty). 4. That an incompatible inscription is not existing, or having this degree that corresponds (principle of priority or rank). 5.

    That the transferor pursuant to the title it has registered (or register at the same time) their right (principle of successive tract). 6. Only the fulfillment of all the precepts registration satisfies the principle of legality. 7 Consists in the attribution that the Registrar has considered the document whose inscription or annotation is requested for the purpose of verifying whether it meets the legal budgets needed to enter the register (principle of qualifications). Original author and source of the article

  • Nov 14

    In addition to the APR (annual rate) and finance charges, most credit cards have a series of “fees” associated with its use. Some fees are unavoidable with a special card (such as an annual fee or a share in the program), while others are triggered by certain circumstances. The most common fees are listed below. To get a better idea of what your credit card may cost to use in the course of a year, review your credit card terms and conditions and your user agreement to see the rates that apply to you. Annual Fee: An annual fee is charged for the privilege of having the card, if you use it or not. Many credit cards offer no annual fee and low interest rates to their best customers, or for those with excellent credit.

    If you are trying to recover from an attack with bad credit, your only option may be a card with a relatively high rate. In that case, look for one with the lowest APR you can get, and be careful to avoid triggering other fees. Cash advance fee: When you use your credit card to obtain a cash advance, there is often a cash advance fee. It may be a flat fee for cash advances (for example $ 5, no matter how much cash you borrow), or a percentage of the advance – 5%. This fee is in addition to the interest you pay on the amount.

    Balance transfer fee usually by transferring the balance from one card to another, the credit card company will charge a balance transfer fee. Like the cash advance rate can be a lump sum or a percentage of the amount of the transfer. Late-payment “If your payment is not received and published by your credit card company after the due date will be charged a late payment fee. The delinquency rate is added to the balance of your card credit. many cases, if you are late with a payment more than once, or a specified number of times within a specified period, the interest rate will also increase, plus the late payment fee. Above the credit limit fee: If you exceed the credit limit on your credit card, often you will be charged a flat rate of punishment. Credit-limit fee increase: Generally, you must pay a rate of increase of credit limit if you request that it raise your credit limit. Up fee: When you open a new credit card account, the credit card company may charge an installation fee which could be anything from $ 19 to 149 USD. Return-commission article: This is essentially a returned check fee. If you make a payment to your account by check and the check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, the credit card company may charge a fee for returned checks. Other fees: Depending on the credit card company, and the card offers, you may be responsible for other charges, including fees for payments by phone, for checking your account online, for the establishment of an online bill payment services or to provide other customer service. Be sure to read the terms of your credit card and conditions to see what it costs and you can afford.

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  • Network Marketing

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    Nov 12

    Many do not understand the essence of network marketing and because of this lack of understanding concluded that this business can only favorite, but I will not succeed. The people there is a perception that the network marketing – sales purchases must persuade customers that buy something, to run leaning language for days in search of clients. I also had the same opinion at the beginning of the business. All I knew – that I can earn money from sales. And this was my most the main mistake. Yes, I have learned and sell it to me like it even the beginning. Because I earned in a month from 200 to 500 dollars (and this is in Ukraine in the 90's) and my personal thought is no longer necessary. However, I kept saying my sponsors – have not sell a lot, but to create their own organization, invite business people, and then I will get checks for the work of its structure, but it is far more than income from sales.

    I began to invite people into a network marketing business, but made the second a gross mistake – I started to teach these people sales. And people do not want to sell. So my business a long time developing. People came and went, those who stayed behind – no one else was invited into this business. I continued to engage in sales, while those who started with me to work (but they are not selling) – went on holiday abroad, bought myself some new clothes, car, apartment. They were my friends, but that time understood the meaning of Network Marketing. Indeed, network marketing and was named from the word network. That is all you need to do here – is to create a network of consumers and businesses.

    Train the network and to receive dividends from it. Look video on my blog (below there is a link), which compares the business people involved in network marketing, sales and business networkers, that is, those who create and control an organization of successful people. As can be seen from the video, the result is obvious. Of course it is not means that the selling is not necessary. If you like to sell – sell, just do not do this kind of basic salary. Pursuing sales – you'll quickly get tired of this business. Yes, and well-being of something special he will not bring you. Catching up is the construction of organizations and their training – your work becomes a thrill. Are you happy with life, your earnings are growing and you do not need to run in constant search for new customers. As one friend of mine – "If there is no foot rest, it means something to her head." So – where the sale begins – ends a network marketing business. At our school I teach people all the techniques to create successful organizations. You are in this business is not alone. Here everything is simple: we must learn from successful people and just do the actions that lead to success. At first, no need to worry. But when you have your experience – if you can and its something to think. However, I do not advise. Why inventing something that already exists – just take it and use it, and you are doomed to success!

