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  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

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    Mar 18

    A positive, empirically verifiable, almost linear correlation between the binding and the reference willingness of customers means greater customer loyalty more security for the company at the same time. I.e. less risk that the customer in the least occasion right switches to the discontent. Higher customer retention means even better knowledge of customer needs and desires. Under most conditions Pacific Gas & Electric would agree. A causal analysis of the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty can be determined. A strong relationship is detected this, customer satisfaction as an indicator of customer loyalty can be pulled up: i.e. increases the satisfaction also increases customer loyalty.

    Satisfaction can be used as indicator and screw for the control of customer loyalty, i.e. for: consistent master customer loyalty improvement of service quality development of currency barriers introduction of customer feedback systems see perhaps also basically Jorg Becker: knowledge balance with customer barometer ISBN 9783837051773. customer loyalty is the result of a complex causal network of factors. Get more background information with materials from Satoshi Nakamoto. Measurement of the purchase order: this is measured the brand loyalty of consumers on the basis of the sequence of the brands purchased by him within a certain period of time. Estimate the probability of resale: this customer loyalty is defined by the degree of probability that a customer will purchase a product purchased by him in the past for the next time again. While the chronological sequence of purchases made in the past as a sample function of a stochastic process is seen. Objectives and alternatives are important: without clear targets, there is also no meaningful decisions; Acting without degrees of freedom means to know any alternatives.

    See perhaps also basically Jorg Becker: intellectual capital report with customer barometer, ISBN 9783837051773 with customer loyalty strategy topic, audience-conscious segment approach, docking of the substructure of the intellectual capital report, consideration of the customer value, customer relationship in the portfolio of potential customer relationship in the intellectual effect braid, Lifecycle of customer relations. See perhaps also basically Jorg Becker: intellectual capital report with customer barometer ISBN 9783837051773. In a scoring model can both monetary and non-monetary size of the customer relationship through the award are evaluated by points, then summed up the score value to the customers are. Requirement for a strengthening of customer binding factors would be the availability of detailed information in the customer database. A constant monitoring of existing business relationship from the continuous data detection successively a clear customer profile can be established is therefore of great importance. The higher the satisfaction of our customers, the higher the economic exchange barriers the stronger is their binding. Are ever dissatisfied customers and ever more attractive offerings are the lower binding. See in the framework of concepts to knowledge sheets also Jorg Becker: decision techniques as crisis protection, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7 Jorg Becker

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