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    Sep 30

    The proper way of breaking a rule is to transform it. The comparison of academic concepts with others that are not framed in standards is present in all areas of professional work. Achieve often tacit agreement unite modes and let them be, is the best strategy to grow. The history of our civilization has left us many names of men and women who have broken rules, to transform them into successful ways to carry out a task. These successes always have finished replacing the previous rules, and have positioned themselves as the new regulations for the action. If we were to graph this growth process, we would do with spirals out and forward, where the fall of the line represents the debacle of the old rule and the rise would be the transformation towards a new more effective standard.

    It is clear, the process is circular, has the necessary setback for the analysis of change, and the inevitable advance of doing. Critico-analitico thought vs. synthetic thinking the Renaissance and humanism they have been at its philosophical movements which led to the encyclopedic an relevant in all professions and trades. Even until the 19th century, the critico-analitico thought was the most successful for the action. In the mid-19th century emerges a way of new, symmetrical to the circumstances, thinking that in opposition to the critico-analitico thought resolves the action in a more simple way. This coincides with the massive emergence and expansion in the 20th century, the Oriental culture and minimalist, as with the appearance of large scale technological advances.

    Today is essential to synthesize, i.e., minimize the ideas in concepts simple and linear. Synthetic thinking unites technology that tries to facilitate all activities everyday and working with the way of resolving them successfully: fast and good. Myth in the synthetic thinking, the ways to achieve the objectives do not have the importance that critico-analitico thought gave them. From this point of view, arises a myth, which is to think that who achieves success does so by arrangement or money. While these two factors may influence to some extent, what really defines how successful action is the result of this and the rapidity with which it is reached.

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  • Family Retail

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    Sep 27

    In 2009, although the deep international crisis, that impactou Brazil and took the GIP the negative growth (- 0.2%), the consumption grew 4.1% and retail 5.9%. Therefore, a dynamic process in the domestic market was deflagrou that it feeds the demand and it allows the retail to grow of continuous and sped up form. The bases for the vigorous growth of the consumption and retail in Brazil had started in the Real Plan, with the social programs of income distribution, that had culminated in the Stock market Family, 13 expansion of the minimum wage and reduction in price and magnifying of credit, beyond the economic growth that generated job and increase of income. This process comes transforming the structure sociodemogrfica of the country and giving origin to an emergent middle class. Classrooms B and C already answer for about 43% of the potential of national consumption. Official site: James Woolsey. Its participation in the Brazilian families jumped of 50% for 60% between 2003 and 2009. The potential of rise of decurrent consumption of the expansion and increase of discretional income of the emergent middle class attracts investments and interest for consumption companies and retail for the Brazilian market. If the Brazilian economy to keep a tax of average growth of 4,5% to the year, up to 2014 the consumption market will be able to reach R$ 2,6 trillions and the retail excluding vehicles and fuels? it will put into motion about R$ 830 billion per year.

    The middle class will be an important engine of the expansion and the companies whom to know to decipher its behavior and expectations, will have great chances. 7. ENTERPRISING TURNOVER X ATITUTES Even so the percentages of rotation oscillate very and the numbers are not official, have cases of up to 50% to the year enter-and-leave in it employed in some nets of store. This increases the expenditures of who uses, reduces the possibilities of professionalization of the man power and finishes moving away many customers who look that salesman took care of who it well in the last purchase, losing the bond that could transform it into a faithful customer.

  • Sep 26

    If you are thinking seriously reshape your garden, terrace, balcony, if your decision has to do with stop wasting time and sour by not having a harmonious green space in your home and is determined to join as many others to enjoy the advantages of artificial turf, you must take into account that the same total value may vary according to the work and the place where it will be installed. Sale of artificial turf Best Garden are professionals and experts in everything that involves this work and especially in the advice, installation and sale of artificial turf. Variant in artificial turf may have variations depending on location which is to be applied, the extension of the land, and for this reason these two firms have advisers that not only will know advise you in the best way, taking into account their needs, but that you’re not with unpleasant economic surprises, will design a budget without charge. Anyway, you not only must keep in mind the final price for the purchase and installation of artificial turf, but also between several of the advantages that this new system, you must take into account that the spending pays for itself in two years, offering your family enjoy it for more than 15 years. It significantly reduce the expense of water, since it must not be watered and obviously does not require specialized labor for maintenance, since you can do it yourself in a short time and in a very simple way. Buy artificial turf both companies also realize interesting discounts in budgets to buy artificial turf, because factors are taken into account as a greater dimension of the ground carried out special rates, or if the field does not require prior preparation also is cheaper the final cost..

