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    Oct 15

    With the hypnosis CD ‘Healing hands’ by kikidan media, it is possible to activate its own healing power and to use them for body and soul. “The handset of the CD healing hands activate your healing power” learns through hypnotic suggestion, how he can feel this healing power inside, enable and focus. Chris Mulzer gives his listeners a hypnotic instructions”on the hand with which it goes through a process through targeted visualization exercises, which leads to the activation of the healing power. The production includes four individual hypnosis CDs, which allows access to the own hidden healing powers the handset in different ways. Healing can be used not only for disorders such as header or body aches, but bring also strong stress and mental exhaustion new energy. “Details about the CD healing hands activate your healing power” and experience reports under shop.kikidan.com/… How of the hypnosis CD healing hands”Chris Mulzer has in his Audio production combines four hypnosis CDs, allowing the listener to feel his own healing powers with different visualizations, to enable and apply specifically to healing. He can be in the hypnosis CDs his experiences, which he witnessed in shamanic healers and techniques of hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming a language, communication and change model) included, to allow a perfect application for the listener.

    For the listener, the application of hypnotic suggestions in hypnosis CDs has the advantage that the subconscious mind, bypassing the consciousness directly is addressed here. This avoids that the listener is on the way to activate his healing powers through to intensive thinking through the process in the way. Chris Mulzer begins its production line to work the listeners on his attitude to have. Positive attitude in preparation for the activation of the healing power is the motto. This serves as a key prerequisite released in the later application of the healing forces in the proper, positive ways to steer and to sharpen the perception of the listener.

    The second part of the hypnosis CD series has been to offer aid for the processing of its past the listener to find back to a consistent with itself. These negative feelings from past experiences can by means of profound hypnotic metaphors decoupled and it can be drawn on positive experiences of power. “” In the third part of healing hands activate your healing power “of listeners, the filter, which is located in the daily life at the own perception, learning to turn off during the healing” and thus increasing the perception in situations where it is necessary: in the application of the healing power. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The fourth part of the audio production deals with the actual topic, the healing power through healing hands”and is capable as the handset to activate the ability and to apply. With the total production, he receives Listeners not only a selective instrument, but a holistic, all needs related to the healing powers in relation to coordinated work, it is possible to get a feeling for its own healing with this consciously insert.

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