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  • Negotiation In Our Life

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    Oct 31

    Negotiation in our life the organizacional environment lives a process of constant changes influenced by a was of the information and it does not have as to deny that the professional and organization feel the consequences, of these changes, in day-by-day. In such a way we come across in them with diverse obstacles, either professional or personal it. Having in mind that we are human beings and you do not scheme, we come across with situations that we believe that never we went to live deeply, more the things happen and we must be prepared to face them in the best possible way, and one of it is the negotiation. We can define negotiation as a bilateral agreement, where the parts if understand in the best possible way. All we are equal independent of what we display, then, in the same way that we display something also we have that to accept that the too much people make the same. We have that to lead in consideration that the individual for more ' ' rgido' ' that it is must search alternative so that if adqe in the days you act in flexible and trustworth way.

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