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  • Ten Commandments

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    Jan 16

    That was the time of the invocation and anthem sprang from the human heart. What to say about the ceremonies and laws of precious Jewish people. Between them. The consecration of the firstborn, the Ten Commandments, the laws about slavery, violence laws, laws on the responsibilities of masters and owners, laws on restitution, humanitarian law, the three annual festivals, the offering for the tabernacle, the ark of the testimony, the table for the showbread, the golden lampstand, the tabernacle, the altar of brass, etc. What if I propose and I had the time and sufficient economy, create several works in honor of this people and its laws.

    Since I am surprised that even when the Roman people, Greek and Mayan. Polytheistic cult involved, these people believed in one God. A more in an invisible God and universal. We have already shown in the most brief, as the people most admired and remembered by the hearts and pens of historians. They also had beliefs and practices, linking that somehow early man.

    CHAPTER III OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM AS OLD SLAVERY Slavery is considered the social status defined by law and custom as involuntary human servitude is absolute. A slave is characterized by their labor or services obtained through force and the individual is regarded as the property of its owner, to have it at will. We know that slavery was an artificial convention, accepted by a variety of ancient peoples, which perceived through this law, an economic principle and advantage. Since labor and workforce.

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