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    May 31

    History of the taxi begins in ancient times. The first taxi drivers are the drivers. Example of the first taxi appeared in France in the 17th century. Originally they were riding carriages, which are unknown to organize enterprising resident of France. Taxis serve the hotel courtyard. In 1897 there were carts with a gasoline engine. In 1905, invented the taximeter and all orders are charged. The name of this device and the name of this type of matter transportation – taxis, or taxi.

    A pioneer in the production of taxis – is well-known company Renault. Read more from Andrew Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In order to stand out cars in the city of avenues painted in red and green. And different device Body taxi, because the front of the cabin was separated from the passenger. The first mention of the Russian Empire of the cab on the car belongs to 1907. Before the October revolution in the industry of the private carting car very rapidly developed.

    However, later it was destroyed, as an accessory 'bourgeois class'. Only many years later, in 1924 the Moscow Council adopted a decision on the revival of a taxi and made the purchase of two hundred Car brands Fiat (Italy), Renault (France). Originally there were only a taxi in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the 30s of the last century, the production of machines for taxis started with a prototype of 'GAS-A'. The number of Soviet taxi increased by 7 times. For tax rates very long time for a journey was 50 cents a mile, one hour journey – 4 rubles. 50 kopecks. At night, operated 25% margin. After the war, in the taxi were introduced distinctions: the chess strip along the sides of the body and green light. In 1957 he took the start of an era 'Volga', and continuing to this day. In our era of taxis – an important part of a city and its transport. According to statistics, every 5 people in the world used or uses the services of a taxi.

  • May 30

    Note: The freedom of the Wolf means the death of the sheep! (C) on the horizon of religious morals, the Zeitgeist WINS! The Christian religion (Rome) is not a democratic organization. It is thus the capitalist system always closer than democracy. South America (liberation theology) is a good example of this. Today the secularization (separation of State and Church, Treaty of Church of the State) is maintained us limited. Catholic holidays apply equally to all citizens and all religions for example. But what a Muslim with Easter and Pentecost do? France is as much law compliant. Christianity is a world religion that emerged from Judaism. …

    Christians believe in one God (monotheism) as a Trinity, that is a nature unit consisting of father, son and holy spirit. … Some 2.26 billion adherents, Christianity is the world’s most widespread religion…. Both the Pope and the bishops College has the highest authority of the world church 9-stage hierarchy. The Pope is head of the College of bishops and does Supreme, full, immediate, and universal jurisdiction over the whole Church. In the exercise of his rights, he is not limited. This violence is also known as Primatialgewalt.

    The Pope is advised in his duties by the Synod of bishops and the Cardinals. The Curia as a governing body for the Government of the Church existed. The College of bishops is a subject of law. … Carrier management violence. The Second Vatican Council and the CIC 1983 attributable to highest and full powers in regard to the whole Church the Bishop College, which exerts it together with the Pope as the head of the College of bishops. The exercise of violence against the Pope is, however, not possible. Dictatorship, such as FIFA, dogmatism, clan society A State Church contract is a contract between a State (nation-State or another Member State, such as in particular a land of the Federal Republic of Germany) and a religious community.

  • Superior Council

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    May 24

    Many manifest concerned by children of the India or Africa, where so many die, either due to malnutrition, hunger, or whatever. But there are millions deliberately eliminated by abortion. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the great Spanish philosopher Julian Marias, than the worst that has happened in the 20th century without exception, has been the social acceptance of abortion. Bioethics Committee, Spain, has delivered an opinion which concludes that killing a human being is not any imposition, but if a right. An opinion as scandalous as obscene.

    There has been a particular vote: of Cesar Nombela the most backed vowel by the autonomies, microbiologist and former President of the Superior Council of scientific research that has voted against such pamphlet, by removing the colors to the rest of the Committee to denounce the radical contradiction in which incurred, by recognizing that from conception, there is a new human life distinct from the pregnant mother; but at the same time admit that it can finish on a voluntary basis with this life, during the first fourteen weeks of their development. But today I will not remove nauseating filth that apparently, by ignorance, resentment or personal gain, many will tumble happy. Put highlights in my article that difficult is defending the honour of God which has apparently caused an interested uproar between the ultraconservative and reactionary Liberals insatiable selfishness and hypocrisy that we are impregnated, disease that has led us to substitute the highest values of Christian humanism, which deepens its roots Western civilizationby personal conveniences and the golden calf, so that emerging from the blackness of our intangible empty, fertile ground fructifies in it, the bloody seeds of our own destruction which is abortion, which new Chronos devouring our own children. The human being and as such imperfect, is simultaneously capable of carrying out the most sublime actions and more abject, why suffer desdoro or impairment of its dignity.

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  • Security Council

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    May 23

    Condoleezza Rice warned Russia that already could not repeat what he did 40 years ago when its tanks took over a foreign capital (Prague) and imposed an affine President there. Putin, in fact, did not occupy all Georgia nor removed his Government pro-Bush, but it made him see Washington that Moscow is no longer the same as in the past 20 years, when it was impotent and should tolerate as NATO would them snatching its main units. For the first time since the U.S. To broaden your perception, visit Western Union. won the cold war, the Kremlin has dared to perform an external military incursion which has clashed with the West. This was only a limited but already Moscow demonstrated that today can protect friendly areas (Abkhazia and South-Ossetia) and that tomorrow may show their muscles in Crimea, Transnistria and other ancient enclaves of the former Soviet bloc. China has not backed the Russian action, but has hailed his role as peacemaker. Two of the five members of the Security Council so want to show us that it must be cautious if you want to make further interventions in Asia or expand the EU and NATO.

  • May 10

    In addition, that considers spaces so that the regional organizations set out their expositions in the different instances that preside. In this context, intendenta expressed that as regional authority is arranged to receive to all who have diverse positions against these initiatives, ” ever since I am advisor I believe that there is to be very informed with respect to the projects and to which is the quality of life, and what we want for Aysn and our children and nietos”. On the disposition of the regional authority Peter Hartmann indicated that ” we were very well welcomed and that is remarkable. In addition there is an advance and a commitment to worry that it does not follow this corruption that are making the companies in the evaluation of impact ambiental”. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria. It emphasized the leader who ” I would say as much to President Sebastin Piera like a intendenta that makes case to the future generations and that listen those future generations in their own houses, where there is people who know very clearly the ideas of how there is to take care of the region and the country, and how to avoid the dams in the Patagonia”. On the other hand Miriam Chible expressed that the meeting with Pounding Caves ” she was quite positive, we presented work that continues realising the Defense council of the Patagonia, and in addition we did delivery to him of a letter where they appear some points that stops we are very important, like for example that the management of the previous intendant is not repeated with whom we had bad experiencia” , thus alluding to the questionings that have become to Selim Carrasco in their roll of president of Corema. ” When talking with her we realized that is well-meaning, when instructing to his seremis and to the rest of its directors on watch who pronounce themselves neither to favor nor against these projects, that are a delicate subject, thus it has special well-taken care of in that subject also. We saw in addition, from her, a good disposition be communicated well with the Defense council of the Patagonia, strongly valued the work that is been making this organism, indicating that without their east existence type of projects would not have been hefted igual” it concluded dirigenta..

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