  • Council

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    Sep 23

    Free credit score check reports proffer on excellent deal of information to customers willing to accomplish debt consolidation online. Debt consolidation is the procedure of incorporating all credit burdens, so that all fvtpl are owed to the same service. This can reduce the rate of interest and lower installments, granting customers to lower debt quicker than if they were making separate settlements. In order to obtain the excellent debt consolidation program, with lower Council of interest, it is good to ask a free monetary rating statement, and fix credit as much as possible. It may be hard to search a loan for debt consolidation if monetary scores are very low. Free credit score check reports proffer on excellent deal of information to customers willing to accomplish debt consolidation online.

    Customers are allowed to get credit report free once a year or whenever to application for loan has been rejected because of details in the credit report. For assistance, try visiting Wabash National Corporation. While it is attainable to ask a paper copy, it is too much easy to verify a credit report through internet. Obtain a yearly credit statement from each of the three main credit reporting agencies every twelve months. The free yearly financial statement can be utilized to save your credit scoring. Credit reports or scores should be read cautiously to make sure that all stated details are right.

    Each of the 3 financial reporting companies is independent. 014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the occasion that there is mistake data on more than one financial report, it should be fixed with each monetary reporting service. Fixing to account or transaction with only one monetary reporting service may remove the problem with that agency, but doesn’t t clear up the mistake with the other two companies. Fixing issues on a finance report improves credit scores, which helps you to get better tenures for consolidation loans. Consolidating credit card of fvtpl is at easy method to lower debts overall. Credit card agencies hold the right to hike the Council of interest at any time, and old board production in the economy can result in increasing installments. When the credit card debt is managed, nevertheless, the total loan should have a fixed tenure and terms. The improved credit score are aspects of the procedure of consolidate increased from cautious verification of yearly credit reports vital debts. Utilizing consolidation of debts to handle revolving credit account is a debt settlement choice that can provide excellent results when approached rightly. Getting out of credit card debt can be hard, but utilizing free credit scores to assist with debt settlements aids to improve your credit rating.

  • Sep 22

    Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. It is not the action itself but of the quality that lends the action. Walking can be meditation if you remain alert. Sitting can be meditation if you sit alert. Listen to the birds can be meditation if you listen with awareness. Listen to the inner sound of your mind can be meditation if you remain alert and vigilant. The essential thing is to stay conscious.

    So whatever you do is meditation. The first step is to be extremely conscious observer of your own body. Little by little you become aware of every gesture, every movement. And as becoming aware you’ll start to take a miracle: a lot of things you used to do before simply disappearing, your body becomes more relaxed, harmonious, deep peace begins to reign in your body, a subtle music vibrate in your body . Then start to realize your thoughts, the same process be followed with thoughts. Hear from experts in the field like Wabash National Corporation for a more varied view. Are more subtle than the body and, certainly more dangerous. When you become aware of your thoughts, you will be surprised to discover what is happening inside you.

    If you write what is happening in your mind every moment, you’ll get a big surprise. You will not believe what is happening inside. Alcione in turn, on meditation does not indicate that it should be accepted as a science essential for individual and group therapy. Help to become a creative genius in the world and have peace of mind all the time. Therapists begin and end with relaxation, while the science of meditation deepens much more than that. When you experience deep relaxation methods, you get to know all of them will lead us gradually to self-control, even when the practitioner is unaware of this fact. Too much relaxation without self-control can be harmful. If muscles are allowed to stay relaxed for a long time, they can lose their natural tone. Moreover, the relaxation based on suggestions not is part of meditation. During meditation, muscle physiology, nervous system and various functions of the mind are brought into a state of balance and tranquility. This relaxation provides conscious control of tension and relaxation is the correct method. Relaxation is necessary for meditation, but not one based on the suggestion. Do not forget that when the mind and its modifications are controlled through meditation, says Alcyone, one can enjoy serenity within and fulfill one’s duties properly. Only through meditation can consciously make contact with our hidden potentials. To become creative and dynamic meditation is very important. A man who meditates includes gestures, emotions, thoughts and desires of others. Alert at all times at all levels.

