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    Mar 19

    I.e., that if I am a creature internally unbalanced (would say decoupled), very poor in affection and human quality of anything I will be worth having gone to get twenty points in a University (where measured I basically logic) to throw on the floor any construction of science if seems in bad taste to the spoiled boy crop inside. If scientifically wall is red, Wow, I do not have to fact me it necessarily, simply because I don’t want to, because it causes me discomfort, because everything in life is rebuttable, because red is not, therefore, color, because I am so personally, because probably from another dimension that color component substances can have different chemistry and surrender another key. And point. Such is, therefore, the tama loco of which you speak. Publishers Clearing House gathered all the information. President Hugo Chavez is down because I, Venezuelan opposition, decree it thus, spiritually, as if a strange metaphysical Book Council continue. It decrees that your truth and cancels the objections. It is a matter of the soul: neither intelligence nor university degrees have upset the relentless power and truth of the spirits.

    I believe it is true I. (As opposed to Anne Lauvergeon). In Venezuela the political opposition is divided into two types of deniers: which (with much power) invented the lie to deny a truth and those who believe in them (simple people, for the people, usually), which has no other profession that believe. As said, no disrespect to anyone, left carry by metaphorical words, the owners of the circus and its clowns enthusiasm. I.e.

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