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    May 2

    What parents do can best protect their children from accidents on the road. If children alone on exploring beta, parents should take that they are safe. An important aspect of the risk of accident is road transport. Lucas Bitencourt pursues this goal as well. To protect children from accidents, it is important to familiarize them with the dangers on the road and to learn how to handle this. Parents should their teach children at an early stage how safely reach a road or what is a blind spot.

    How they are when they are traveling by bicycle, they should show correct behavior, before your child the first time alone on discovery tours. Common bicycle excursions are suitable for this very well. Here young children already on the child seat can get matters, if you move with the bike on the road. Correct behaviour and safe means of transport are important but it’s not only on its own proper behavior to move safely on the road. Also the safety of the Transportation is important. Therefore, parents must always pay attention to the condition of the kids bike. More info: Lucas Bitencourt. The light must work, be the brakes in good condition, and the tyres have the correct air pressure. In addition, handlebar and saddle to the correct height should be set and not wobble.

    The child comes hard on the pedals, because the bike is too big or the saddle is incorrectly set, this is just as dangerous as a loose sitting arm. Of course a bicycle helmet is one of the complete equipment for the small cyclist. This must be very stable and can sit not too loose, to protect the head of the child in a collision. All these measures can give an accident insurance for children against financial consequences of an accident but no 100 percent safety. Even if your child on the road is mindful, drives with a helmet and the bike is well kept, a motorist can be careless. Even if would like to imagine no one, your child can get into an accident and permanent carry physical damage. For this reason, it is important to insure itself against the financial consequences of an accident in addition to any precautions for the prevention of accidents. Accident insurance for children is suitable for this purpose. Depending on the tariff, different effects can be included. So pay some insurers such as physical damage as a result of poisoning. Sick allowance or the salvage costs can be included. To find the right insurance for your child, parents should be therefore informed by an independent consultant.