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    Aug 31

    HDT-seminar on 29-30 June 2010 and on Nov. 10-11 2010 in Essen, tried and tested systems gives engineers and other professionals In the distribution of high quality explanation of products and systems need market knowledge, communication and final strength, a high degree of personal responsibility and of course relevant expertise. As a competent contact partner for all matters of the project, they are in permanent customer conversation. Contact information is here: Western Union. Thereby they serve not only the existing customers but gain interesting new clients for the company. You analyze the customer-specific requirements and pass these to the project engineers in the design and development of project planning and design. The technical and commercial contract negotiations among the range of tasks up to the job.

    To the training of employees in the sales the Haus der Technik in Essen offers a 2-day seminar November 2010 on 29-30 June, 2010 in Essen and 10-11. Essen, compact and systematically prepared on all aspects of their activity by market and product, planning and distribution participants conveys. Tried and tested systems in the planning and distribution of machinery and equipment are classification of project management, marketing and customer loyalty, consultancy and sale of industrial equipment from the practice for the practice, product life and after sales service, product documentation and manuals in the focus, starting in market analysis and product development, market introduction and sales promotion/sales opportunities, offer, order, settlement to product liability and safety. The 2-day seminar is aimed in particular at engineers, technicians and merchants in selling high quality explanation-needy products of plant engineering and mechanical engineering. Information more information, those interested in the home of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-1 (Mrs. Stossun), fax 0201/1803-346 or directly under June date: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H040-06-213-0.

  • Aug 30

    Choosing a jurisdiction offshore (offshore), each investor investigates the advantages of incorporation in some offshore world. Check with Western Union to learn more. Goal of establishing offshore – opening an account in an offshore bank or creating an offshore Fund structuring and asset protection. Offshore needed to optimize the tax increase profitability of financial operations, asset management. Also, registration of offshore uses companies doing international trade, investment, banking or shipowning activities. With the current internal and external risks to the business registration of offshore companies has become one of the most popular services in Ukraine in the field of asset management. Types of offshore companies, as well as the types of offshore quite a lot. The choice of an offshore territory, usually defined goals and objectives of the registration of offshore, which has owner. It is also important is the ownership structure of the client's assets – its transparency and governance.

    Depending on these factors a decision about buying offshore, offshore registration, but possible, and the sale of an offshore company if the customer already owns the offshore. Among the famous and popular offshore allocated Cyprus, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands, Seychelles Island, USA (Delaware), Malta, Belize, Great Britain, Estonia, Cayman Islands, Monaco and others. A large enough portion of the offshore area is the so-called group-offshore oases, where the tax burden on transactions is minimal (up to 1-2% if a number of specific conditions). Register an offshore fund or an offshore company can be almost any offshore jurisdiction. However, before Elliott Asset Management Specialists analyze all opportunities for off-shore zone of confidentiality of business owners and tax minimization.

    Classics for the registration of offshore companies are small countries or islands with a low level of development of its economy, but with high political stability, Panama, Dominica, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Seychelles, Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and others. As Typically, these countries are allowed to not keep a register of shareholders and directors. In this case, the confidentiality of an offshore company ownership is very high. Because reliable offshore is often used for financial transactions or as safe. For investment and capital preservation funds held offshore in the Bahamas, British Virgin, the Netherlands Antilles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Holding companies in addition to minimizing taxes is often important and respectability of an offshore company. Therefore, in this case more often selected countries such as Cyprus, Austria, Greece, Great Britain, and others. What is required to register an offshore company, in what terms can register offshore and where best to conduct an offshore company registration, ask the specialist asset management company Elliott Asset Management.

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  • Aug 26

    You can make money buying products with resell rights. However, before we get too excited you need to know how to do this. There are some techniques to understand and apply before you can see the profits. Here are 5 tips to help you. Find a niche market: The best way to make money with resell rights is to find a niche here to sell. This is a market that ideally has a high demand and low supply. When you do this you will have highly qualified buyers to buy your product quickly.

    Get products with high market demand: Get Resale Rights products that have a high demand in your niche market. Study your potential buyers and find the products they need and want. Once you do this you will find the most popular in-demand products to sell. Put your own links within the products with Resale Rights: A good way to make money with ebooks is to put affiliate links on related products within the book. Every time you sell or give away A copy of the book these links can make you money over and over again. This works well when you use your books with Resale Rights as some providers will allow you to change the links within the book to your name.

