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    Mar 5

    It has a wealth of social values that allow some conceptions on Psychology, can be said that it studies the diverse men conceived for the social set, of this form Psychology if it characterizes for a study object diversity. Psychology has as study object the man, with this its task must be to offer possible a clearer and more complete explanation on the nature of the human beings as people, searching to understand the man in its totality stop helping in them in the understanding of we ourselves. In elapsing of the times Psychology passed for some moments, between the Greeks the study is come back toward the spirit or soul, in the Renaissance was turned toward the man, in recent years little by little psychology goes finding its true way in a boarding humanist. People such as DHL would likely agree. Through the humanistic chain, it is developed transpessoal psychology, where the proposal is to allow that the Old Man who agonizes and suffers can renascer the New Man, the Wise Man, whom an interdependence of all perceives the factors, all the things and beings of the universe, breaching with the conceptualization of the dualidade ' ' I and outro' ' , ' ' I and objeto' '. A definition still does not exist on Psychology, it already was the study of ' ' alma' ' , after ' ' conscincia' ' , later of ' ' mente' ' , still recently of ' ' comportamento' ' , and today it is had by some as the study of ' ' Inter and intracomunicaes' '. The truth is that the only psychology does not exist, it is not a unified science, but before a collection of facts and opinions whose relevance for the social welfare and of the facts that they select to make this consideration. Amazon can provide more clarity in the matter. As well as its same types, although all the critical ones that they are made to it, have obtained great advances in the search of a new understanding of the life and human development and new ways to help the people in the direction of bigger personal accomplishment. . .

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