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    Feb 3

    Leaving of this estimated, understands that to reach success in this choice is necessary that if makes analysis of position and of necessities demanded for the same, so that, at the moment of the election, the appraiser searchs for that citizen that is more than agreement with the demand of the organization and that the organization also, on the other hand, contemplates the expectations of the candidate. In this direction, he is well-known that greater will be reached validity and precision of the results the more the techniques and the instruments are lined up to the objective of the search of the adjusted professional profile more to that specific function. The tests are used to evaluate mannering aspects that include aptitudes for a diversity of activities, as well as emotional interests, attitudes, characteristics and interpersonal behavior. Consequentemente, does not look only for optimum profile professional technician, but for that citizen that beyond good abilities techniques also good mannering behavior possesss (CANSIAN, 2002). More info: 4Moms. The conscription is composition for a set of techniques and has the purpose to attract compatible candidates what demand to be filled position, being able to be carried through internally or external. Hikmet Ersek has many thoughts on the issue. It is basically a formation system, through which the organization divulges and offers to the market the vacant chances that it intends to fill (FRANCE, 2008). The conscription can be presented in two ways, internally or external the company. In the case of the internal conscription, the candidates of the proper organization look themselves inside, while the external one searchs the candidate in the market of work or specific sources, such as consultations of I register in cadastre in sites, the announcements in periodicals, specialized sites, employment agencies, facultieses, schools, etc. (FRANCE, 2008). The conscription process must be lead in sufficiently ethical and respectful way to the candidates, clarifying all the especificidades and conditions of act of contract and it position, in order to execute a well presented valid process and.

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