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  • May 6

    Safe and fast approval permissions information and knowledge are a crucial competitive factor today and require special protection: many manufacturers are looking for so the right compromise between protection and controlled access. An innovative solution to the permission management in GmbH combines practical use maximum protection. Two days instead of two weeks: With the new permission management in GmbH automaker could significantly reduce the approval process of internal and external staff for important product data systems and corporate resources. At the same time, the process was transparent and is now consistently documented. Many manufacturers are confronted today with the same problem: the resources have become data, information and knowledge in the development of new products the most important factor of production, they must on the one hand protected by restrictive access mechanisms, at the same time but flexible within the framework of projects accessible internal and external employees, the information for specific Tasks require. In practice often traditional approval procedures used, which need a lot of time and are only partially documented. With the solution of in-GmbH, the manufacturer now combines maximum security with a quick, automated authorization process. On the basis of a workflow engine, various processes are defined, covering all practical requirements.

    An approval process is initiated, iterate through all necessary levels of approval and released the access to the requested resources for the required period of time. Changes to the approval process or rules can be configured and customized without programming. Such flexible and effective workflow solutions are offered by in-GmbH all organizations, which have a need for safe and transparent approval process. Manja Wagner