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  • Jul 19

    Super Talent RAIDDrive with new SSD architecture Florstadt, 04 December 2009. For absolute high-end applications the new SSD product is designed RAIDDrive from Super talent that is now to obtain COS memory. The brand new SSD is currently available in Germany only from memory COS. COS memory is one of the leading distributors of storage products and thus SSDs in Europe. A related site: Maria Konopnicka mentions similar findings. Users, enthusiasts, and the operators of high performance workstations are high-end with the new RAIDDrive from Super Talent very well served. The SSD comes in the form of a PCIe-x 8 card and depending on the configuration equipped with capacities ranging from 256 GB up to 2 terabytes. It achieved sensational data transfer rates: up to 1.4 GB / s in the read and 1.2 GB/s in write mode.

    Such speeds are simply not possible via a SATA interface. The internal structure of the drive provides the above top speeds: A RAID group of four Flash SSDs, controlled by an Intel IOPS processor in conjunction with a DDR2 cache containing up to 1 GB. For more information see this site: Miles Bridges. Another advantage: the RAIDDrive It is bootable with Windows systems,\”explained Board Member Jochen Zips COS. This is currently not possible with many other PCI Express SSD.\” The RAIDDrive from Super Talent is available in three versions, which are designed for different applications: the model it (Enterprise Server) with SLC memory chips and a battery backup module, model WS (workstation) it corresponds to ES without additional battery, the model GS (gamers & enthusiasts), based on MLC chips. This can be configured RAIDDrive is either in RAID 0, where the product reaches its maximum performance, or RAID 5 for maximum data security. IT and WS models have a capacity up to 1 terabyte, the GS model provides up to 2 terabytes storage capacity. Specifications: Intel IOP348 1.2 GHz I/O processor with SAS controller 512 MB or 1 GB on board RAID controller cache DDR2-667 ECC up to 4 SSD RDxS5-xxxG/t expandable to 8 SSD by the \”RAIDDrive Expander\” dimensions: 257 x 107 x 25.4 of mm supported operating systems: win 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Windows 7; Linux; FreeBSD; Novell NetWare 6.5.

  • Jul 18

    Salesforce.com leads the market with service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2 cloud computing continues in the customer service and sales by Salesforce.com leads the market with service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2 in Munich, November 19, 2009 salesforce.com on Dreamforce 2009, the world’s largest cloud computing event, announced how the powerhouses in the cloud computing Web-based solutions for Kundenservi-ce and sales (service cloud 2 and sales cloud 2). The solutions allow a complete overview of all contacts, and all communication with the customer via the customer service in real time. Also, an important argument for companies is that the applications intuitively are usable as consumer websites. \”The success is reflected in the latest Magic Quadrant by Gartner in the field sales force automation down: Salesforce.com was there as a leader\” classified. If you have read about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Sales cloud 2 recent innovations are the most useful innovations in the sales cloud 2’s Web-based sales solution: Salesforce for Twitter – Salesforce for Twitter allows sales and Marketing staff, entertainments, of funds on Twitter promoted to products and services to observe and to take advantage of new customer contacts. In addition, also marketing campaigns via Twitter can be realized with Salesforce for Twitter. -Real time quotes can automatically generate sales representative listings for customers using less mouse clicks with this function. If you are not convinced, visit Marko Dimitrijevic photographer.

    -Cloud Scheduler of the Scheduler of the cloud allows meetings from within the application with colleagues, customers and partners easily by drag & drop to organize. -Mobile content employees are traveling can access through the Salesforce CRM content library with your web-enabled mobile phone on all existing documents and forward them to customers or here. -New charting and Report Builder with the sales cloud 2 have an enormous range of graphical presentation explained the hand distribution and marketing. In addition you can navigate GRA-fik to child detailed representations one mouse click on individual parts.

