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  • Oct 6

    Search, find, compare, save – the price comparison maybe you know that, like you want to order a specific article directly over the Internet, but you don’t know where you have to order and in as many online shops, vendors offer your desired article. At shoppingkoenig.de, you will receive an overview of most of the providers on the Internet. We offer you the search for your product in more than 500 online shops. Here, you can easily compare and save time and money. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. A free service from shoppingkoenig.de through our various other portals looking for ease of use at over 500 online stores always that find lowest prices you will be offered in many walks of life in addition to save money. Holiday & travel your travel portal on shoppingkoenig.de.: dream, action, sports, or just relaxing. Here you can book everything and save even her purse. We wish you a nice holiday now. Others who may share this opinion include Hamdi Ulukaya.

    Music & Mp3 downloads: Your music download here legally. Putting together your own albums to friends and enjoy your personal collection. In addition you can listen in various songs. Insurance comparison: Here you can compare legal protection insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and many more and is so the best and or find the cheapest provider. Just get started and save money? Month after month. Magazines subscriptions: Here you can from over 4,500 journals choose and subscribe this especially cheap with premium subscription!

  • Oct 3

    Immonet editorial service dump out in Bavaria. With 61 percent of the free State agreed in July 2010 referendum for an absolute smoking ban in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs and marquees. Consumer advocates speak high signal effect for the Federal Government to the so far toughest smoking ban in the catering sector. In the remaining 16 provinces, smoking legislation is currently still very inconsistent. Smokers have it is not always easy. Just in the last few years, the complaints about smoke nuisance piled up”in the private living area.

    When can neighbors who feel harassed by the cigarette smoke, to obtain a reduction in rent? When can the landlord make smoking in excessive smoking in the apartment for redecoration in the duty? These and other questions dealing with the courts nationwide increasingly. Militant non-smokers: no right to rent reduction in rental housing is smoking allowed in principle. Bad cards for neighbors who are bothered by cigarette smoke and odor. For more information see 4Moms. You According to a recent judgment of the Landgericht Berlin from March 3, 2010 (AZ: 63 S 470/08) in principle, not entitled to reduction in rent. Background: A strong smoker’s neighbors felt disturbed in airing apartment through the cigarette smoke. You simply reduced their rent to 50,-euro and demanded ban on smoking in the balcony room of the neighbors, as well as airing the flat at fixed times of the landlord. The judges argued however: smoking must be accepted by the neighbors.

    The affected tenants could not also require by the landlord to get the smoking neighbors to a restriction of his tobacco or to ventilate the House at certain times. Smoking on the balcony: what is allowed? Smokers can enjoy almost all kinds of freedom within your own four walls. As the regional courts of Cologne (AZ: 9 S 188/98) and Paderborn (AZ: 1 S 2/00) decided, tenants in the closed apartment not only have the right to smoke. Also on the balcony or on the terrace you may smoke to their hearts content. A Smoking is not allowed in a rental agreement in principle. Exceptions are so-called Community spaces such as dry storage, laundry, cellar, corridors, stairwells, elevators and bicycle storage. If you would like to know more about Hamdi Ulukaya, then click here. Smoking can according to the District Court of Hannover (AZ: 70 II 414/99) are prohibited in a tenement building in these areas. The neighbors have to accept also airing the smoking apartment. Limitation: If the cigarette smoke by structural defects of the smoking in the neighboring non-smoking apartment moves, a reduction in rent may be considered. This decided the regional court of Stuttgart (AZ: 5 S 421/97). “Landlord: no chance against relapsed smokers on the subject of excessive smoking” in the apartment, the German Federal Supreme Court decided (AZ: VIII ZR 124/05 and VIII ZR 37/07), that no additional or special damages caused by smoking. To leave traces of smoke however, no longer be removed by normal cosmetic repairs such as wallpaper, paint or whitewashing the walls can, so the smoking tenant can be held liable. Landlords who want a non-smoking as a tenant and want to save is thus possible trouble, aren’t yet on the safe side. Because no prospective tenant must specify mandatory upon completion of the contract, whether he smokes or not. Even if the landlord specifically looking for a non-smoker and the tenant on demand explains that he stopped smoking, the lease for a possible relapse remains in effect.