    Create your free reports to promote your product: One of the best ways to promote, especially if it is an information product is to use a free report to promote it. A free report can be delivered with your newsletter, anyone on your list and of course on your website. Encourages anyone who downloads your free report that you send to your friends and begin a viral marketing campaign that quickly spread everywhere. This is a cost effective way to promote your products with resell rights too. Would you like to have access to hundreds of Spanish, every month?

  • Aug 21

    'How to make money online? How to earn? " – Every day thousands of people drive in these queries to search engines Rambler, Google, Yandex. This is not surprising. After all, it's nice to get up in the morning, wash, eat breakfast and go not into the street, where it can be rain, sleet, or just cold, and to his beloved computer. Sit in a comfortable, cozy chair, a cup of coffee and start working. Internet provides unlimited opportunities for truly intelligent, resourceful and stubborn people.

    He allows them to work for yourself, not someone else. It was during this work, the work with pleasure and with full dedication, we achieve the best results. All that we may need is a computer, a dedicated communication channel, and most importantly – the persistence and perseverance. Keep in mind that you do not start from the beginning to earn tens of thousands of rubles. But with the right approach is for the first month on the Internet, you can earn up to 30,000 rubles. It quite a decent sum for a man who has just started to master the capabilities of the web. Let me repeat the most important: the Web, you work for yourself and only yourself.

    Therefore, the more force you apply Every day, more hours will be spent on development opportunities World Wide Web, the more money you will earn. Join the army of Internet professionals. Open your browser, type "How to make money on the Internet." You see thousands of links, hundreds of pages, a million recommendations. But be careful. Con artists also are on the alert. Read forums, ask advice from more experienced people. And try not to buy into advertising such as "Million Rubles for one month. " And in the end I want to wish you all my heart good luck and success in this endeavor.

  • Mexicans

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    Aug 21

    Ladies and gentlemen contenders to county councils and municipal presidencies, is sad and offensive to see how again to avoid losing custom refrita – they have appealed in their campaigns to the same resources marketers that Mexicans have been suffering and tolerating it for many years, with which only get show us that taxes once more go to waste, which in reality do not have a solid and sustainable projectthat in reality it is only of interest political positioning and that their agendas never you way of sincere and committed way the improvement of the quality of life of those who have had good, be the backbone of the political-economic system are pleased to boast as its own. Let’s be honest, this two thousand nine political campaigns are already almost in the final straight and still there are few candidates that they have sent us in a respectable manner and let alone complete, their projects and proposals to really convince us reliably the advantages of using our right to vote move them to so beneficial and well-paid government posts where as it has always happened – no matter who water it, whoever sees us face of pilgrims, who us media fulfil or plane nor us complies, who devoted his management to enrich our ribs and enrich relatives and compadres, none closely see the due punishment that involves stealingpoorly serviced, and continue dividing a people that although complainant, has not ceased to be meek and forgetful. As in every race, the people in very low percentage out of own conviction – will come out to vote for whom greater budget has had to put his face through banners and tarps that will remain for months where left and that is worth mentioning, are not recyclable – in each corner and building of municipalities, delegations and cities, by those candidates offered greater monetary sum to those who rastreramente sold their voteby who gave the best hats and shirts, who offered the best binges and who’s plane return to the style of the old school and decided to to certain sectors condition their vote to change does not affect your current modus vivendi. Rob Daley oftentimes addresses this issue. But in his short, unbridled, hubristic and populachera campaign, they have not considered that there is already a growing sector that is willing to do many times renewed voice than not slow to begin to require them not only work as they should and they promised but it is also brewing an ideological tipping that there will soon be making its presence through the dreaded most notorious. On July 5, few will come out to vote for own foot and the results of the elections will be mostly, reflection of fidelity and the convenience of those who selflessly support to equis, ye or zeta party, candidate, but as well as the strategic underpinning for future presidential elections is notorious, it will also be seen the consolidation of a jaded people endure and maintain one of its guilds more expensive and unproductive. Because it is high time for the least uncomfortable to know that those who pay and should send we are the most, I’m voting well enough is enough and your?.

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  • Tripleaccess

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    Aug 14

    IT security vendors and VAD conclude cooperation agreements triple access IT is distributor of underground8 in the Switzerland of Linz, February 12, 2008 underground8, manufacturer of IT security appliances, and the VAD and training provider triple AcceSSS IT distributions and Dienstleistungs GmbH, have signed a distribution agreement. This limes includes the distribution of underground8 products of (managed firewall), AS (anti-spam) and TS (traffic Shaper) by triple access IT for the Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the MF. In addition, product training for resellers as well as supplemental services in the agreement are included. In the course of close partnership is jointly developed strategy to the penetration of the Swiss IT security market. With the newly acquired distribution for the Switzerland and Liechtenstein, underground8 adds a central piece of the puzzle to its international network of resellers.

