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    Jul 16

    Patch management and security updates are completely automatic. Maintenance can be made easily because the hotplug capable components during operation. Lean IT structures to save money the decision for a consolidated central server system can count right is for a company in several ways. Not only the cost is lower than comparable solutions with dedicated server virtual machines and a SAN, ongoing IT costs be significantly lower over the useful life. Compared to cluster solutions also lower license fee and typical administration tasks, simplify and shorten dramatically. According to the Harris Interactive study can reduce overall IT costs by up to 60 percent to. But not only mere numbers to decide about the efficiency of the business.

    The simplified administration new space can be created in an IT Department, the productive for You can use more important projects. u0085 and protect the environment the sustainable strategy of server consolidation and virtualization is interesting for companies, for the Green-IT is more than lip service. Because the power consumption of a server can be converted directly into CO2 emissions. For each used kW electricity supplied on average half a kilogram of CO2 to the environment. To reduce the energy demand in the long term, Central Server systems due to their compact construction put on placing highest computing power in the smallest space and an energy efficient design. This reached the Intel modular server with an improved CPU performance and storage capacities to the virtualization of individual servers and their applications. Where once per application, a dedicated server was used, operate in the future multiple virtual servers with the respective applications on a single physical machine. That, consequent utilization of existing hardware and thus an optimised energy efficiency means businesses. In contrast to many small servers, that are busy in the average maximum to 20 percent, a modular server in the long term achieve a load of up to 95 percent.

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