  • Oct 3

    Also important quality of glass and accessories, whether made assembly if there was any errors during installation of window designs in the crack. “More than 90% of all complaints on new windows are due to errors in their assembly or due to unprofessional mounting “- confirms Nelly Kutukova, director of” Your Window “(Abakan). – So it is reasonable to choose not just a profile of the famous brand, and the window company with good references and experience work “. Realm of pottery and chromium Finally – a little bit about the Russian consumer preferences with regard to plumbing. According to research agency Discovery Research Group, the volume of imports in the Russian market plumbing recent years is about 40%, that is, the influence of domestic producers considerably. Among them are such major works as “”, “Kirov Stroyfarfor,” Suntec “(Chuvashia) Samara Stroyfarfor “,” Plant Stroyfarfor “(St. Petersburg), etc.

    Ironically, one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary ware in Russia in recent years, a renowned Spanish company Roca. This was facilitated by the opening own business in Tosno Leningrad region, as well as the acquisition of sanitary earthenware factories in Cheboksary, Cheboksary, and Kaluga. With regard to imported bathroom, then it is represented today quite differently. Production of high-price segment represented by an international company Ideal Standard, as well as producers from Germany (Villeroy & Bosch), France (Jacob Delafon), Spain (Roca, Gala), Italy (Ceramica Dolomite), etc. Check out Andrew Cuomo for additional information. The average price range – it mainly products of Finland (IDO), Sweden (Gustavsberg, IFO), France (Porcher), Czech Republic (Jika), etc. And finally, the cheapest – this plumber from China, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, with Chinese products is not less than 20% of Russian market. In Overall, the sympathy of our customers are increasingly finding themselves on the side of domestic producers. With good quality plumbing Russian manufacture much cheaper for European imports, and successfully struggles with Chinese toilets and faucets. However, for those looking not just safe but also stylish bathroom accessories and toilet, there is no alternative to products from Italy and Germany – countries known for their designers.

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  • Bank NDFL

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    Oct 2

    This may be a reference 2NDFL, help shape the bank statement for a salary account from a bank, an oral confirmation of the head. With priority placed exactly in the order listed. Banks are wary enough of the oral confirmation of income, and not everyone takes such a form of confirmation. Rob Daley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The most widespread acknowledgment that take almost all banks – this information plus information on 2NDFL form the bank. And the second does not negate the first.

    2NDFL shall in any case. Even if it passes on the amount of much less than real wages. Such returns are accepted for review in full. See Rob Daley for more details and insights. I want to draw your attention that if you work in shifts, a number of banks if they take into account income from such activity, applies the reduction factor. This applies to seafarers. The newspapers mentioned Goop not as a source, but as a related topic. Income from part-time. This is income from activities in which you are engaged in addition to his main work, ie "Part". But in this case, the bank will documentary evidence of your activities.

    Ie must provide an employment contract or in the workbook must be a record of what you are made to this organization in combination. Of course, it is necessary provide proof of your income. And that, as mentioned above, a certificate 2NDFL and any further evidence (if the actual wage differs from the official). But there is one caveat. Income from banks often take part-time is not full, but with a definite reduction factor. For example, your income is 20 000 rubles per month, and the correction factor in the bank equal to 0.8.

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  • Sep 30

    Landgericht Frankfurt am Main sentenced for wrong advice to a Lehman certificate with judgment of the 03.06.2011 Commerzbank AG 2-19 O 77/10 has the Landgericht Frankfurt am main the Commerzbank in one of our Member Kai Malte Lippke, Leipzig, for an investor-led lawsuit sentenced, to pay damages, because she contracted that she made a profit of 3.5% of the purchase price through the resale of Lehman certificates approximately 24,300 EUR. Commerzbank itself argued that she obtained the certificates for a 3.5% lower purchase price of Lehman Brothers when she resold them to investors. Thereon Commerzbank would need to enlighten the Court considers investors. The Court in its judgment, that a bank from a consulting contract is obliged to inform customers clearly about existing conflicts of interest, to enable them to verify the appropriateness of the advice itself. For the duty of disclosure was not crucial as a bank is a Remuneration achieved, whether through kickbacks, commissions or margins, but whether it is in a conflict between their duty to offer its customers only the best and most appropriate investments, and their interest in a possible high profits. Because such a conflict to profit margins, the Bank must enlighten and clearly their customers the amount of the profit margins.