    Gunther Wiesauer, CEO of underground8, commented: we have a competent and experienced partner for the Swiss market with triple access IT can gain a very strong portfolio of services for the reseller channel has. In the team we work based on a common philosophy on implementing our strategy to position the limes on the Swiss IT security market line successfully.” Limes for SMEs-country”Switzerland in the evaluation phase of a firewall solution for the location Switzerland convinced us underground8 the strong price-performance ratio, high performance as well as an innovative branding. Limes particularly small and medium-sized enterprises with a solution that is feasible in their technological diversity and functionality in terms of the cost only for large companies”, Raphael Meienberger, CEO of triple AcceSSS IT Switzerland, the decision for underground8 explains. Gaetano Maita, Managing Director at 3xS-IT, adds: our philosophy is to offer leading solutions with customized value added services to our resellers. In a country with a very high number of SMEs such as the Switzerland I see very good chances to penetrate this market segment with the limes.” Value added reseller reseller you can benefit from the umbrella management by underground8. This allows remote maintenance and updating as a managed service and also guarantees the high availability of systems. In addition to this triple AcceSSS now offers a replacement system in the event of failure within six hours, which is preconfigured and ready with the individual settings of the company.

    In addition, the VAD leads for its resellers product training in special training centers, as well as on-the-fly “through seminars. More information about triple access IT at:. Photographic material is available under the following link provided: de/presse/presse.php. “Brief description underground8 secure computing GmbH: according to the corporate philosophy security today is no longer an option, but an obligation” has become the leading Not Acceptable!

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    leading IT security provider with headquarters in Austria (Linz) and a branch in the United States. The company has a highly qualified and nationwide reseller network. In the production underground8 cooperates with global industry leaders such as Intel. In addition, supports the company science and teaching at various universities in the country and abroad.

  • Aug 13

    Email Verschlusselungsslosung by PineApp protects sensitive data and meet compliance requirements Ismaning, December 11, 2008, encryption is one of the best ways to protect data from unauthorized access. For this reason, the manufacturer of PineApp offers a comprehensive, centrally administrable and high-performance email security solution with its email encryption solution. Special: For the end user no noticeable change is the sending and receiving of messages. PineApp mail encryption solution is a stand-alone solution that offers award-winning Mail-SeCure appliance in addition perimeter security, anti spam, anti virus, content filtering, and email management tools in combination with product. The product is now available through the VAD (value added distributor) DATAKOM distribution available. Recently Keith Yamashita sought to clarify these questions. Because encryption for sensitive data typically only makes sense, not every E-Mail must be protected in such. PineApp solution are system administrators now able to set up rules for Not Acceptable!

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    Thus compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes Oxley meet completely. Although E-Mail is now the most commonly used means of communication in the business sector, its importance as a carrier of sensitive corporate data and confidential information with regard to the security of the data is often underestimated”, says Petra Goebel, channel marketing manager roof of the DATAKOM distribution. The PineApp mail encryption solution provides a simple, low-cost and flexible way to encrypt data before they are sent. In combination with Mail SeCure gives the user a complete email security and management solution.” The advantages of PineApp mail encryption solution overview: requires minimal Administration meets sharpest regulations as GLB, COX or Sarbanes-Oxley automatic transmission and opening confirmation secure AES 256-bit encryption of the password-protected PDF files easily works with solutions from other vendors comprehensive monitoring, logging and content auditing capabilities for system administrators, saves bandwidth and saves all logs resources by SES supports how S/MIME v2/v3, open PGP, RFC 2440 the shipping takes place in the first quarter of 2009. For orders that are given up till December 31, 2008, the VAD DATAKOM granted a promotional discount of 25 percent on the EVK for the whole roof area. In brief: DATAKOM distribution which is DATAKOM distribution is a business unit of the DATAKOM GmbH, founded in 1986, headquartered in Ismaning, Germany.

    “Under the motto added value in the network” the DATAKOM distribution sees itself as a value added distributor (VAD) for the channel. Focuses on the areas of networking and security, the VAD offers extensive services its partners in addition to an exclusive product portfolio, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the trade. These include additional services such as active marketing support, lead generation and comprehensive support in addition to training, presales, consulting, financing, MDF services. The business unit it accesses the expert know-how of the DATAKOM GmbH, which successfully operates for more than 22 years on the international network and security markets, back.

