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  • The Truth And Its Duel

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    Jan 14

    The truth and its duel Joacir Soares? Abbey the truth exists. still more, is in each being However, a duel exists, not between the truth and the person loads who it. Before everything, the duel that exists in the truth of the man is what it touches to it, the money. This is a false truth. It is a sliding process always more far from the truth, the proper money. The reaction of the truth of the man front to its duel is always of a search? Persuaded, the man is When he does not understand its truth, the truth of its being. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Facebook Inc..

    Therefore it, the man, can ask: where she is mine really? It is a question that if loses when it does not have all. ‘ ‘ minha’ ‘ truth is marked for that the necessary man to understand: its harmonic beauty, the truth intuda inside of the proper reason. He is beautiful what it can be seen in two ways: human being and the holy ghost. The harmony is the interior organization where it comes across the truth of the man. Thus, the untied harmonic beauty all type of badly; untied duela of the truth. It is experience. An experience of the truth existing in each man, to the step that the truth is that one that does not run away to the man; it is a beauty that total makes possible unfastened loving of its duel, the money.

    This, in turn, has excused the beauty, excuses the truth Being completely invalid, therefore it also excludes the love. The beauty It comes of God. It is a truth pautada in the love. Not external love. By the way, a love inside of the being that it loves because of a truth that confides it what it does not know, but feels as that to beat inside of its sensible being, its to exist.

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