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    Apr 9

    Focus on value-adding core processes of the site there is the figure of the Geschafts-(Standortentwicklungs-) model in process-oriented point of view. The processes are defined for this purpose as activity bundle. The relevant for economic development/location, i.e. value-added core processes should be identified and described. Such core processes must / should a creating value-add for resident companies, settlement prospects, investors and others can.

    Questions: what are the important core processes?, E.g. administrative processes (bureaucratic processes, permitting among others), site marketing (market / competition analysis, brochures, new customer acquisition, image promotion, site backup, and others), economic development (maintenance, funding among other things. (How can thus defined core processes a) quantitatively and b) qualitatively evaluated? If necessary, what indicators, key performance indicators (units of measurement) can be assigned to these core processes? CF. Becker, Jorg: Non financial “Site accounts, 2008, ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3 only be” alone is no longer enough. Site marketing should consistently on customer benefit”(point of investors, commercial settlements, and others) are aligned. Municipalities with untapped potential gift opportunities and risk sooner or later to get in behind. Reverse the navel gazing inside look”on markets. The city development and land-use planning faces a break: in many locations, migration, ageing and others have created immense problems.

    While the planning considerations of most sites in the past mainly wachstumsbezogen have focused, it is today a more differentiated approach. For the necessary reorientation for dealing with the spatial development is further differentiated, cities and municipalities must develop therefore stand-alone models. As people due to the concentration of unbound local jobs in the metropolitan regions often move increase the turnover rates in many residential areas. Independent visions of the sites must give therefore also an answer to how hectic and tight should be the working world with future fixed residential and living conditions in line. Site marketing the municipality but moved to the elimination fight in a competitive environment. Local governments with deficits (only “being” alone is no longer enough) will not only offer opportunities, but risk to get in behind. To avoid such site marketing consistently on “Customer benefits”, i.e. vision and requirements of the respective target group (business investors) must align themselves, to avoid a perspective only from the point of view which is municipality. Promoting and strengthening existing “customer relations” (customer relation management, care of resident companies from industry, trade, crafts, services). With the aim of “Customer loyalty” a local audience is addressed particularly by companies (one cares here which, are). Maintaining inventory of already established companies is just as important as new settlements. Prerequisite is that the economic development with the municipal authorities and the management of the site is as deep as possible and this highly communicative works. Must those who here, be feeling on the part of the site, that you take care of them. Although emigration is can never fully prevent, can learn but through networking in the enterprise in early of scheduled movements. If changes announce themselves, the economic development should be the first addresses of the recipients of the information. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

  • Apr 5

    Firewall manufacturer Adyton convinced Leipzig marketing Club through its innovative communication of the launch system. Leipzig, 07.11.2013. In the context of the 2013 marketing award, the award ceremony of the honorary and special prize in the Congress Center Leipzig took place on November 5. “Adyton system received for his excellent marketing performance savings special award new media” 2013. The marketing team convinced the jury of the marketing Club Leipzig through his innovative use of the media as well as a high level in the marketing of design performance, authenticity in the implementation, degree of innovation, successes of the concept, as well as regional reference. Adyton applied system with its communication strategy for the launch of its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR.

    These will be applied for 2011 in the company and constantly evolving. Based on the business plan and the target audience Kristin Pressler’s marketing team has opted for a cross-media mix of PR, online and offline marketing and events. In the Online marketing of social media is a high priority. This approach assessed the jury as particularly innovative and awarded him with a special price. We are very pleased about the ceremony. Especially also because previously established and well-known companies were awarded the marketing.

    The price gives us impetus and motivation for our upcoming marketing activities. Currently, we are working on a fine adjustment of the communication concept and adapt it to the changed market situation. Also we enlarge our team now and are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager,”said Kristin Pressler, head of corporate communications at Adyton system. The savings banks special new media”was awarded for the first time in the history of the marketing award. The award a total of 25 applications from the region were returned for Leipzig and central Germany, from which a jury of experts, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Kirchgeorg from the school of Economics has identified Leipzig, the winner. About Adyton system Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton systems uses the latest deep-packet-inspection technology for this purpose. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany. about the marketing price of marketing-Club Leipzig e.V. The marketing Club Leipzig e.V. annually recognizes companies, organisations or persons for an outstanding marketing strategy. This marketing performance can refer as a holistic corporate strategy, as on a specific product, product group, or brand management strategy.