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    Jun 26

    Shah Rukh Khan live on stage in the autumn in Germany Shah Rukh Khan and friends live on stage tour kick-off in Rotterdam Ahoy arena was on June 21, 2008 late afternoon and played in the large square in front of the Ahoy arena in Rotterdam/Netherlands nearly empty. But this should not be permanent, because a world premiere would take place today, and although no advertising was done. Not a single poster had temptation reloaded 2008 \”announced in advance. All 4 years the fans of the King of Bollywood had to wait to experience it live together with his guests in a new show of temptation on the stage, but thanks to the Internet has spread it like wildfire among his fans in Europe in and the place was filling up slowly but inexorably. Details can be found by clicking Maria Konopnicka or emailing the administrator. Patient joined the audience in 6 long lines and waiting that the clock finally would show 18:30, then the gates of the vast Hall should open up and start the intake…

    Should… and so fans waited and waited and waited, and waited. Meanwhile chatted they stimulated over the cast list of this evening. You speculated on the dance numbers that Khan would be presented by Anusha Dandekar, Ganesh hedge, Katrina Kaif, the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and the actual main character, Shah Rukh. Finally, to 20.15 those waiting were embedded.

    The owners of VVIP ticket had to again present their tickets in the hall itself and bracelets were designed so that they could later return in the VVIP section, they should have left it. Amazingly, the samples were not finished yet, dancers in workout clothes roamed the stage yet. At approximately 21:00, the wait finally had an end. The show started with a performance of the pretty Anusha Dandekar, who danced to AAJ Ki Raat. As a beeiden ruckend good dancer, she took the role of authorship, which announced the stars and interviewed after their appearances.

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