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    Apr 19

    Following with fresh prescriptions for the summer, today we propose a salad of flavors of sea and earth, nothing less than codfish, chick-peas and peppers. A set that also we took in winter, but with one more a fresher presentation for these warm days of summer. Ingredients for the chick-pea salad and codfish: 600 g cooked chick-peas. 200 g desalted codfish. 4 eggs. 1 onion.

    1 tin pepper. 1/2 garlic. Modena vinegar. Oil. Salt. We will begin putting a liter of water in a casserole and to warm up it until almost boiling.

    Before it enters boiling we already threw cooked chick-peas and we left warm up five minutes. We will slip later them we will put and them in a source for salads. Aside, we will cut the codfish in fine strips and we will hydrate minutes in water. We will put in a casserole water with salt, we will warm up and it until it boils. We will boil the eggs and about 10 minutes. We will remove them we will cool and them with a cold water spurt. We will peel later them and itch. Later we will prick the very fine pepper, as well as the onion and garlic. We will flavor it with oil, vinegar and salt and we will pass the mixture through the beater. Finally, we will mix chick-peas with the codfish, slipped well, will add perforated eggs and we will superficially spill the sauce that there are preparation before. This salad will use fries, reason why it has to spend hours in the refrigerator. In our recipe book, aside from being able to find prescriptions of salads, it will be able to find prescriptions of croquettes, prescriptions of pizza or prescriptions of quick shave.

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