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    Sep 14

    And if success in any case, guaranteed! A good method, which almost always gives a remarkable result – it is an individual Distance learning is very similar to distance learning, in which the person recorded on audio media sessions and gradually complicate them. Thus, more complex expressions, turns of phrase and language. Needless record goes with the translation, but here it is very important to correctly calculate the alternation of the language, it is also very individual method, because each case must make a program so that Alternate translations from foreign languages to meet the individual's personal and intellectual characteristics of each individual student. Person listens to all this record yourself in any for him convenient and desired time, then meets with the teacher for correction or to hear any addition to learning the material. Incidentally, this is the main difference between this study a foreign language and distance method.

    Moreover, at each meeting with the teacher in distance learning a foreign language teacher is not only corrects the errors and pronunciation, but also assesses the progress of his student. However, such meetings to positive result should not be less than once a month. It is very important to determine the cause and if the person does not give a foreign language, then the teacher can promptly send a student to a psychologist, if he had something long and hard are not going right. Psychologist necessarily understand what the actual problem and may prompt its solution may be just enough to just change the method or approach to this technique, information to be easily assimilated directly by this particular person.

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