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    Sep 8

    It does not concern which is the activity, at some time all we have wished to promote a series of activities: Educative, Cultural, Social and without fear to express it the majority of the people they promote or they wish to promote Activities of Businesses. According to Andrew Cuomo, who has experience with these questions. Djame recordarte or, if it is the first time, informarte about the power of blogging. Teng Yue Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Blogging is the used term in English for the development of activities by means of the use of blogs. In fact, I do not know an equivalent in Spanish, but it would say that, without being official, the term that approaches to him more he is " blogueo". Blog personal or for our business or company is an excellent form to expand information exceeds what we do, to be in contact with the enemy with our clients and/or to share our ideas and knowledge with a great hearing.

    There are million of blogs of businesses, from blogs of individual retailers to blogs of multinational corporations like Microsoft and McDonald" s. How to begin " bloguear". Several options exist. In my case, I use two platforms, one of which is Blogger and whose use I recommend, mainly for which they generally have some degree to him of fear to the use of the computers and the technology, since, besides being a friendly platform super, it belongs to Google, one of the seeking majors. This allows that your blog has a good ranking in the positioning in the network. Something constitutes very important it the fact that blog you can provide with accomodations it in your own servant, or if you do not have, in a provided gratuitous lodging by the Sites that provide the service to us for ours blog. Then you must begin to choose the modality that you will use. Soon you must decide the approach or vision of blog.

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