  • The Pblico

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    Nov 12

    6) The sixth aim of the right of integration is the appearance of greater competition in the market, thus is clear that the prices tend to lower. 7) Sptimo aim of the right of integration is reduccin of the costs because the production on scale and in the same some fixed costs stay. For example in a warehouse if he is but great it is going to maintain the hiring of the same amount of watchmen. The eighth aim of the right of integration is to look for the large-scale production, to reduce the production costs and consequently to reduce the sale prices to the pblico, the wholesalers or the distributors. Having developed the aims of the right of integration, it is that now we have slight knowledge but clear on the integration process and consequently is clear that we can continue with our investigation with majors judgment elements. 6.

    DANGER OF INTEGRATION In integration all are not benefits, but tambin exists dangers, that it is necessary to study. It constitutes this soothes to study the dangers of integration. The dangers of integration are the following: 1) That they break and they leave the market some econmicos agents. Nevertheless, it is clear that although is certain that they are reduced to jobs tambin is certain that they increase the jobs in the companies that remain in the market because it increases to his production and/or its sales. For example if two companies compete in the market that are the company To and the B company and the company To bankruptcy, it is certain that the workers who remain without work they can work in the B company, as long as the two companies are located in the same state, pas or nacin, but this is not as since the competition that we are studying comes from another state or nacin or pas almost always.

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  • Cheap Flights

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    Nov 10

    Cheap flights to Madrid: Learn about Vueling. currently, tourism agencies offer vacation packages and stays more advantageous and more economic. Unfortunately, sometimes the airlines not accompany with similar offers. And tourists faced the grotesque situation of having to spend so much, or even more money, by transfer to a certain point that the stay in it, including pension. From there to the most visionary and bold companies outnumber the business potential it could not spend much time, and today the low cost airlines are multiplied, making it possible to get cheap flights Madrid, Paris and other European destinations, something unthinkable not long ago.

    One of most popular low prices air carriers is Vueling, backed by the prestigious Iberia and base of operations at the airport of Barcelona. Considered the first airline of the new generation, and chaired by former Minister Joseph Pique, Vueling has managed to expand quickly and now has bases in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville, and is preparing to inaugurate the first on foreign soil in Toulouse. Vueling began operating officially on 1 July 2004 with a fleet of 2 Airbus A320 aircraft, and just 18 months later already recorded gains. The secret of its success? The airline has implemented a flight mode that reduces costs, to offer more competitive prices. And at the same time, it reassures passengers, since it is inevitable to ask whether an airline of low prices not saves, for example, in the maintenance of its flight units. Vueling remains their low prices, basically, through 3 particularities.

    Firstly, all flights are only tourist class. Secondly, billing of luggage is not included in the cost of the flight and must be paid separately, at a rate of 10 euros per package. And, mainly, no meals are included in the cost of the passage. Passengers may choose to bring your own snack or purchase dishes and beverages menu a la carte offering the aircraft. The success of the mode proposed by Vueling has been really impressive, and has allowed it, among other things, without having to increase the price of their services, to offer a proposal differentiated as the Go program! That includes priority boarding, exclusive counter and seat selection. A simple but revolutionary, idea that makes it possible to get cheap flights Barcelona, Madrid or Paris is no longer an unrealizable dream. Source: Press release sent by travel.

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  • Leader Business

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    Nov 8

    ” The second obstacle that makes fail to an affiliate is the nonimplementation of the strategies in the own business ” Thus it is, in fact, the idea to be organized is exactly that it can work but comfortably and it has left time for the reading, the qualification is vital in this business multilevel and if it does not read new features of the company or you complete marketing strategies and the electronic books, are not going to be successful and the frustration will cause that it leaves and is lost of this unique opportunity. The certainty is VITAL in this business like in any other, but I believe that when we make the things or, everything leaves or and when we see our commissions or it arrives when us the GCard card to our address is when an affiliate is soaked of satisfaction and this it is the best motor to continue working arduously by but objectives, because, after all, all we want to achieve the success and the financial freedom in our business multilevel. ” An affiliate becomes Leader when it goes by his objective day after day until obtaining it and aid to other people that ” obtains the same ; BlogRollEl Blog of the Candy: Like taking advantage of 20 minutes a Domingo?. .