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  • Feb 24

    To feel confident on the road, you just need avtoinstruktor. Many have already seen that not all driving schools can please a good quality driver training. Obviously, you will learn the basics of driving, explain the theory, but the driving is likely to only run for exercise necessary for the exam in the traffic police. In the end, the rights you get. But it often happens that driving on the exam tested only formally.

    But The foregoing shall not apply to one of the best professional driving school in Penza. How to be a new driver? How can he get the confidence that it would be safe on the road and do not fall into a dangerous situation? That such problems and should seek to avtoinstruktoru – a specialist in the business! A professional teacher will be able to improve your confidence, to show how to navigate the roads and demonstrate application of the knowledge in the classroom. And, of course, except the driving avtoinstruktor will help you to understand the rules of the road. For example, in Penza popular professional driving school such service as driving with avtoinstruktorom for people who already have a driver's license. Professional avtoinstruktor detail can pass those points that were missed during training in a driving school. For example, such an individual situation, as the trip from home to work and back. Avtoinstruktor will travel this route with you. Show, where you can not turn where it is safe to park, will show the shortest way.

    Should walk with you on all the details and answer all the burning questions. Education is constructed so that then driving will be for you an indescribable pleasure! Another major difference between individual sessions with avtoinstruktorom driving in a driving school lies in the fact that you can learn not only academic automobile driving schools, but also on their personal. Since you already have the right, the car should not be necessarily equipped with redundant pedals. More all that is in a driving school where you prepare, it was not the same car as yours. Consequently, sitting behind the wheel of your own car you feel insecure on the road. In such a case would be useful to work out your car with avtoinstruktorom – you get used to it, and avtoinstruktor protect you from possible mistakes and related accidents. Remember – the road does not forgive mistakes. Better to find time for additional training, than to neglect health or even life.

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  • Feb 22

    The author of the article: Marianne business coach, organizational consultant for "Provocation growth talks in full swing. Client has already said, why is training and what is expected. Sympathetic to the requests: more practice – less theory. The following is the condition of the individual coach: "We need bright, with charisma." Such a wish can be heard almost from every other client. What is hidden under the requirement of "a coach with charisma? What guarantees gives the customer? And anyway, how to determine: a charismatic coach or not? Reflections on these issues have prompted me to write this story here. To answer these questions, I'll start with the definition of what charisma and what effect a charismatic personality has on learning outcomes. No such thing as charisma, now very popular. You can even talk about some "charismatic" spree at a training market.

    But despite the hype around charisma, a common interpretation of such a thing as a no and no. To better understand the phenomenon of charismatic personality propose to consider it in three aspects: religious, political and psychological. Three aspects The roots of charisma I'm interested in concepts are deep into religion. The word charisma () of Greek origin and has the following meaning: Grace, God's grace, a divine gift. In Christianity, charisma was seen as gift of teaching or given over the possibility of proclaiming the word peace. Business coach and teacher-prophet have a very different purpose. At a training market, there are those for whom this combination is tempting, but do not forget about the danger Business coach and teacher-prophet have different destinations.

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  • Chinese Economy

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    Feb 21

    Otherwise, there could be social unrest lead to unwanted. The panorama of the Chinese economy makes it clear that not only is not helping to reduce the impact of the crisis, but that is deepening by lower demand for products worldwide. Since China does not intend to make to the overall recovery, the global economy becomes dependent on what the U.S. can do. In this regard, the workshop agreed that the U.S.

    economy could begin to show clear signs of recovery from the last quarter. On the way how is this recovery, we can analyze some of the key players that will make that path. U.S. banks still problems continue in spite of indicating the stress test. Last Friday, I commented about the fall of a new U.S.

    bank. This time it was the turn of BankUnited FSB. But what matters in terms of economic recovery is the banking system's ability to generate new credit to fuel domestic demand and in this sense is not yet seen a good scenario. Moreover, we all know the impact the crisis has had on American families with strong destruction of wealth that has generated. Undoubtedly affect the behavior of households and therefore have an impact on the dynamics of consumption in the U.S., a situation that will deepen the problems in the credit market mentioned above. And because household consumption is the main component of U.S. GDP, the prospects for recovery are not too promising. Alternatively, recovery of the U.S. economy is looking towards the external sector.

  • Success in Life

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    Feb 20

    A meeting with your readers – always a holiday. High dreams mature reflections of children, their sincerity and sympathy, a willingness to share the secret – it all inspires me to further creativity. Over the past three years occurred more than 30 such meetings with students second – fifth grade, and one – even with shestiletkami. Each time, peering into his eyes wide open guys, I froze in anticipation of discovery. Important for me is not about his work telling, and hear the views of children, cause they want to think, share the best dreams. That's why guys like to ask questions – questions about the most important. That's what conversation took place with the second graders.

