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    Oct 1

    The City council of Kyoto initiated the service for tourist information of city using QR a traverse of the moving body in March of 2005. When reading QR printed in an announcement in the street through moving body, we can quickly obtain hour hotel information or of buses. This service is the one that installs informative panels with code QR code in 87 shutdowns of the bus and offers information of 170 tourist places. To put an example, if code QR in Hikashiyama is read, they are possible to be obtained data regarding the temple of this place, and the zone generally as well as of schedule of buses. On the other hand, in Spain already they are occurring to the first promotional actions of destinies using this technology like is the project of the City council of Roses and AndaluciQR that is a new gratuitous service on line offered by the Center of Tourist Innovation of Andalusia and the Council of Tourism, Commerce and Sport of the Meeting of Andalusia to improve the level of competitiveness and innovation of the tourist sector Andalusian. It is possible to emphasize that this technology not yet has been based definitively in European territory although with the exit to the market of new movable telephones we will not be much to use it in our daily life Original author and source of the article

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