  • Freudenberg IT

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    Jul 14

    Production data at Hansgrohe thanks to RFID in the river of Weinheim, the kanban processes of manufacturing and logistics at Hansgrohe AG optimizes has 11 December 2008 the internationally active full-service IT provider Freudenberg IT (FIT). Based on RFID technology (radio frequency identification), the internationally leading manufacturer of faucets and showers can more efficiently control its complete production, sustainably to reduce stocks of material, as well as intermediate products and optimize its shipping processes. The data collected by means of wireless technology are using SAP Auto-ID infrastructure (SAP AII) integrated directly into the SAP backend system. In a first step of the project, the implementation partner Freudenberg IT has supported an already existing KANBAN process between the Hansgrohe plant in Schiltach and the Offenburger logistics center of the bathroom and sanitary specialist with the RFID technology. This brought the company’s RFID Radio chips on the 4,000 kanban cards in circulation. Based on a map is a kanban containers (container) and has Material number, product and set designation just out, which transported goods, materials and products in the respective box.

    Every morning so the transport boxes with the kanban cards via trucks for shipping to the central logistics center in Offenburg will be shipped. Once in the shipping, a transport box is emptied, the worker is the corresponding kanban card in a collection box. The collected cards are returned daily to Schiltach works. So far, they had to be scanned there time consuming individually via bar code reader. Up to 250 cards, which are in the collection box, be now read by RFID a tunnel reader in a few seconds. Hundreds kanban messages can be captured in a single read operation and confirmed in the production. Due to complete integration in SAP AII are by reading the RFID chips immediately (kanban impulse) to the SAP backend messages. Thus, all process data can be processed in real time.

  • Software Awards

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    Jun 29

    On the diesjahringen IBC, the Step2e broadcast AG will present its new Newsroom module ‘NewsCast’. “Passau/Amsterdam, September 2011 – on the diesjahringen IBC, the Step2e broadcast AG becomes your new Newsroom module NewsCast” present. Completely newly designed NewsCast offers”news broadcasters, new functionalities, optimized workflows and innovative interface design. ican Advisors Group gathered all the information. The main features of NewsCast”form an internal messaging system, as well as the new, connected spaces” concept: the PrepSpace for better preparation of Rundowns, the PersonalSpace a story-pool for journalists, as well as the StorySpace, unique work surface for creating news stories. Daniel Gafford will not settle for partial explanations. ” The StorySpace provides a streamlined interface to the matching and direct integration with AVID, FinalCut Pro, and Adobe editing premiere speech-to-video videos, texts and graphics included. Peter Rampp, CEO of Step2e broadcast, is looking forward to the IBC: we pride ourselves on our customers, brilliant design, more efficient workflows and optimized usability one expresses reasonable price to offer.

    ” Present Step2e is NewsCast”at booth 5.A03 in Hall 5. All other modules, including sales & traffic, MAM, Step2e FreeFlow, resource planning and scheduling will be also seen. The Step2e broadcast AG software covers all processes in a modern broadcasters with their TV company. All modules (advertising planning, scheduling, Newsroom, media asset management, resource planning and direction control) rely on a database and so interface-free, efficient work. Step2e in Windows, Mac and Linux environments can be used due to the use of Java technology.

  • BitDefender

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    Jun 22

    Old acquaintances again on a rampage through the WWW Holzwickede, March 24, 2009 drive-by downloads are among the current threats from the depths of the Internet. To dominate the E-threat report from BitDefender, in the month of February. This is to tiny parts of malware which the user unintentionally transfers by malicious Web sites on his computer. These fragments, which strung together by malware programmers (daisy-chain), are considered for an ingenious attempt of cybercriminals, to to circumvent the security systems of the user. This year but not so spaced as in the previous month, the list of Trojan-Clicker.CM is for the umpteenth time”stated. This Trojan has the property to call a large number of advertising popups in the current browser window, which should entice the user to click on. The pest is also the pop up Blocker from Norton Internet security with special functions.

