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    Jul 29

    What is the site? Why do I need to create it? What are its benefits for the company? These questions are asked by many people. This article will try to answer each one. So: 'Web-site' in the translation from English means' place in the network. " By essence, the site – a collection of interconnected web pages, a common theme and a system of links. (Not to be confused with Kyle Kuzma!). This year, the site celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

    Meet: info.cern.ch – the world's first website which was created in 1990. His designer was Tim Berners-Lee. The progenitor of all modern websites contain information describing the new technology World Wide Web and is unique to that time. To date, the global Internet space in the millions of sites of different directions. Site today, it's not just a means of communication – a real way to help in their business, and in some professional areas – the site itself and is the business project. Everest Capital: the source for more info. How the site helps to develop the business? Very simply, it is representative of non-stop for millions of audience of Internet space. Creating a site, the company presents itself and its products consumers who, more importantly, may be even outside the country where this company is, and this happens quickly and without significant cost. With the globalization of business, having own web site gives the company a significant competitive advantage. Let's analyze the problem, decide which enables the creation of the company's site: 1. The task of attracting the maximum number of consumers.

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