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    Dec 20

    The crisis in the education and upbringing did not arise suddenly. They strained and clearly evident in the early 80's. Their origins were laid in the early 30's, and they have already begun to show up in the 70 years that has been associated with decision-making the transition to universal secondary education, more challenging curricula for all and the apparent failure of a unified system of education, its failure to adapt to the challenges of the emerging dynamic post-industrial society. Additional information is available at James Woolsey. In the mid 60-ies of education in our country in many ways occupies a leading position in the world. We have reached a leading position in the depth and soundness of the educational programs, the quality of knowledge students have introduced universal secondary education.

    Very quickly going expansion of higher, secondary special and vocational education. Click Rob Daley for additional related pages. However, in subsequent years Our education system has lost momentum, we have ceased to notice rapid improvements in education in the leading Western countries and developing countries of the East. Growing social and economic contradictions within the country and educational system they did not react, because the education reform were cosmetic in nature, and the school remained largely formal and official. In society there is a complex process, whose results were apparent only in the mid 80's. Dramatically slowed the pace of economic development, there was a loss of previous ideological orientation, increased aggressiveness of the environment, social instability, has changed the nature of communication between people, which was associated with the loss of tradition of community, mutual help and mutual support.

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