    – What you are the most important thing in life? Instantly rose forest of hands. The answers were unambiguous: – My dad and mom. – Life and health of my and my family. – Friends. Only in one class girl from the first batch (apparently an excellent pupil) after "Unoriginal" replies classmates said: – Knowledge. – Why do you need the knowledge? – I asked.

    – To study well. – And why do we need to study well? – To go to work. – Why work? – I continued to pry. The class has been a marked revival, even the teachers with the last lot come off the check-books and stared at the meticulous writer. – To earn money, – said the girl helplessly, waiting new question, which immediately and sounded: – Why money is needed? Then a girl for some reason sat on the seat, deciding to abort such a way that endless dialogue. On the other hand shot up a whole forest of shaking hands with anticipation: – The money is needed to eat and drink! – It turns out that the most important thing in life – is to eat and drink? The guys fell silent in disbelief, feeling that there's something wrong. – Okay! Imagine that you were on a desert island – I suggested – such as in a fairy tale "Red Flower". There is a magnificent palace, tablecloth that feeds you tasty dishes – A car can be? – Of course, at least three! There is all the entertainment and attractions! Lovely garden, the animals! The children were silent, not knowing what else to ask. – There is everything that your heart desires. True, you're out there all alone. – I would have wished a wand! – In the midst of general silence a voice rang out. – Why do you need a magic wand, because you and so everything? – I would set up a ship and sailed it to your friends! Of course, why all this splendor, if not the principal? (To be continued)

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  • Value Labor

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    Feb 17

    The terms "price" and "value" legitimately be considered synonymous with that already is widespread, but that does not yet have a theoretical justification. Here and below, these terms are used interchangeably and interchangeable. Labour costs – labor costs as much as is he created a commodity. Labor, has created no one want in this market goods do not have this market value. The price of labor lone entrepreneur, having neither payroll nor income is the difference between revenue and cost of production of goods. The price of labor production team (the sum of the price of labor members of the team) is the sum of the wage fund at a profit, or the difference between revenue and costs of production, which is not included payroll. Added value – the value created by labor.

    Labor costs and added that labor costs are two sides of one coin. price production – sum of the prices of labor across a succession of producers goods from producers of raw materials, energy, tools and ending with the last manufacturer of the goods – the seller. price production – arithmetic average of prices of production of one-species goods in this market. Competition between single-species producers leads to the fact that in equilibrium the market price of the goods of this type is installed in accordance with srednevidovoy cost of production. The price of labor-WIDE A series made goods – sum of the prices of labor producers of those goods whose value is transferred to the cost of the product, creating value (price) of production of goods.

  • Solution Service

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    Feb 16

    10. Drafting of various legal documents. 11. The solution of the labor and economic disputes. 12. Representation in court.

    13. Collection of accounts receivable. Legal service is usually carried out as follows. Agreement is signed, and a firm-fixed call a lawyer. This person has all possible legal assistance: Provide advice in orally and in writing, working with company documents and perform other functions stipulated by the contract. The client must select one or more persons who will interact with the firm providing legal services.

    These people are associated with the company by phone, fax, email or in person – means of communication also are discussed in advance. The firm takes the job and assigns it to the level of complexity to the simple, complex or the task of increased complexity. Simple task is performed immediately, the complex requires the study of the circumstances and details that it takes some time. The most difficult tasks involved lawyers, having specialization in a specific industry legislation. Usually at the end of each month legal service the client receives a report on the work of a lawyer. Services for legal service can be divided into several conventional categories: 1. Legal services in the area of tax legislation. Usually, legal service companies includes a number of services in relation to the taxes. First of all, a consultation on tax law, assistance in selecting the optimal tax regime, promoting the company accountants, the subscriber, production workflow of the firm. Do not leave your lawyers outsourcers and at the time of tax checks.

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  • Kitchen Business

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    Feb 15

    If you want to create a business that is associated with arts and crafts, perhaps you already have a product that you would like to throw into the market, or to create a product line is not for you much difficulty. Initially, you may need some time for arrangement of working space, since it is difficult to predict in advance how much you'll need a place to create a product, develop business and lead documentation. For example, I initially was very convenient to work in the kitchen. The kitchen was my kingdom. I was easy to prepare and create a familiar environment. I worked on the covers desktops, and on the kitchen table. However, when the business began to expand and overflowed the dining room first and then the other rooms, working in the kitchen was awkward and uncomfortable.

    The order was not there, and I lost at this time and money. Therefore, I completely dismissed the guest bedroom and started to organize an orderly, convenient for the business area. Built-in wardrobe instead of a computer, printer and paper. Sliding closet door is easily removed. Of a piece of wood with a mill turned tabletop, I covered it photographic paper and placed on two index cards locker.

    In size tabletop just fit in the cupboard. Lamp on the pegs, fixed for the top shelf, well lit desk and took up precious space. On the top shelf as I was to keep the paper files, accounting books and records. On the computer desk was plenty of room for telephone and address directories, and along with pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, tape and scissors.