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  • Pyramid Scams

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    Sep 16

    In this article not only will tell you what is a pyramid (or pyramid scam) but also what is the difference with the multilevel Marketing. Probably a friend or family member you just invite to join your business network (multi-level) marketing and your first impression was: this is one of those pyramid scams. First, congratulations on taking the time to investigate and find out the connection, since the pyramids are illegal and you could leave cheated them. Now, before you say if MLM is a pyramid scam or not, we need to understand what is each to differentiate them. What is a pyramid scam? A pyramid is an illegal business that mainly involves the gain of money by recruiting other people within the pyramid scheme, regularly without the exchange of any product or service. Sometimes there may be an alleged product of means, which is there only to pretend that the pyramid is a real business and is He is a product that very few people want to or that its real value is much less than the money that you are delivering in exchange for the product.

    For example, if you reclutaras me in the pyramid (or alleged business) and I pay $ 500 to join me but do not receive any service or product or product I receive has a value much lower than those $500 that I paid, it might be a pyramid scam. What are the MLM business? The MLM business consist of the promotion and distribution of goods (or services), using a network of independent agents who use the power of the recommendation to publicize the company’s products. A dealer or independent agent, receives commissions not only by customers who get personally, but also has the ability to recruit and train other majors that they also get clients and recruit other distributors..

  • Sep 16

    The composition brings together and orders graphic elements on a blank surface to achieve a practical and aesthetic result. This is the mission of a graphic designer, whose specialty is applied in the conduct of any print, audiovisual or interactive, it is an essential art which requires great intellect and good taste. The graphic designer must be detailed, careful and possessing high sensitivity and knowledge of the environment in which it operates. The graphic composition is the art and technique of design and have various elements of visual communication. The new generation of graphic designers is undoubtedly clever and creative, but often predominates in them the passion for the wonders that are capable of desktop publishing programs, apart from what really should be more important in his work: the message. Often we browse magazines where we find a truly eye-catching ads carousel, by the display of colorful effects and show, but the truth is, hardly any remain in the reader’s memory.

    This is due to the excessive application of digital effects, fades, perspectives, distortions, shadows, transparencies and decorative fountains, distracting the viewer’s mind, away from the information they are supposed to contain these ads. This phenomenon is not unique to print media, just as was seen in outdoor advertising, websites and even on television. Example palpable as are the banners, and in this case the reaction is worse, comes the much-discussed “banner blindness.” The Cybernaut, a conditioned reflex automatically focuses his attention to the page content you want, ignoring, absolutely, look at these ads. This unconscious effect derives from the user experience online. What at first might be interesting, it is now somewhat tedious and monotonous, so we are desensitized to this type of stimulus. Of course, there are always exceptions. For example, novices, it pays attention to the banners, but someday it will stop.

    A particular case what are the pages devoted exclusively to the promotion and sale of specific items, that intelligent design based on banners, fail to capture the attention of visitors, just because there the banners are the core content of the information. In conclusion, perhaps one of the factors causing these products to be the rush, the urgency characteristic of our times. This leads us not to think in advance, but once sitting at the computer, tracing the steps of the announcement, paste the logo, type in the address, “download” some clipart … and the progress we see that coming! With this modus operandi is lost the essence of the designer born: sensitivity. Only basic and poor manage to work where you lose even the concept of the image of the product, service or company that needs to be projected. Do not forget the graphic designer is first However, a visual communicator.

