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    Nov 12

    6) The sixth aim of the right of integration is the appearance of greater competition in the market, thus is clear that the prices tend to lower. 7) Sptimo aim of the right of integration is reduccin of the costs because the production on scale and in the same some fixed costs stay. For example in a warehouse if he is but great it is going to maintain the hiring of the same amount of watchmen. The eighth aim of the right of integration is to look for the large-scale production, to reduce the production costs and consequently to reduce the sale prices to the pblico, the wholesalers or the distributors. Having developed the aims of the right of integration, it is that now we have slight knowledge but clear on the integration process and consequently is clear that we can continue with our investigation with majors judgment elements. 6.

    DANGER OF INTEGRATION In integration all are not benefits, but tambin exists dangers, that it is necessary to study. It constitutes this soothes to study the dangers of integration. The dangers of integration are the following: 1) That they break and they leave the market some econmicos agents. Nevertheless, it is clear that although is certain that they are reduced to jobs tambin is certain that they increase the jobs in the companies that remain in the market because it increases to his production and/or its sales. For example if two companies compete in the market that are the company To and the B company and the company To bankruptcy, it is certain that the workers who remain without work they can work in the B company, as long as the two companies are located in the same state, pas or nacin, but this is not as since the competition that we are studying comes from another state or nacin or pas almost always.

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    Nov 8

    ” The second obstacle that makes fail to an affiliate is the nonimplementation of the strategies in the own business ” Thus it is, in fact, the idea to be organized is exactly that it can work but comfortably and it has left time for the reading, the qualification is vital in this business multilevel and if it does not read new features of the company or you complete marketing strategies and the electronic books, are not going to be successful and the frustration will cause that it leaves and is lost of this unique opportunity. The certainty is VITAL in this business like in any other, but I believe that when we make the things or, everything leaves or and when we see our commissions or it arrives when us the GCard card to our address is when an affiliate is soaked of satisfaction and this it is the best motor to continue working arduously by but objectives, because, after all, all we want to achieve the success and the financial freedom in our business multilevel. ” An affiliate becomes Leader when it goes by his objective day after day until obtaining it and aid to other people that ” obtains the same ; BlogRollEl Blog of the Candy: Like taking advantage of 20 minutes a Domingo?. .