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  • Evolution Diesel Forklifts

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    Jun 28

    Machines can operate in the absence of good roads, on dirt floors and uneven terrain, including in the winter. For different operating conditions loaders equipped with a set of tires with the most appropriate type of projector. Working outdoors: forklift Manitou MSI 20 – 35 Evolution Diesel Forklifts number Manitou MSI 20 – 35 D, which includes models with lifting capacity (t / n) from 2 to 3.5 tons, are equipped with 3 – cylinder engines Perkins (capacity 38, 5 kW for MSI 20 – 30 D or 47 kW power for MSI 35 D at 2100 min ). Gazobenzinovye models have r / n from 2 to 3 tons and equipped with a 4 – cylinder engines Toyota power 39 kW at 2100 min . All models are equipped with hydrostatic transmission and with joystick, which ensures the management of vehicles with millimeter precision and without jerking during acceleration and braking. Differential lock front axle prevents normal work on slippery surface, including ice and snow-covered areas. Due to the high ground clearance (clearance) – 260 mm trucks easily overcome uneven road surfaces without risk of damage to cargo.

    The rear axle is cross slope, which allows the wheels to easily overcome obstacles. Front wheels with tires of low pressure have a large diameter and improved adhesion to the road surface, which is especially important if it is wet or covered with ice, and readily absorb shocks when driving on uneven. The rear wheels are equipped with built-in hydraulic cylinders, have a great angle, which ensures good maneuverability MSI truck.

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