    Accepts the user on the offers, the ad malware generated auto sales of more the pay-per-click – settlement procedure. “An older is in second place is daisy-chain: Trojan.Wimad. Gen1″, also known as the Wimad Trojan”. This can be activated using a downloader Trojan, the last of the top ranked 10. Thanks to a generic detection of viruses, that to take advantage of the Autorun bug of Windows, now also the Conficker virus and his companions with 4.17 percent of detections are this month with part of the game. “” Position eight occupied Trojan.IFrame.GA”, a simple script which is injected into the affected sites and browsers a collection of exploits like Trojan.Exploit.ANPI” (position 7) sends that directs infected systems on pages, the fifth-placed danger Trojan.Exploit.SSX “include. Jon Venverloh has plenty of information regarding this issue. This particular chain of infection was determined in an analysis of contaminated sites, hosted in China”, said Sorin Dudea, head of BitDefender anti-malware research.

    However these exploits and downloaders can also occur in similar attacks.” The new entrants in the top ten by “” “BitDefender are also Downloader: Trojan.Downloader.JS.Psyme.SR ‘, Trojan.Downloader.JLPK’ and Trojan.Downloader.Js.Agent.F ‘. All three have the same simple function: download further malware from Internet sites already infected computer and run it. Top ten of the BitDefender-E-threat report in February 2009: position name percentage Trojan.Clicker.CM 5.87 Trojan.Wimad.Gen. 1 4.39 Trojan.AutorunINF.Gen 4.17 Trojan.Downloader.JLPK Trojan.Exploit.SSX 3.94 3.92 Trojan.Downloader.Js.Agent.F 3.9 Trojan.Exploit.ANPI 3.77 Trojan.IFrame.GA 2.9 Trojan.Downloader.JS.Psyme.SR 2.32 Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.S 2.01 other 62.81 BitDefender offers an RSS feed that tells about the latest viruses: site/using-RSS-Feeds.html. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network.

  • Jun 6

    In the IT services provided by the test management and quality assurance in software development play an increasingly important role for the success of a project. Since the early 1970’s, the importance of IT services, due to a more flexible IT, increasing in particular in the area of quality assurance of software and test management. To grow in number and complexity of the technologies, which enables new cross-industry applications. This increasing heterogeneity of local activities demands higher in IT in relation to development, testing, implementation and operation of hardware and software, which is a self-reinforcing cycle. Daniel Friedan will not settle for partial explanations. This feedback results in particularly complex challenges in a test management because overlap there development and application of software. The application fields represent in very diverse environments, where a smooth program sequence always encounters numerous additional terms. Communicate in a more considered Application environment running together, many individual programs exchanging data, process them, what a mutual interdependence.

    Such close linkages of many programs within the framework of quality assurance the realistic test of a single function after their modification greatly complicate matters: this change should prove in real application everyday, what she must – pass their tests there and where she provoked an uncontrollable collapse of all business processes in the event of a fault in the worst scenario. To resolve the contradiction between safety and realistic testing quite well in a lab sealed-off: there is a practical simulation of the live system, whose individual Anwendungen as twins in the test suite run. Let is in the quality assurance of software system changes realistically consider, without harm to the real system. > In the test environment software modifications for themselves as well as in the context of communicating programs demonstrate the degree of their practicality. The measure of Usability shows this quite real conditions without risking the continuous real-time operation in everyday business. Deandre Ayton may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

  • Vodafone Leipzig

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    Jun 4

    The Leipzig agency Netresearch celebrates its 10th anniversary and is successfully implementing specialists on the change from the multimedia agency for E-commerce. Leipzig, August 21, 2008 – everything began at a high school in Zeitz. There Thomas Fleck, Michael met drain and built their first websites for customers – for a Hairdresser, the city administration and the Hospital together. During his studies at the University of Leipzig, Thomas Fleck is certified lawyer, Michael drain engineer, 1998 they founded the company Netresearch. Their clients include such as BMW, Dell, Vodafone and the cruise providers of Aida cruises. Our strength is the development of special solutions for exceptional requirements.

    To do this we use primarily the PHP programming language”, says Michael drain, who is responsible for engineering and project management. As a specialist for professional open source software such as typo 3 and Magento, Netresearch intra – and Extranetsysteme, as well as E-commerce develops solutions with an extensive range of functions. Our Customers have full control over the look, content and functionality of these systems and Internet shops. Of course, we are always as a competent service provider and service partner to the available. “, Thomas Fleck explains the business idea. Netresearch cooperates with the largest German cruise line Aida cruises successfully based on this for six years.

