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  • Hand-on The Horse, DIPO Pferdeosteopathin, Your Horse Free Of Pain!

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    Jun 23

    Osteopathy and physiotherapy for horse and rider lucky enough this earth is located on the back of a horse? Horses as a sports and leisure partners are exposed to high physical loads and often suffer from back pain or problems of the musculoskeletal system. For many people, the trail leads after accidents, injuries or chronic tension to the masseur, physiotherapist or the osteopaths. But with the horse to the osteopaths? Katrin Oidtmann from Arlington brownfield Elen has made her passion for horses to the profession. The trained and accredited physical therapist can bring well in their favorite animals to use their professional experience in the field of human. For several years, osteopathy with their diverse and effective treatments such as massages, joint mobilization, stretching, craniosacral therapy and lymph drainage also exists for animals, and is a very effective method especially for horses, to resolve general problems of rideability. “The cause for heartbeat failure, vague lameness and pain are often muscular tension and joint problems in the neck, back or legs.

    , She studied the DIPO equine Osteopathy at the Deutsches Institut fur Pferdeosteotherapie (DIPO) also it is familiar from childhood with horses recognized horse physiotherapist from the FN. gery on most websites. Only trained physiotherapists may participate in this qualified training. “We are not Horse Whisperer, but offer a sound therapy which only works when owner, veterinarian and osteopath working closely together”. After an exact findings, Katrin Oidtmann your favorite treats with the necessary expertise in a quiet and sensitive way individually and holistically – relieves muscle tension, and mobilized blocked joints. Osteopathy is most effectively used to prevent and prepare for performance-enhancing competition in sport horses. Also here is the cooperation with Reiter, trainers, horse and therapist important tools for a successful Begleitung-ultimately to injuries avoided and false Motion sequences can be prevented. A harmonious and successful combination of horse and rider, which presupposes a horse, is physically and mentally healthy. With the gentle, gentle, and effective measures of Osteopathic specifically for horses you and your horse closer to the “luck of the Earth” a whole piece. Hand-on the horse Katrin Oidtmann Tel: 0160/7712463 Web: E-Mail:

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