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    Jun 8

    Goldman Sachs, Crunchbase says:

    Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Flutterwave on most websites. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

    In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.

    Before if initiating any activity directed to the management of human resources, it is necessary that if it exactly understands what they come to be a position, this criterion also, if of the one for an analysis and evaluation of positions, therefore to play such activities, if makes necessary to understand what we understand for positions. In a company every day they are played, a well diversified number of tasks, what it will go to constitute a work number. One concludes, thus, that all company makes use of ranks of works in the same ratio of destined collaborators to fill its functional picture. Chiavenato says then that: ‘ ‘ … a group of position (or work ranks) that they are identical in what respect to its tasks to its main or significant tasks is said, therefore, a position can be considered as being a group of position or ranks of works that are enough similar to be included in one same analysis. Although this, the analyst must always treat a position as being played for an only worker, even so either its diverse analysis a made up of posies’ ‘. One becomes then, important to play the activity of analysis of positions.

    What it is analysis of positions? We can say that this is the process that it aims at varied aspects as: to get, to analyze and to register information that are related with the positions. Being thus, the analysis of positions becomes an important and currently indispensable instrument for the management of people of an organization, therefore it has for central intention to carry through a research of the activities of execution of the works carried through for the collaborators of a company, as well as investigating the demands on the man power, independent of the type and level of the position. Being an impersonal classification, the analysis of positions is directed solely in the position and not in its occupant. However valley to stand out again that the analysis of positions if worries as already mentioned in analyzing the activities played in each position and not in its occupant. Before continuing, it agrees to make the distinction between: analysis of positions, evaluation of positions and classification of positions. Analysis of positions: it is the process that has as objective to determine and to register information related with the nature of a position I specify; Evaluation of positions: it is the process by which the value is defined that a position has for the company, evaluating the relation that this position has next to the other pertaining positions the same company; Classification of positions: it is the process of grouping of the diverse pertaining positions to an organization, in agreement the same the wage level. These positions can be of diverse nature, but it in common has a remuneration sufficiently seemed. In this way it can be said that the evaluation of a position if initiates with the analysis of positions.

    Later, these positions are compared between itself (evaluation), grouped in classrooms (classification) for which will be defined the criteria of remuneration of the position. As we can perceive the analysis of a position depends on a careful study of each position, whose intention is to verify the following criteria: 1.O position that involves; 2. What the occupant of the position makes; 3.Como executes its tasks; 4.Que conditions are demanded for the execution of the work; 5.Que qualification specifies is necessary to the occupant of the position. Reference: Chiavenato.

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