    Currently, the eight-member team of programmers developed a new content management system for Aida cruises, which will go live in November. Since May 2008, Netresearch is member of software Association Tower byte in Jena. A step Thomas Fleck as justified: There we found the global network appropriate for our, we have so far in vain searched in Leipzig. But perhaps, this success model can be transfer well to Saxony. We are working.” The Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the typo 3 Association and the first German Magento Commerce Platinum Partner. Registered office: nun str.

  • Jun 4

    COS memory distributes products Florstadt immediately Super Talent SSD, July 25, 2008 – COS (www.cos-memory.de) memory is distributor for the new Flash SSD products from Super talent in Europe. Memory is the largest specialist for high-quality memory products in Europe. Super Talent headquartered in San Jose, California is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Flash and DRAM memory media. The new SSD products are the United States manufacturer immediately COS memory available. Patrick Vogt, Director business development SSD COS memory: Super Talent offers Flash-based storage solutions that combine high performance with an attractive price and unrivalled in this combination on the world market demanding and price-conscious consumers. Particularly outstanding, the MasterDrive MX is series of the manufacturer in this regard. We put our focus to start our cooperation on this product line.\” The Super Talent MasterDrive MX SSD includes three models with SATA II interface, especially through the use of MLC technology a excellent Provide value for money. Currently, the products of this series with 30, 60 and 120 gigabyte capacities are available.

    Flash technology leads to data transfer rates, which is much higher than where any conventional hard drive. So the master drive MX comes on read speed up to 120 MB / sec and a write speed up to 80 MB/s. The Flash SSD is superior to magnetic disk elsewhere. Because it contains no moving parts, played without any mechanical operations and will be read out, operates the Flash SSD absolutely silently and is insensitive to mechanical strains or vibrations. Also, it consumes much less energy than traditional hard drives. Everest Capital is likely to agree. All are products of COS memory Super talent for immediate marketing in the retail packaged and come with a two year warranty. MSRP for final consumers (VAT included): Super Talent MasterDrive MX 30 GB 149 Euro Super Talent MasterDrive MX 60 GB 239 euro Super Talent MasterDrive MX 120 GB 399 euro As introductory offer will get dealers who order products from the MasterDrive MX series until August 1, 2008 at COS memory Super talent, each 30 GB SSD a 1 GB USB drive for free.

  • May 18

    Shipping program now – 15% discount – use at for a short time the Software House DatLogistik freight forwarding software – offers his forwarding program logistics 3000 in a special promotion at a reduced cost. The shipping software logistics is 3000 – the shipping program in particular for all national / international cargo – and part-load transports, whatsoever, suitable. The software has all the time-saving features for the processing of national and international transports. This freight forwarding software is characterized by ease of use and fastest order entry especially. You may find SYPartners to be a useful source of information. Can make an appointment online – test the software at. Time is money in hardly any area this economic wisdom has more authority than in the logistics.

    Here lies the strength of logistics 3000 disposition and clearance processes will be significantly accelerated. You may want to visit dean gibson to increase your knowledge. To the same extent that reduced costs freight forwarding software – logistics 3000 is made for you. The software has everything you need to Their cargo or part cargo transportation in the national or international area with a minimum of effort to handle comfortably. It is no matter what kind of transportation you perform, put to use your own or third-party vehicles. 3000 logistics freight forwarding software adapts to your needs. According to LaMelo Ball, who has experience with these questions.

