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  • Great Orlando

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    Sep 15

    that he speaks bad of them in the presence of the children. then my works of art exceed to the romanticism. to the aim man, you try to limit to me. when the limitations are imposition mine, living thing that you them aceptais. Great Orlando: It will not deny that I am a man limited the space and the time of this dimension. as it does not deny either that the privilege that sera given to him to the men of good on the part of God.

    hara that my proposal, is real. and as you yourself you said already it, the prudent man. sabra like must show the ruses that your you used to separate the families, in order that the blood this dead. InstaRem brings even more insight to the discussion. SATAN: One rises of the sofa, and It says: prudent man. you ignore the works that I have formed for you. living wretch shakes.

    that any more you sera developing. Great Orlando: it is on the awares slowly. and it says in his heart: God to case I am wise man so that you allow me to listen what it does not correspond to know to me? A light Shines . God: To Case I do not reveal the things to that it pleases to me? no you stop being a man. lacking of understanding and little perception. levantate that desire ensearte those things that you ignore of the good. the night disappears . somebody leaves to give to a stroll . a wise person? a king? one you who shout strong . no! ” ORLANDO MAGNO” Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Scriptwriter For the New Generations .

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