  • Sep 15

    The pioneer patent will invigorate for the stated period of 20 (twenty) years and of model of utility for the stated period the 15 (fifteen) counted years of the date of deposit. Only paragraph. The validity stated period will not be inferior the 10 (ten) years for the pioneer patent and the 7 (seven) years for the patent of utility model, to count of the date of concession, excepted the hypothesis of the INPI to be hindered to proceed to the merit examination of the order, for proven judicial pendency or reason of bigger force. the State or Institucional Monopoly, this is when the State is responsible for the supply of a good or service, Petrobra’s is an example. The monopoly situation generates damage mainly for the consumer whom if it sees without exit in being able to choose for marks or different companies to consume.

    But it is the responsible State for mediating these relations, and it can make a economic control of the monopoly, controlling prices and with valuation politics. 2,1 Oligopolies while it forms to monopolize The origin of the term oligopoly, also Greek, means ‘ ‘ to vender poucos’ ‘ oligos (few) and polens (to vender), are a type of evolved monopoly, where a bigger number of companies exists – but generally they do not exceed the number of ten (10) that it withholds the control of prices in the market, does not have competition between them as for the valuation of prices, is the propaganda that makes the difference in the sales of the products of each company. Few companies dominate the market, due the existing barriers or the cost of the competition not to compensate, the substitute products is next, does not have very great differentiation between them, it promotes the domain of definitive offers of goods and services..

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  • Sep 15

    New awards for fashion week 2010 and ORGA Systems trailer Bonn. Two other awards have rounded off the year 2010 for Meavision media. “The 22 awards the corporate media master awards in Ostfildern received equal to two awards at the Bonn experts in the field of 2D and 3D animations: the award-winning projects of promotional video to the partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010” and trailer of by ORGA Systems ‘ are each have been awarded with a certificate for high standard. “In the category video in fair use” provided the elaborate production partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010 “caused a sensation. With stylish moving images which have been placed directly on the catwalks and events of international fashion week exclusively for DHL in scene and sophisticated animations Meavision media convinced the jury. The video is either non-vocal or with English speakers around the world in use, for example at the fashion weeks in New York, Berlin, Milan and Sydney. The high-quality work received special praise for the conceptual Communication performance and the creative elements. With the Orga systems company completely in 3D animated trailer a particular coup succeeded the design experts of the Meavision: A Newton pendulum in the high tech look presents the customers as a modern, unique leader in the field of real-time billing and charging. Especially the elaborate design elements and the interplay of sound and animation helped the trailer on the podium of the coveted corporate media master awards.

  • The Automation

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    Sep 5

    WHAT CONDITION IS NECESSARY FOR AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING? Management accounting system operates on data received from the field performance of business operations or, in other words, Records management in the data. For effective management accounting data records management should at least: receive timely, interpreted in a form that can verify their authenticity, stored in a form that can be analytical sample for previous periods. That is a prerequisite for the automation of management accounting is a good and AUTOMATION LINE OF ACCOUNTING. WHO OWNS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT Records management at the enterprise? We're talking about a prosperous enterprise. That is, knowledge of current accounting system owned by lower-level management executives and employees – "the owners' business processes. They long ago (in during the successful development of the company) to delegate these powers. And, most importantly, in most cases they own 'their part' and pass it on 'mentoring' for new employees who appear as a consequence of growth of the organization, and because of staff turnover.

    MANY DO BUSINESS PROCESSES IN CIRCUIT OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS? If we talk about basic business processes, that is, business processes, which is a sequence of operations performed by one person, without the involvement of this sequence in the performance of other business processes, the number of business processes in the circuit operating Accounting can be numbered in hundreds, even thousands. And while they are rigidly interconnected data flows and (or) the inventory, financial resources. Thus, for an integrated automation now need to automate records management to outline the original formulation of clear objectives on how to store information, its aggregation and transmission in the path of management accounting. However, this task often becomes intractable due to the following reasons exist objectively: Characteristics of economic activities of any company does not allow you to completely automate records management with ready-made software solutions. These programs need to elaborate or give business processes to the standard business processes ready resheniya.Biznes records management in the enterprise can not be described in explicit.

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