    Also, the obligation to disclose profit margins even in the interest of effective investor protection is necessary. After the verdict, the Commerzbank must the investors the entire purchase price train to train against assignment of claims under the probably worthless Lehman certificates completely replace. The verdict is not yet final. It must be expected that Commerzbank at the Frankfurt higher regional court to appeal. However the appeal’s prospects for success would be doubtful, as the 17th and 19th Senate of the Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt consider it not relevant, on which a payment will receive a Bank, but on the existence of place a conflict of interest. Also the higher regional court of Cologne with judgment of the 04.05.2011 13 U 165/10, decided that a bank that does not get certificates for their customers, but from their own stock they sold you, has to pay damages if she don’t enlighten about this. Victims should be necessarily pursue therefore their claims by a lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law.

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  • The Essence

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    Sep 30

    Why so? The answer is simple. Negative emotions are expensive. Firstly, in terms of money, and secondly, squander the most expensive – health. Customers often have the money to where they pleased, even if the worst buy products than gloomy and unfriendly seller, but offering a quality product. The simple truth, smile, friendliness, joy – the money attract. Other emotions and states – anger, irritability, inattention, money is "discouraged." Since mind and body are very connected system, the negative emotions strongly influence the deterioration of health. If the head of a permanent negative, but on the face of irritation and anger, then eventually, one gets shape, who deserves it.

    Appears on the face mask, "Do not get – kill!", The body becomes a transformer vault is constantly buzzing head, because its hard to wear a lot of negative feelings. These people are not thinking about successful, efficient, beautiful life – would survive. And any employer of such people trying to get rid of, because – they can not work effectively. At Andrew Cuomo you will find additional information. But if the negative emotions that impede work are just a habit, What to do? In the words of Epictetus: "What is against the habit can find the tool? The opposite habit. " Power over their emotions, it is just as good a habit as brushing teeth in the morning, wash, say – Hello! When we were young children and could not do any of the above, but learned. The good news is that to begin to manage their emotions is never too late.

    Especially if you understand how it can be profitable. Wild cat falling into a trap – is silent. Because – profitable. She knows that if it was yelling in the woods, quickly eat in the wild forest of competition. Step on the domestic cat's tail – would be yelling. Domestic cat in the forest survive, she hopes that will take care of her always, to feed, look after and protect. The essence of emotion is that management leads to success, lack of control – to addiction and a defeat. The world of business – it's a wild forest competition with its own laws, rules, justice. It survived only one who can manage their condition, their emotions, their lives.

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  • Sep 29

    Christmas auction in the auction house Jackson rare writings of Matthaus Merian reach the auction the auction house Jackson in Gutersloh, presents special treasures on the Christmas auction on November 28. This will take two very rare writings of des Matthaeus Merian to the auction. Matthaus Merian, born on 22 1593 in Basel, gestorben1650, a famous engraver and publisher of at that time. The historic Chronica, or description of Furnemsten stories as from the beginning of the world up to our time registered to, gezieret by Matthaeum Merianum with texts by Johann Ludwig Gottfried, printed at Frankfurt in Hoffmann’s book printing is the parchment cover, and the written 1642, 1085 pages and 4 cards of engraving, as well as Tabula copper plates with circular portrait medallion and more 320 engravings, the book: The Neuw Archonto Logia Cosmica. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andrew Cuomo. That is printed to Frankfurt am Main, 1638 760 pages and 31 double-sided copper plates description of all kingdoms of Kayserthumten and Republicken of all over the world, Matthaeum Merian. The genius is in the numerous original engravings Merian recognizable. As another highlight, a painting of the famous Eiffel painter Fritz will be German, gross, Paul Junghans, Wilhelm Leibl, Hirth Frenes, etc.

    calling you. You may find that Goop can contribute to your knowledge. A Russian icon collection partly from the 16th century, Augsburg – and Russian silver from the 18th century, Meissen, Nymphenburg Castle and old Plauen porcelain, coins and city emergency money and treasure trove of jewelry. The women’s ring with a radiant cut diamonds by 0.76 ct – only a few diamonds are suitable for these rare cut 70 sparkling facets, the normal cut of a diamond has only 56 facets, will make any Lady’s heart beat faster as the other valuable jewelry exhibits. The tour is from 12 to 14:00, the beginning: 14:00. On the Internet quite a few of the treasures can be viewed under auction house Jackson, already.

