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  • Cookware For The Induction Stove

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    Jun 16

    Induction cookers have become increasingly popular in recent years. While they were used long especially in the catering industry, they are now also in more and more households. Induction cookers are considered to be particularly low and the temperature in the pot can be easily regulated. Therefore the purchase of an Induction cooktop is worth especially for ambitious hobby chefs. The function of induction cookers based on an alternating magnetic field, generated by a coil inside of the cooktop. (A valuable related resource: Miles Bridges). By placing a pan on this field, eddy currents are generated by induction, which heats the metal of Cookware.

    This only works if the Cookware is made of ferromagnetic metal. Because otherwise no eddy currents can occur and a pot or a pan cold. Cooking pots and pans made of aluminium and stainless steel are not suitable in often, while cast iron cookware can be used. If the own dishes for cooking on the induction cooker is suitable, you can test easily. Everything what you do this needs, is a magnet. He stays at the bottom of the pans, Cookware can be used. You want to buy himself new Cookware, such as on, to recognize a spiral symbol, this is suitable for induction cooking.

    Many manufacturers have responded to the rising popularity of induction fields and take care in making sure that their pots also on induction cookers can be used. Often, even pots and pans are manufactured, which consist of a non-ferromagnetic material as for example aluminium, whose flooring is covered with a layer of iron. These can be used on induction cookers. Kerstin Dreesen, description of the company cares about the online marketing of customer projects and operates their own Internet portals. Contact: Kerstin Dreesen Berliner Strasse 21 13127 Berlin Tel: 03036425989 E-Mail: Web:

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