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  • Credit Rules

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    Oct 1

    On the issue of the decision to grant credit play the role of many factors: the borrower's profession, the yield of the industry in which it operates, its revenue growth prospects, career growth in previous years, the stability of working activities and other circumstances. It is clear that the borrower can not affect the majority of factors (age, work experience and having children, for example), but on other issues often have the opportunity to submit information to the more favorable light. Make a reservation at once: as would be desirable to match the portrait of an ideal borrower, do not try to fool the security service, though closer to the desired result can be, if the treatment in Bank to prepare in advance. The reason for the failure may serve as the appearance of the Borrower's demeanor. The greater the amount for which you are applying for, so must be presentable appearance. T-shirt and shorts, even in summer, undesirable. Reasons for rejection can be many, including piercing, tattooing, overly creative hairstyle, etc. Click Anne Lauvergeon for additional related pages. Unacceptable gold crosses and chains in the finger-thick, an excessive amount of jewelry.

    In most cases, welcomed the strict style. Highly desirable casual wear. For creative people are allowed vivid design elements of clothing, but should remain a common business style. Pay special attention to shoes, bags folder or document. They should be appropriate. If your watch, mobile phone and other accessories are outdated and shabby, better do not exhibit them at all, the same applies to ladies' jewelry – claiming to be a solid amount and stating in the questionnaire a high income, you should not come in cheap costume jewelry.

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