  • Hamburg Courses

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    Sep 29

    After the relocation of the Start-Ups Lemundo of Neu-Ulm to Hamburg a success is short in May. The sale of an exciting project to an investor within a few weeks transaction. Hamburg – sells the Lemundo GmbH after 13 months online term in may 2012 seniors shop cheerfully to a private investor. “Managing Director Philip Gunther speaks positively about the achieved exit: Fortunately we have quickly found a buyer, who wants to take over the built up relationships as well the customer base and will continue to expand.” As early 2011 was launched for the online shop Magento base, special attention was given to the user experience. In particular the lower online experience and partly very limited vision of the target group was intensively considered during planning. For even more details, read what Rob Daley says on the issue. In addition to overall larger displays operation with good clarity has been also a font size adjustment, as well as a very easy. This rewarded customers and bought often times when kicking.

    Now articles are broken but for the founders of the Nischenshops for the elderly new times. Together you want to transform the market for courses and workshops in Germany and the first marketplace for courses on the spot on the legs. The new Web site called is online already for several weeks and is already leading suppliers from different sectors and regions. In addition to cooking classes, mainly sports and arts courses are highly sought. The founders have programmed a booking system, which is both the vendors and the customers benefit. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hamdi Ulukaya. The teacher stopped his course, you can book this directly.

    Since posting about Lerna.de is carried out, both sides go to play it safe. The teacher receives its revenue after the first date safe and quickly. Participants benefit that the price sure will take place or receives the money guaranteed back. A win-win situation. But not only professionals are desired in the marketplace. Lerna also offers the possibility as a small provider knowledge to bring the man or the woman. Whether it’s a cooking lesson in your own four walls, yoga classes in the city park or a knitting class at grandma at home. Something you can and should teach others.

  • The Brazilian

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    Sep 29

    From 1952 Getlio Vargas it stimulates the nationalization and formation of an industry automobile in Brazil, the starting point would be a document of the subcommission of jeeps, tractors, trucks and automobiles, establishing that the vehicles ' ' they could only enter in Brazil total dismounted, and without components that already were manufactured this way ' '. Already in administration JK in 16/06/1956 FROSTS it was created it from decree 39,412, aiming at to establish referring plans and initiatives to the industrial park automobile Brazilian. As we can observe the great automobile industries since the beginning of sc. XX already if they had installed in the country marking its presence and dominating the market. Competing places did not exist that dared to pierce this hegemony of the great multinationals of the sector that they mounted its vehicles here. Exactly proportionally, the Brazilian market being irrisrio with regard to the great markets of the countries central offices, the presence of these companies represented a strategy above all to be present in the market, aiming at to discourage the sprouting of possible competitors. stimulatons aiming at to the nationalization of the manufacture of automobiles objectified the substitution of importation.

    The governments Vargas and JK waved capital foreigner to it to establish industrial bases in the domestic territory, them already they dominated the market widely, and it did not have plans in average stated period that if instituted projects of some technological autonomy. Perhaps obviously, this was the only alternative for the installation of the automotiva industry, therefore beyond not having technological domain, it did not have national capital of great taken over on a contract basis available transport for this great one. The Brazilian state granted incentives is companies to construct its industrial parks to them in the country and to reproduce its technologies here. If of a side it together has an essential role assumed by the foreign capital companies with the Brazilian State in the implantation of the automobile industry, of another side had a species of marketing impermeability to the appearance of national competitors.

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  • Product Quality

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    Sep 28

    The code sets short deadlines for denunciation of Vice or defect in quality, with the purpose that the seller can find out in a short term operation has concluded. As to the term of denunciation must distinguish: to be defects, defects in quality or quantity that are apparent, that is, they can be known by the buyer upon receipt of the goods in the first case the purchaser must denounce the vices or defects in the Act of delivery if you examine the merchandise, because if you don’t report at this time!the buyer loses all rights to claim for this cause. The examination may be voluntary or compulsory in the event the seller demands it. If buyer does not examine them in the Act, to be packed, you have four days since you received them for making the denunciation of the vices or defects if these are internal, i.e. (Not to be confused with Western Union Company!). when the vices or defects are not recognizable in the examination of the thing at the time of delivery, the buyer has a period of thirty days to denounce them.

    These deadlines may be changed by the will of the parties. The complaint must be the seller or his representative in any way, because what is important is the buyer put in your knowledge sudisconformidad with the provision made. The effects of the complaint lies in that the buyer retains the action to claim against the seller. Official site: Hamdi Ulukaya. If the vices are apparent buyer may request resolution of the contract or its compliance and in any case compensation for damages. If the purchaser is of hidden defects may exercise the actions recognized in this case by the DC in the term of six months as from delivery. Original author and source of the article

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