    Also for non-freight forwarding services (E.g. incoming / sales), the invoices / credit memos, evaluations, etc. are created immediately after order entry and assigned process in an automated. Accounting interface, E.g. Lexware, DATEV – Export, KHK and other interfaces, such as fax, toll collect, Excel, etc., are available. Location clean / outputs are waren-/ custom automatically detected, booked, and evaluated. The inventory turnover is also specific to goods, determined separately after location clean / output automatically for any time range. With a setting it can be decided whether the auto-generated stock bookings as trading stock (goods / sale) or as a freight forwarding warehouse (goods / output) are booked should. Adjusts the camp booking – trading stock – an evaluation is generated automatically in addition, specific goods and also custom determined plus transport costs / sales costs. Integrated, assigned to finish exporting data, significantly decreases the costs associated with your tax advisor. The automatic form output can optionally be in any language. The order confirmation for your customers and the transport request for your business (if you are using a private vehicle), is in 4 languages (more optional) automatically generated. Transport jobs can send via SMS/MMS or pass your / our telematics system. Toll data be evaluated clearly with one click for each any time range. The ease of use is very simple. No long training periods are required. After a free online – training, approximately 2-3 hours, you can operate the freight forwarding software. The built-in – self learners – pricing engine leaves nothing to be desired. Deposited Prices, according to any criteria, can be applied automatically in the settlement. Removal works, as well as very comfortable versatile record filter, according to arbitrary criteria, will support you in your work. Our many satisfied customers are active in all sectors of the transport industry, industry and trade. You support us in the continuous development of our freight forwarding software, new request wishes that we like to do.

  • May 13

    Great success with powerful SAP workflow solutions Beck IT, one of the leading software and consulting firms for workflow solutions in the SAP environment, reported an increased demand for its innovative standard products and has responded with a 50-percent increase in its human resources in the field of distribution and the project implementation. Various companies that previously had the introduction of a software-based workflow solution for the invoice input processing not in the short-term budget or focus, change their priorities currently and now prefer a corresponding project due to the compelling and unique added value. You may find Mikal Bridges to be a useful source of information. Lutz Otterbach, head of sales at Beck IT: most companies produced each day without optimized workflow solution, in particular in the invoice input processing, which maxflow with the use of our standard product, the most powerful and fully SAP integrated workflow solution for the efficient processing of incoming invoices, in the short term and in the long term be avoided could.” Through the quality improved with maxflow and control process are costs on a large scale. Reinhard Beck, managing partner of Beck IT: The mouse click replaces the House Post Office, eliminates time consuming researching about the whereabouts of a supplier’s invoice in the company, employees are relieved at all levels. Thus we contribute to a positive development of earnings with maxflow in many companies in the current context of general economic recovery.” With maxflow users in addition to a reduction in process costs achieve a drastic reduction in invoice processing times, a significantly increased transparency through an electronic incoming invoice ledger, as well as other effects, which are increasingly gaining importance in SAP environments. Lutz Otterbach: the increased demand is our workflow solutions in vogue, because especially in the current economic Konsoliderungsphase special value on a will in most enterprises according to our observation in all investment put short, comprehensible and concrete return on investment.

    With our standard product maxflow we take precisely this requirement into account. Depending on the initial situation we provide with maxflow with our customers from the outset for real cost savings and efficiency improvements, which are also objectively measurable and not abstract.” So group, a leading manufacturer of printing, packaging and inks, can be about Flint the expansion of maxflow complete steps in the context of the local world-wide SAP rollout on the codes of the various subsidiaries in-house via simple customizing. Also, to benefit not only from the different language packages implemented already in maxflow German, English, Italian and French, but also the possibility to make an adaptation of essential elements of the user interface in other languages using the intelligent text system in maxflow contained in a simple way. With more than 150 companies, which after extensive product and market evaluation the Workflow solutions of Beck IT considered most powerful applications have the standard products of Bavarian software forge are now in production. About Beck IT Beck IT both SMEs and large companies helps the overall planning, development and implementation of workflow solutions in the SAP environment. While the German company headquartered in Passau, Germany has become a name as one of the leading expert in optimizing processes in an SAP environment since its inception in 2002 through intelligent software based workflow solutions.

    During the processing of incoming invoices and requisitions sets Beck IT with its in-house-developed standard products maxflow maxpost and maxbanf appropriate approval workflow optimize national and international standards. For more information see.