  • August Band

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    Aug 12

    The first LP of the band is a mixture of rock, indie and alternative. Munster, August 24, 2010. oomoxx media, service providers in the field of CD and DVD production, announced yesterday it will take over sales for the first long player album the band Insite. The album, titled “over the roofs of this city”, will be from September 10, 2010. Insite, four boys from Haltern am see are: singer and guitarist Matthias Kuhn, guitarist Janos Buttgereit, Alexander Winkelhorst’s bassist and drummer Henning Oskamp. The band’s sound is composed of a mixture of rock, indie and alternative. The lyrics are dark touch and often dealing with the sadness of the small towns. “In a small town like Haltern am see,” writes the band on their website, “there are about only once.” Insite means music against the village disco.

    All recordings of the album are live and even written. “With all the texts that everyone could write in the reason. The problems here, the feeling of happiness,”writes the band. But precisely what makes Insite so authentic. And also properly set the young musicians do not want themselves, at least with regard to the language. So, german-language song with the English speaking turns. Listen to the album are eleven new tracks of the band, five in English and six in the German language.

    The enclosed 12-page booklet includes all lyrics to the read or even sing along. The album is available then the media shop at, through the distributors of oomoxx media, as well as in record stores. oomoxx media produced since 2004 in the sales order CDs, DVDs and, since 2009, Blu-rays and USB flash drives. Oomoxx media handles productions in every size and design in cooperation with a broad network of certified suppliers. Main of activity is the CD and DVD production with packaging and printed materials of all kinds. About reproduction, oomoxx media offers a wide range of complementary services: from Premastering and authoring, deploying various code and rights clearances or GEMA settlement about the creation of the artwork until going production and DVD production oomoxx media to the sales of the CD offers all services competent and committed from a single source.

  • Aug 9

    The customers flee and from doing what hardly anyone, however, the sight, out of mind. This proverb sums up what is currently practised in the sales with regard to lost customers: lost customers are lost customers. Or they are called index body ‘ deleted from the database. Only 12 percent of all companies operate a systematic customer recovery management. 35 percent deal at all with the theme. And 53 percent do not more than occasionally. This is the result of a representative survey of 300 senior executives of the German economy in the framework of the excellence barometer 2009. This is a very dubious result says Anne M.

    Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing and initiator of the study. “” Because companies are dealing increasingly with a new phenomenon: the fleeing customers. “Although the classic customer acquisition that is by far most expensive acquisition measures, most of the resources flow paradoxically there”, so the consultant next. Existing customers have therefore often feel, only second class ‘ to be. SYPartners brings even more insight to the discussion. So pull them angrily and walk away disappointed.” When the customer recovery result, so the qualified expert, two starting points: the migration management with the aim of Abwehrens or the withdrawal of terminations and revitalization management for the purpose of recovery of abandoned or dormant business relationship. In the District of ex customer considerable revenue potential lies dormant.

    It is, if you know how to do it to get back not only cheaper, but also lighter, cracked off customers, rather than to acquire pure new customers.” The schedule-driven customer recovery can evolve into a key competitive advantage. In her book, come back! How they win back lost customers ‘, provides expert Schuller a five-step management process that shows how that works in a professional manner. Always the following must be however, so the author, primarily: the prevention of loss of the customer. Still better than It is natural to lose not only to reactivate lost customers. In saturated markets, the customer security and establishing a lasting customer loyalty have absolute priority. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller Come back! As you lost customers recover Orell Fussli Zurich, 2nd Edition 2007, 226 p., 26.50 euro / CHF 44.00 ISBN 978-3-280-05242-6 more info: the author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. The diploma in business administration and eight books and bestselling author is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008. The elite of the business is among its clientele.

  • Aug 7

    How is the distributed software development implemented? The model of distributed software development means that team members from various locations work together. Modern tools are used for communication. Therefore, these employees together form a virtual team. Rob Daley is actively involved in the matter. Distributed development has following advantages – development costs be optimized productivity increases delivery times made that higher product quality will be obtained of the distributed software development is applied for several reasons. Employees with specific skills around the globe together collected in a virtual team easy. This development can run around the clock. The offshore and nearshore promises shift from activities a significant cost reduction.

    You must observe certain factors to successfully implement the distributed development. Even if team members have never seen each other, the communication process has to be perfect. The development work is to respond flexibly to the changes. The security must be be achieved. Certain instruments facilitate the control of a virtual team. These include the tools for communication and knowledge-sharing. Increases the productivity of the virtual team, if the team members meet regularly – if not personally, then with the help of video conference system. A strong team makes impossible possible!