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    Jul 6

    The mystery of the Cartomancy dates back centuries. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Marko Dimitrijevic photographer on most websites. For thousands of years in ancient China, 7th century, invented letters for game purposes. Then in Europe by the 12th and 14th centuries, and consecutively, the aristocracy begins to use them for divination purposes. I understand by my readings, which Napoleon Bonaparte were consulted with the cards in Spanish, as well as the tsars of Russia, famous artists and other personalities, who consulted those renowned soothsayers in their eras. Since then many times they have been criticized by religions, because they consider them something Satanic.

    For me the cards are a means of communication with advanced planes, which can give us some answers to the questions that float in the mind, is also the language used human beings who have departed Earth, which we call spirits to establish contact with relatives, friends or acquaintances. Personally to me, I should like to consult the cards or Spanish letters, knowing my future but to live the lessons of life has never interested me. What if I like it is able to consult with others, and then is when I’ve been able to feel as this language establishes communication with unknown dimensions, Angels, beings of light, that manifest themselves by the placement of one letter with the other and in lines that depend on the placement of them line. To speak of the symbologies I must begin by saying that: the swords almost always represent feelings of sadness, insecurity, fears, papers, lawyers, cops, jail, tears, among other successes that depend on itself the placement, they may be between gold medals, cups or bastos. The bastos mean: tribulations, fights, divorces, separations, uneasiness, issues of work etc, depending on the positioning on the table. The drinks: they are pleasant letters and can symbolize, the home or House we inhabit, marriages, couples, suitors, family, firmness and stability among many other symbologies.

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