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    Dec 25

    Using a network card and a corresponding TCP/IP address of data synchronization over the Internet can be done, including remote-controlled single release and emergency release. Data transfer over a Wi-Fi ensures local independence and avoids additional costs for cable installations. If there is no network connection, can the Traka systems cache the appropriate access events up to 12 months. Key cabinets and specialized equipment electronic key cabinets deposed. In real time via CAN-bus for the key and object monitoring in security areas of real-time CAN-bus is object monitoring. Security keys and objects can either inadvertently or intentionally leave the inner security. Before entering the outer range, the CAN-link interface controls the status of all removed objects. Only after positive feedback from pages of key cabinets and specialized equipment, i.e.

    after return of all removed keys and objects, the locks are released. The corresponding query process is realized within 1 second, so that no unnecessary waiting times at the locks or separation plants emerge. Communication takes place via a in the control units (POD) of cabinets and specialized equipment and control units of the separation systems installed, CAN-BUS module (CAN = controller area network). Quintessence of an anonymous survey last year showed that in German companies about 14% of the workforce more or less strongly deviates from the path of virtue. With the transfer of customer data is in the current case.

    When one combines this knowledge with the fact that prevails in the banking industry are still the manual handling of keys, objects and documents, it is clear for a holistic security solution not only securing the corporate values from the outside must be guaranteed, but also the internal treatment should be addressed mandatory. If the goal is that this absolutely free of manipulation and with complete traceability of the events to take place, then the only solution is the use of electronic logging key cabinets and specialized equipment. The saved values of the company and the cost savings due to the minimization of loss cases and increasing the efficiency of the work time can amortize such investments usually within 12 months.

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