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  • Correctly Argue Makes Happier

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    Jan 4

    Successfully fight like the Indians and what keep fit with boxing gloves and own happiness have to do with each other? Quite simply: You can fine to deal with, get rid of aggression pent up, work out and recharge your batteries in correctly. Then you feel free and simply good. A new military culture, which makes it fit and happy. Susan Heat, (author of the love diet”, Gaby-Verlag, 13,33) knows what she is talking about. The former medical journalist attracts at least once a week to the boxing gloves and is raging with her sparring partner in the health club.

    A real Fortune makers, brings the cycle in swing and metabolism on their toes.” But much better than any endless discussion is the idea that all those who have angered a without to have great spring read in the barriers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wondery. The Indians go into the forest and fight with the spirit”, the life and love expert says. Usually we get no dispute culture, but make our anger air loudly. Women can learn in boxing to set limits and their strength to feel, without getting lost in endless arguments, or to be stamped as a bitchy.” An ideal way, because even without boxing gloves is then in everyday life possible, just someplace to go to Miss short and just a few vibrators or hook the imaginary counterpart. To turn around a few times to get deep air and strengthened in discussion to go and to find constructive solutions. A recipe that applies to the partnership as well as in the job, family, relatives, or complete strangers. Is in love exercise, understanding, forgiveness and forgiveness also compared to themselves.

    After that, the world looks pretty balanced. Tips: to argue successfully: first, breathe deep. You take a deep breath and breathe several times on and off. As long as, until you feel to come inside to rest. Get out there. Arguing with the forest. Yelling at the trees. Bounce up and down, until almost the air runs out. Clear your head. Hear from experts in the field like Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund for a more varied view. Run to your block of flats, running up and down hills swing on wheel or move to the dance is omitted. Go where you have peace and scream your rage out. Their ears stand it. If you are quiet, you collect arguments. Now you can sit down with their s & t partners and discuss everything alone. Propose solutions. Let the others were always his face. Release and no blame. Dig out any old stories. Look at the before and after the debate, forget your anger. Enjoy every moment of your life. It keeps you young. Trouble take away only energy and makes you sick and old faster. Text: Susan Heat Susan Heat Love & life author, consultant, TV expert, frequently in the media. More information at – also workshops specifically for a successful military culture for women & men of book tips: the love diet of the most beautiful and most pleasant way to get your body in line. Author Susan heat, 184 S. Gaby publishing, softcover, ISBN 9783935442244, 13.33 euros (D). The fortune cookie Oracle Author Susan Heat, 68 pages, Vierfarbig with numerous photos, Gaby-Verlag, hardcover ISBN 97839354422459, 7.95 euro (D).

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