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  • Budget Business

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    Feb 12

    When immersed in the process of working on activities begin to see the night life “insider” and begin to understand that it is comparable to the booth! The clubs work quite a lot of people but I’ll be in my review to talk only about art frames as they kept this industry, the basic principle is always the most creative in minimum budget because people are establishing institutions are always thinking about profitability and they are right, but not all the time to travel to the creative, it is embodiment, too, costs money and this is the main difference between domestic clubs from overseas who work for an established business models and know that they need to invest not only in the purchase of food, alcohol, and interior, but also in advertising Pr and Marketing. As an education specialist in advertising and Pr, I can say unequivocally self-respecting advertising agency and pr men to do nothing there, because all the advertising and Pr digging built on a small Budget is limited to a modest print, online and printed products, is a rare outdoor advertising and tv. We should not forget that a very important tool for promoting events is word of mouth.

    Everything bad you say, but it was not there like a small budget, exercise an enormous, and competition is crazy, and as is typical for our country’s unhealthy, but it was not there, even more pain began to be ‘pioneers’ who potusavavshis people in nightclubs, not having no thematic education, no idea what they should do and in what direction to develop whole crowd began to flattery in the industry, that and so can not acquire a professional tone. Now it is fashionable and young people seek to start working in this field and get into the most trouble with it is what I described above is sufficient pessimistic, but it is reality and we must accept it for what it is and I’m sure that there are people who approach the matter with all seriousness and the proportion of fanaticism to the point, this market is slow but sure steps go to the mountain, and we, after a few years will see a completely different approach to business and quality of work and think about the current situation with a grin. Yours! Gayzenband Alexander (Sasha Da Bad) Project Manager PrivateZone.ru.

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  • Best Employee

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    Feb 7

    Good sales department – a special world and treats it to in a special way. First, all recruits must be distinguished clearly defined communication skills, their speech must be competent and easy. Secondly, they should be able to quickly analyze received during the conversation with future customer information and use it to make decisions. Third, the sales department – this close-knit team whose members must be at least, not conflict, or better yet, friendly and open people. This initial requirements that the employees are sales must necessarily respond. In addition to bringing high standards for candidates, the company itself must understand that the job of sales manager is associated with stress and, therefore, to try to create the most conducive atmosphere within the company, or at least, the department. Necessarily need to give managers the opportunity to participate in the formation of a batch of proposals; manager's name first to find out that, given time, the market demands and their knowledge can help when it comes to preparing the output of new products or services to market. Encourage initiative is very important – it stimulates employees to seek unconventional methods of work. Also, the construction of sales must be considered that the direction of the company's need for training. This is a short-term training or seminars. Such training as "a breath of fresh air" for employees. Beginners can quickly join the team and learn all the nuances of working, and employees with the experience helps to refresh existing knowledge. Very happy Sales managers are involved in competitions, for example, for the best employee of the month. Competitive element can significantly improve sales. It is important to remember that not only the title "Best Employee of the Month", but the prize must be welcome. Then the results will not keep you waiting. Encouraging initiative, carrying out continuous training, using a variety of motivational circuits, both tangible and material, you can build active sales department, who with honor will be held every storm, and at the same time, sales of the company will meet forecasts and expectations of management.

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  • Small Hotels

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    Feb 2

    No, forget about the main thing: the base, then the soil, then our corrupt to get away? We do it all sitting on the very neck, but somebody you ought to rake it. We ourselves do with it already, in fact, to stick. And if this layer is suddenly reduced, many will be, so to speak, without pants, and uncover the ugly truth – we can not work. Hoteliers – to serve the guests, the Inspector – scan, the deputies – to write laws. In contrast, the thicker this soil, so more people can anything in it to catch, starting with the technicians in and ending then you probably able to write the name of the parent entity, which you benefactors. This order of things at first glance seems more straightforward, familiar, well-established. According to the statistics of small hotels in St. Petersburg is about 800, and the inspectors have not so much. And if they are in every hotel, even a cup of tea will drop to drink, that such visits have a real chance to stretch out for a year or even two. A major work they arise at all. The conclusions are simple and obvious: firstly, the data validation – a serious cause for hoteliers to bring work acceptable procedure that is not spun completely nuts, and secondly, to all, in any case will not come. But if you were pleased to visit with a check, we can assume that your hotel has some kind of visibility in the city. Already a plus. The main editorial opinion is that hoteliers were able to unite. The main problem today is not the checks and crisis, and that there is no association. On the side is seen as a separate association benefit in the consolidation. For example Hotelsclub or the Association of Small Hotels in Saint-Petersburg, they are constantly involved in disputes, create precedents, to initiate legislation. And this is only about 50 hotels from 600-800 in St. Petersburg, where's others? Remember – "a dramatic, it is always easier to break than a broom out of hundreds of twigs'! Send us a letter with questions and suggestions

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