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    May 13

    Great success with powerful SAP workflow solutions Beck IT, one of the leading software and consulting firms for workflow solutions in the SAP environment, reported an increased demand for its innovative standard products and has responded with a 50-percent increase in its human resources in the field of distribution and the project implementation. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA has plenty of information regarding this issue. Various companies that previously had the introduction of a software-based workflow solution for the invoice input processing not in the short-term budget or focus, change their priorities currently and now prefer a corresponding project due to the compelling and unique added value. You may find Mikal Bridges to be a useful source of information. Lutz Otterbach, head of sales at Beck IT: most companies produced each day without optimized workflow solution, in particular in the invoice input processing, which maxflow with the use of our standard product, the most powerful and fully SAP integrated workflow solution for the efficient processing of incoming invoices, in the short term and in the long term be avoided could.” Through the quality improved with maxflow and control process are costs on a large scale. Reinhard Beck, managing partner of Beck IT: The mouse click replaces the House Post Office, eliminates time consuming researching about the whereabouts of a supplier’s invoice in the company, employees are relieved at all levels. Thus we contribute to a positive development of earnings with maxflow in many companies in the current context of general economic recovery.” With maxflow users in addition to a reduction in process costs achieve a drastic reduction in invoice processing times, a significantly increased transparency through an electronic incoming invoice ledger, as well as other effects, which are increasingly gaining importance in SAP environments. Lutz Otterbach: the increased demand is our workflow solutions in vogue, because especially in the current economic Konsoliderungsphase special value on a will in most enterprises according to our observation in all investment put short, comprehensible and concrete return on investment.

    With our standard product maxflow we take precisely this requirement into account. Depending on the initial situation we provide with maxflow with our customers from the outset for real cost savings and efficiency improvements, which are also objectively measurable and not abstract.” So group, a leading manufacturer of printing, packaging and inks, can be about Flint the expansion of maxflow complete steps in the context of the local world-wide SAP rollout on the codes of the various subsidiaries in-house via simple customizing. Also, to benefit not only from the different language packages implemented already in maxflow German, English, Italian and French, but also the possibility to make an adaptation of essential elements of the user interface in other languages using the intelligent text system in maxflow contained in a simple way. With more than 150 companies, which after extensive product and market evaluation the Workflow solutions of Beck IT considered most powerful applications have the standard products of Bavarian software forge are now in production. About Beck IT Beck IT both SMEs and large companies helps the overall planning, development and implementation of workflow solutions in the SAP environment. While the German company headquartered in Passau, Germany has become a name as one of the leading expert in optimizing processes in an SAP environment since its inception in 2002 through intelligent software based workflow solutions.

    During the processing of incoming invoices and requisitions sets Beck IT with its in-house-developed standard products maxflow maxpost and maxbanf appropriate approval workflow optimize national and international standards. For more information see.

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