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  • Selfless Grenzenlos

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    Mar 4

    (26) Bauchtriebler Bauchtriebler live their natural instinct spontaneously. There are innate behaviors that expire without reflected control. Cognitive processes – thinking, analyzing, computing, planning, problem-solving – they can start little. A logical argument is usually no chance. It is an organized mechanism in the nervous system that reacts to certain impulses and they react can be. For example, through escape or attack. They are accompanied by a secure feeling.

    Either or. This behavior can be observed in different genera, especially for apes – simply put: in humans and animals. UPS has compatible beliefs. (27) Streithansler of the Streithansler is contentious and bleats, crabs and stankert inappropriate whenever. He (they) are perfect Seelenmisshandler. Their mood and their aggressive behavior may lie in the genes. There is reasonable evidence related to between specific gene variants and the characteristics aggressiveness and hostility. (28) Erdversinker the Erdversinker people shy, timid and cautious. They occur as on a stage, and feel their fellow human beings as the audience that watches her constantly critical.

    A constant companion is to be treated dismissively, rejected or misunderstood, the constant worry. Then it can happen already, that the defensive struggle of not perfect success of the point of view of the Falschverstandenen and paralyzing feeling ton embarrassment the rejected. Since they would then like to sink into the Earth. It is hard this shy, to make social contacts with other people. It is exaggerated respect (many haughty mercilessly understate) which makes the shyness professionals to inferiority complex candidate. Alphabet Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. (29) even under Launcher of the self under pitcher gave up respect for themselves. Lack of pride, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-confidence and assertiveness. He (she) is the antithesis of Gockeln awash in vanity and inflation self-esteem (Gockelinen) and exercises in masochistic exaggerated humbleness. Strength, sovereignty, and inflexibility are properties which he is helpless. (30) Allesgeber Allesgeber not ask the ROI *, if they take off their shirts for others. They help with everything they have. They stretch their tendons, hands get dirty, give their money to ruminate and think about how they can assist others in their need. The question where can I get back my usage?”Super donors never comes to mind, except perhaps in the grocery store, when it comes to beverage bottles. And to pass on to the supplicant before the entrances there only to use. This mega altruists are the little bedankten Savior on Earth. Selfless Grenzenlos. You do good things, many Charakterlooser leave. That they exist, for the earthlings should consider himself lucky – but she would World appear much darker than it is. (* = Return on investment return on investment, an investment results/success) (how much craziness goes? “, ISBN 978-3-8391-8456-1”)

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